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Three options for solving the problem of DMARC’s incompatibility with mailing lists – Part 2

How can we solve the problem of mailing lists breaking DMARC?1. Don’t let anyone with a DMARC record of p=reject join the mailing list One solution is to moderate who joins the mailing list. Domains that you think will fail DMARC cannot sign up. This is the worst solution. First, it excludes a large set of the population from joining a discussion list as both and publ

Building Clouds: now with self-service deployment of Remote Desktop Services!

Our friends in the Cloud Platform System team just announced the availability of Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) to their self service deployment sample family.  This allows you to use Remote Desktop Session Host on top of an Azure consistent cloud-in-a-box  via fully automated deployment.Read all about it here and try out RDS on CPS today!

Small Basic Guru Awards - April 2015

Looks like I was the lone champion for the Small Basic Guru Awards in April:  Small Basic Technical Guru - April 2015   Ed Price - MSFT Programming Games with Small Basic: Chapter 6: Tic Tac Toe Program Michiel Van Hoorn: "This is probably one of the best end-to-end tutorials for programming a simple (but well designed game). Great learning material for all beginning coders." RZ:

The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.

Issue:====== When we see a 5566 error in the InfoPath form loading with a correalation ID and we see  (500) Internal Server Error in USL logs, we will have to check the belo mentioned settings on an OnPrem SharePoint farmSteps:====== *Check the data connection time out in the central administration site and Set-SPInfoPathFormsService -MaxDataConnectionRoundTrip (refer : http://blo

DataAdapterException, Exception Message: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized. The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.

Issue:===== When we see a 5566 error in the InfoPath form loading with a correlation ID and we see (401) Unauthorized error in the SharePoint ULS logs, we will have to check the below mentioned settings on an On-Prem SharePoint farmSteps:====== *Disable loop-back check and make registry changes as per the article *Check if the map

Issue with InfoPath data connection MaxDataConnectionRoundTrip time out

Issue :====== When you are loading InfoPath form or InfoPath web part which is calling a data connection, you receive error "error occurred while trying to connect to a web service".Possible Cause:============= Data connection Time out.Resolution:========== *While loading the form or InfoPath web parts, you get the error to while trying to connect to a web service. *In

Solving the problem of DMARC’s incompatibility with mailing lists – Part 1

One of the problems that the email filtering community still hasn’t solved with regards to DMARC is how to deal with the problem of mailing lists.You know, mailing lists. Those are those things that you subscribe to about a certain topic that contains a bunch of other people. When you email the list, your message is relayed to all the other participants on the list. When they reply, they repl

Deploying InfoPath template gets stuck in starting state

Issue :====== On you SharePoint farm, you are trying to deploy InfoPath formtemplate. When you add a new template it gets stuck in deploying state. If youdelete the template it gets stuck in the deleting state and you will have todelete the one time timer job to delete the solution completely.Possible Cause:============= The administrator password might have been corrupted.R

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Blog!Here you will find information on building apps for smartphone, tablet, cloud, and the Internet of things using Microsoft technologies. I plan to use this blog to post relevant information on building apps using Microsoft technologies. Everything that I post here is meant to reflect my own personal opinion related to using Microsoft Technologies to solve the problems.

OAuth Part 3 - Clients and Protocol Endpoints

What is the client?This may be a little trivial, but it could cause a little confusion for some so we're going to go into it briefly. The client is the thing running the code that talks to the authorization and resource servers on behalf of the user. If the code is running on a web server, the web server is the client. If it's running in a web browser, the user agent running on the user's mach

Best Practice: Backup a copy of customized Outlook Web App files, before applying Exchange Server Roll-up update

As you know Microsoft Office Outlook Web App for Microsoft Exchange Server provides a rich Web-based environment for accessing a user's mailbox, including e-mail, calendar, contacts, and so on. Also, it provides way to customize features of Outlook Web App as well – you can customize the sign-in, sign-out pages, change the logo, font styles & colors and color of an element etc. When you apply an u

Now in Preview - Get quick insights into your QuickBooks Online account data

Whether you are starting your own business or a well-established small business owner, you are likely using QuickBooks, the most common accounting solution for small business owners. If so, Power BI provides an easy and better way to visualize your business data and get better insights. By simply logging in your QuickBooks Online accounts, Power BI automatically generates customizable, mobile-re

Remembering Jon Arnold – a man larger than life itself

Written by: Larry Cochrane, Director of Industry Technology Strategy, Microsoft Power & UtilitiesSome people may have noticed the Microsoft product flags at half-mast on Monday. This is in memory of my great friend and Managing Director of Worldwide Power and Utilities, Mr. Jon Arnold. Jon passed away Thursday, May 14, 2015 and services were held Sunday, May 17. Jon Arnold was a tremendous pe

Which platform should you release on first?

Today’s Ask Tobiah comes from Samuel Schumacher: “My team and I are just wondering how many (and which) platforms we should support on launch. We are deep into development of a new endless runner/platformer game built mainly for touch screens (we are using Unity 5 for development). We are aiming to support as many platforms as possible, but are unsure as to which ones are the best to launch with (

HLK Compatibility Program Playlist Update for May 28, 2015

The Windows Hardware Compatibility Program uses an official playlist to determine which devices meet the requirements for compatibility with Windows 10. All playlists that we have published are acceptable to use for submissions to the Hardware Developer Portal (sysdev).The latest playlist is optional and can be downloaded here. We have updated the playlist by removing the following tests:

Quick news: T-SQL Querying overview video with Itzik Ben-Gan

T-SQL insiders Itzik Ben-Gan, Adam Machanic, Dejan Sarka, and Kevin Farlee help you tackle your toughest queries and query-tuning problems with _T-SQL Querying_.In this video, author Itzik Ben-Gan provides an overview of the book and explains some of the thought that went into its development.

Recap: Microsoft Advertising at //Build/ 2015

Thanks again to all of the developers at //Build/ 2015 who attended the advertising sessions in person and online, and to all who stopped by the Microsoft Advertising booth to ask us questions and offer feedback.  We appreciate the partnership and dialogue and it was great to connect with many of you in person!Now that //Build has wrapped up, we wanted to summarize some of the resources avail

Build Preview issues with Visual Studio Online - 5/28 - Investigating

Update: Thursday, 28 May 2015 22:47 UTC We have determined that this issue is currently impacting 4 customers at this time. There is no known workaround for this issue and the team is working on rolling this fix out to our production instances.Sincerely, VS Online Service Delivery TeamInitial Update: Thursday, 28 May 2015 18:34 UTC We are actively investigating issues with Build Previ

Create your own Process Explorer

I was playing around with showing some resizable content in a WPF window. I wanted 2 variable sized Lists, one on top of the other. The lists had various lengths, but also various widths: the user could adjust the size of the columns. This smelled like a GridSplitter . That means I need 3 rows in a grid, with the middle one containing the splitter. For the lists at the top and bottom in the sample

CA APIM Gateway and SharePoint 2013 Integration

Background:I had the privilege working with a customer who wanted to implement SiteMinder, CA APIM gateway, and SharePoint 2013.  Their goal was to provide a secure single sign-on experience for their end users.  This was done using SMSSESSION cookies from SiteMinder and SAML Tokens from CA APIM gateway.  This blog is around the process that the customer, CA, and Microsoft took to implement C

Application Insights: Easy DevOps On-ramp for App Builders

( Editor’s note: Posting this for Clemri who is busy releasing a bunch of cool new DevOps news at the at the Velocity conference -Chuck)The O’Reilly Velocity conference is one of the leading conferences for DevOps practitioners. This year the event is in California, May 28-29. If you plan to be at Velocity, come see us on the expo floor in Booth #115 (between Salesforce and the Target gaming

Version 1.3 de Message Analyser

La version 1.3 de Message Analyser est disponible au même emplacement que les précédentes versions déjà annoncées ici : mémoire, Message Analyser remplace l’ancien Network Monitor.

Красноярская конференция разработчиков Dev2Dev 2.0

30 мая 2015 года  состоится вторая конференция разработчиков программного обеспечения Dev2Dev, версия 2.0. Конференцию организует молодое одноименное it-сообщество, объединяющее спецов отрасли из компаний города. Сообществу менее года, но оно быстро растем.Концепция событий сообщества Dev2Dev проста: свободный вход, качественный контент и много общения для участников и спикеров. Событие — это в

Chain reaction of collaboration

Chain reaction of collaboration Partnerships between Microsoft Research Asia and academic institutions contribute to significant research outcomes as well as educational opportunities for interns....(read more)

Translator Solutions in Action: MSIT Enterprise Data Services

Team: MSIT Enterprise Data Services Solution: Readiness, Customer Support In order to improve the automation of their partner incentive payments, the Enterprise Data Services team within Microsoft IT needed a way to quickly convert and standardize partner data profiles from virtually every country around the world in their local languages to Latin character sets. The Microsoft Translator

Automating Update of Azure-Powershell

Just a quick post to share a useful script. The PowerShell script below will download and update the Azure-PowerShell command-lets to the latest and greatest version. It even does a slick little version compare. I’ll put the disclaimer out there, that I an not the original author of this script and unfortunately I’ve lost the reference. If this is your script or you have a link to the original a

Zeitraffervideos Aufnehmen und Erstellen für jedermann

Vor einigen Tagen bin ich mal wieder auf der Suche nach spannenden Apps gewesen. Dabei bin ich auf eine relativ neue App von Microsoft gestoßen: Hyperlapse. Vor einigen Monaten hat Microsoft Research das Hyperlapse-Projekt und damit auch die Algorithmen more...(read more)

Mein erster Post von OneNote more...(read more)

New service update available for SQL Data Sync!

While it has been 3+ years since we last announced an update to SQL Data Sync service, we have been continuously deploying updates to the backend service to address top customer issues.  We are listening to your feedback, and today we are happy to announce the latest update which includes both service changes and a new SQL Data Sync agent install.  This update includes two main enhancements:*

About: SMTP Sending APIs

Microsoft has several APIs which send email by SMTP.  These 'SMTP Senders' are meant to send email to SMTP servers and do not have access to a mailboxes or public folders. Mail submitted by SMTP will not be saved into the Sent Items of the sender's mailbox.  The beauty of these APIs is that they can send a lot of email very fast and do not need to go against Exchange or Outlook in order to work News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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