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Australian Partner Conference: Top of the Class

Earlier today at the Australian Partner Conference (APC), Pip Marlow announced that our new Microsoft Azure Geo in Australia has reached private preview stage. It’s an incredibly exciting time for us as we work with a number of customers and partners to test key workloads, stress test the new infrastructure, and build Australia’s leading cloud services – empowering Australian organisations and i

Australian Partner Conference: A Healthier Future

Earlier today at the Australian Partner Conference (APC), Pip Marlow announced that our new Microsoft Azure Geo in Australia has reached private preview stage. It’s an incredibly exciting time for us as we work with a number of customers and partners to test key workloads, stress test the new infrastructure, and build Australia’s leading cloud services – empowering Australian organisations and i

Getting closer, closer … Australian Azure Geo in private preview

The lights are on, the machines are humming.Today, I can very proudly announce that the Australian Azure Geo is now in private preview and a number of customers and partners are using the service today.Now I still can’t give you the final date for general availability but I can share that it is just around the corner, a matter of months away.Today marks a really important step for custo

Azure AD Records User Consent for Native Apps in the Refresh Token

New post! more)

Azure SQL Database: Auditing でセキュリティを大幅に強化

このポストは、8 月 25 日に投稿した A Boost in Security for Azure SQL Database: Auditing の翻訳です。待望の監査機能のプレビュー版、Auditing が Azure SQL Database 向けにリリースされました。この大きなセキュリティ強化により、クラウドでのデータベース管理に関するビジネス上の障壁が解消されます。数週間前にプレビュー版がリリースされたこの SQL Database Auditing を利用すると、データの更新や照会などデータベース内で発生したイベントや変化をより的確に把握できるようになります。非常にシンプルで直観的な構成インターフェイスを使用すれば、数分でデータベース上に稼働させることができます。Auditing がもたらすメリットについては、Eyal Carmel と Scott Klein

VS/TFS 2013.3(更新 3) 发布了

[原文发表地址] VS/TFS 2013.3 (Update 3) released[原文发表时间] 2014-08-04 10:00 AM今天我们发布了Visual Studio 2013 Update 3和Team Foundation Server Update 3的最终版本。你可以通过下面的链接获得这次的更新。注意如果你展开页面的详细内容部分,会发现这个链接既包括Visual Studio的下载,也包括TFS的下载(除了别的以外)。下载Visual Studio 2013 Update 3可以在Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 RTM 发布信息中查看所有新功能的列表,在Visual Studio2013 Update 3 文章中查看修复的Bug,还可以观看这次发布的视频。我之前已经发布了关于这些功能的博客,但是我将会重申一些这

AX Content: Working together on Labor Day

Permit us once more to vary from the technical nature of our weekly posts. In keeping with an approach we've taken over the past eight or nine month in the articles we post close to holidays, we're pausing to think about what we're doing, check our own goals and invite your response to the thinking that's behind our actions.So as I thought about this post on the Labor Day holiday in the Unite

¡Nuevo curso! Desarrolla apps de Windows 8.1 con Kinect

En este nuevo curso de MVA conocerás las nuevas características de Kinect para Windows V2.0 y cómo desarrollar tu primera aplicación Windows 8.1 que utilice la información del sensor. El curso va dirigido a desarrolladores y diseñadores interesados en crear aplicaciones que usen interfaces naturales de usuario. Entra a Sígueme en @lauriutz

USENIX 最佳论文奖:擦除 Windows Azure 存储编码

我们发表了一篇介绍Windows Azure 存储如何用编码方式擦除数据的论文,此论文在 2012 年 6 月的 USENIX 技术年会上荣获最佳论文奖。这是 Microsoft Research 和 Windows Azure 存储团队共同努力的成果。您可以在此处找到此论文。Windows Azure 存储是一个云存储系统,可使客户能够按任何期限无限量存储数据,使数据具备高可用性和持久性。在使用 Windows Azure 存储时,您可以随时随地访问您的数据,而且只需为您所使用和存储的内容付费。Windows Azure 存储如何工作的内部细节在我们的 SOSP 论文中有所介绍,您可单击此处查看此论文。SOSP 论文中简要说明的一个方面是,我们在保持您的数据持久性和高可用性的同时,在后台通过仅在需要时擦除数据来降低存储开销。在 USENIX 论文中,我们介绍了

将大型 Page Blob 的页范围进行分段

Windows Azure 存储支持一种 Blob 类型,即 Page Blob。Page Blob 通过仅将已写入但未清除的页存入物理存储, 来有效存储稀疏数据。每页大小为 512 字节。Get Page Ranges REST 服务调用将返回包含有效数据的所有连续页范围的列表。在 Windows Azure 存储客户端库中,GetPageRanges 方法提供此功能。如果服务处理请求的时间过长,Get Page Ranges 在某些情况下可能会失败。与所有 Blob REST API 类似,Get Page Ranges 使用超时参数,此参数用于指定允许请求的时间,包括通过网络进行读/写。但是,仅给服务器一段固定时间来处理请求和开始发送响应。如果此_服务器_超时已过,则即使还未到 API 超时参数指定的时间,请求也会失败。在一个高度分散但具有大量写入的 Page Blo

Azure Mobile Services のノード バックエンドでの Socket.IO の使用方法

このポストは、8 月 26 日に投稿した How to Use Socket.IO with Azure Mobile Service Node Backend の翻訳です。Azure Mobile Services の .NET バックエンドでは、SignalR を使用してリアルタイムのコミュニケーションを行うことができます。ただし、これまでこのオプションはノード バックエンドのお客様にはご利用いただけませんでした。Azure Mobile Services のノード バックエンドの最新の更新プログラムにより、Mobile Services での Socket.IO (英語) の利用が簡単になりました。インストールまず、次のように Mobile Services の Git リポジトリをローカルに複製します。C:\> git clone <a href="htt

价格更低、SLA 更强的全新 Azure SQL 数据库服务等级将于 9 月正式发布

继上周公告之后,很高兴向大家宣布更多好消息,作为我们更广泛的数据平台的一部分, 我们将在 Azure 上提供丰富的在线数据服务。9 月,我们将针对 Azure SQL 数据库推出新的服务等级。Azure SQL 数据库是我们的数据库即服务,能使客户的云应用程序获得更高性价比和业务连续性。在预览版期间,我们积极倾听并回应客户反馈,以优化我们的产品,从而为正式发布做好准备。根据反馈,我们正在对之前宣布的服务等级价格实施降价,引入了新的性能级别和按小时计费方式。此外,我们将提供增强的服务级别协议 (SLA),可用性高达 99.99%。新的 Azure SQL 数据库服务等级我们在 4 月份已宣布基本级(预览版)、标准级(预览版)和高级(预览版)。这些等级旨在提供一组定义资源,这些资源可提供可预测的性能以满足轻量级到重量级事务型应用程序的需求,并确保应用程序的性能不受其他客户应用程

SharePoint Online Information Architecture Considerations

The geek in me would love to have a developer cure-all to ensure a successful SharePoint deployment (ok…provisioning comes really close). In reality, success is based largely on great Organizational Change Management (OCM) and solid Information Architecture (IA). Even the most mature SharePoint organizations struggle with these activities. This is especially true as they move SharePoint workload

Deploying Virtual Machines in Azure using Service Manager and SMA Part III

This is the 3rd post in a 3-part series on deploying VMs in Azure using System Center Service Manager and Service Management Automation (SMA). In this post we’ll cover using the Service Manager Self-Service Portal to trigger an SMA Runbook which deploys a new VM in Azure.Part I: Preparing your VM for upload, uploading it to Azure, and configuring AzurePart II: Deploying your VM in PowerShe

Hybrid Connections - (Cloud Cover Show 144)

Hybrid Connection est une fonctionnalité récemment mise à disposition dans le service Azure BizTalk . Actuellement en Preview, cette dernière offre un moyen simple de connecter des ressources sur site (on-premise) à des services azure ciblés.Dans l'épisode 144, le duo d'évangéliste de choc, Nick Harris & Chris Risner, reçoit Santosh Chandwani, un program manager (PM) en charge du développemen

Поздравляем всех студентов с днем знаний!

Дорогие друзья!Поскольку это студенческий блог, мы предполагаем, что подавляющее большинство читателей – студенты или школьники. Поэтому очень хотим поздравить вас с профессиональным праздником – днём знаний!Сентябрь – это отличная пора, когда экзамены еще далеко, и можно постепенно начинать учиться и узнавать много нового и интересного. Чтобы вы могли в полной мере удовлетворить свою жажд

This is just a test 1 2 3

Follow on from here to there!

Con ayuda de SQL Server como detectar puntos claves que ayudan al performance general de Dynamics AX 2012

Hola,El performance de nuestros ambientes de Dynamics AX 2012, siempre es un tema que involucra muchas horas de inversión en detallar la causa o cuáles son los puntos que debemos mejorar en base a las Best Practices que Microsoft sugiere. El siguiente blog desarrollado por Glen Turnbull les ayudará con este tema.

Mantenimiento para las Bases de Datos de las Tiendas cuando tengan SQL Server Express Edition.

Hola,Como saben SQL Server Express Edition, tiene una restricción de 10GB, por lo que les recomendamos el siguiente post que Kim Truelsen desarrolló: les ayude....

SYSK 393: Error: Cannot obtain Metadata (RESOLVED)

Not all error messages are created equal, and some of them are less helpful than others. Here is one I came across -- "Metadata contains a reference that cannot be resolved... An exception was thrown in a call to a WSDL export extension: System.ServiceModel.Description.DataContractSerializerOperationBehavior contract... Type 'YourNamespace.YourClass' cannot be serialized. Consider marking it with

SYSK 392: WebActivator Under The Hood post by Suhas Rao

Check out a good post by one of my coworkers -- more)

Do it yourself: CameraCaptureUI für Windows Phone 8.1

Wer Windows und Windows Phone Apps entwickelt wird festgestellt haben, dass es das CameraCaptureUI nicht für Windows Phone gibt. Das CameraCaptureUI stellt Methoden – und vor allem ein UI – zur Verfügung, das das Aufnehmen von Bildern sehr einfach macht und sich daher großer Beliebtheit erfreut. Zumindest für meine kleinen Demos, die ich immer ad hoc während einer Session zusammenschraube, ist e

It's a trap! Employment documents that require you to violate company policy

One of my colleagues had a previous job involving tuning spam filters and removing objectionable content. Before he could start, he was told that he had to sign a special release. The form said basically, "I understand that my job may require me to see pornography or other objectionable material, and I promise not to sue." He asked, "So where is the part that says I'm not going to be fired

Filtering Show-NetIPSec Rules based on IP Address

Get-NetIPSecRule seems a little half-baked.  A coworker asked me to come up with a way to only return IPsec rules for a given address.  I’m surprised Show-NetIPSecRule natively doesn’t have that, nor does each record have the RemoteAddress property, which would be against which I would filter.  I’m not sure I understand the design decisions behind it, nor Get-NetFirewallAddressFilter.  Either way,

Intro to Git and GitHub Part 3: Branching

This is a continuation of a tutorial blog series to learn the basics of Git, using GitHub and the GitHub client. To start from the beginning, go here: In this part, you will learn: What is branching? Create a branch Switch between branches Deleting branch You can read more by going to the " Intro to Git and GitHub Part 3: Branching " post on T

Debugging Crashes of your apps and games on Windows Phone 8

One of the questions I get from game developers  is around debugging of a App/Game after they see reported crashesHere is a quick guide to how to debug the crash logs from the WP8 dev centerFirstly you need to download and analysis the crash logsLogin to Click Dashboard Click Reports Select Crash Count Click Export Strack Traces This will download a .ca

Studenten aufgepasst - In einem Schritt zum neuen Office!

Studieren ist schon teuer genug. Deshalb können Studenten an vielen deutschen Hochschulen sich Microsoft Office ohne Zusatzkosten (an einigen Hochschulen kann eine geringe Servicegebühr für die Bereitstellung anfallen) über den „Student Advantage Benefit“ installieren. Hier können Studenten nach ihrer Hochschule suchen und sich sofort Office herunterladenMit Office 365 kann immer die aktuell

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support–Now on Twitter

Das Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support Team ist nun auch bei Twitter um aktuelle Themen noch schneller an Sie weitergeben zu können.Wir freuen und auf viele Follower und spannende Tweets!@MSDynNAVSupport These postings are provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confer no rights. You assume all risk for your use.Mit freundlichen GrüßenSebastian RöttelMicrosoft Dynamics Germany

Microsoft Partner Network Competency Update – September 2014

Industry experts expect the public IT cloud services industry to reach US$108 billion by 2017 - the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) is here to help you capitalise on that opportunity. To assist in your journey, were updating the program with an increased cloud focus; including the introduction of three new cloud performance competencies and updates to existing competencies.- The Management &

Windows 8 apps til Dynamics

Kære Partner,Efterspørgslen efter apps hos kunderne og stigende krav til mobil adgang kombineret med de teknologiske muligheder ved touch-platforme, var startskuddet til at hjælpe vores partnere med at udbrede og udrulle forretningssystemerne i form af Windows 8 apps.Microsoft igangsatte en bootcamp, hvor partnerne fik indblik i og hjælp til at optimere værdien af deres forretningssystemer News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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