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MSDN Blogs 

Announcing Windows 10

It’s a humbling and amazing thing to work on Windows, which is used by over 1.5 billion people in every country of the world. From kids playing with computers for the first time, to writers and journalists, to engineers, to gamers, to CEOs, at some point Windows has empowered all of us.In the Windows team, we’re proud of this – but we also know that the world today is very different from the

Cloudcamp, 15.10.2014, Bratislava

Na stred októbra som pre vás pripravil cloudcamp, čiže technický seminár o Azure pre vývojárov, ktorí sú v vývoji aplikácií hostovaných v dátových centrách začiatočníkmi alebo ich znalosti cloudu sú na úrovni "mierne pokročilí". Cloudcamp je praktickým, technickým prehľadom Azure, na ktorom vám ukážem postupy kde začať, na čo si dať pozor a samozrejme pridám aj "prečo".Témy:- krátky úvod do

Visual Studio Tipps & Tricks, Teil 44: Interfaces extrahieren (Ctrl +R, Ctrl +I)

Nach meinem letzten Blogpost zum Thema “Methoden Refactoring” möchte ich Euch gerne noch ein paar Shortcuts zum schnellen, komfortablen Refactoring nennen. Dieser Blogpost beschäftigt sich mit dem Thema, wie man am schnellsten aus einer Klasse ein Interface extrahiert bekommt.Damit wir auch feststellen, welche Arbeit uns hier abgenommen wird müssen wir uns noch einmal vor Augen halten, wie wi

Azure Backup の長期保有機能を発表

このポストは、9 月 11 日に投稿された Announcing Long Term Retention for Azure Backup の翻訳です。マイクロソフトは先日、DPM のクラウド バックアップの長期保有機能 (英語)を発表しました。そして今月リリースされた Azure Backup サービスでは、現在サポートされているすべての Windows Server 製品および Windows Server Essentials 製品のクラウド バックアップ機能が拡張されています。Azure Backup サービスの Azure Backup フィードバック フォーラム (英語)では、Azure Backup の保有期間の延長が頻繁に話題になっていました。最近発表された Gartner レポート (G00261961 – 「How to Determine If Clo

Digiduck is now ready for your classrooms and homes!

Digiduck is a children’s fiction book aimed at 3-7 year olds. Children of a younger age are now using the internet and new technologies. Digiduck was created by Childnet to guide these young children and their parents, carers and teachers towards safer internet use. This captivating story takes the reader on an adventure of friendship, within a message of the importance of being a good friend on

Reimagine - a briefing about change and digital disruption

Here’s a chance to attend a high level Microsoft briefing called Reimagine, in Melbourne on 9 October and Sydney on 29 October:*The Melbourne Reimagine event is at the Convention and Exhibition Centre, from 9AM-12:30PM *The Sydney Reimagine event is at the Royal Hall of Industries, from 9AM-12:30PM _These events aren’t specifically for education customers, however nearly every time I spe

Студенческие хакатоны Imagine – мы едем к вам!

Хакатоны Imagine Cup – это уникальные двухдневные мероприятия, которые мы организуем совместно с Фондом Развития Интернет-Инициатив (ФРИИ), специально для тех, кто хотел бы научиться создавать современные приложения. Что участники смогут сделать на хакатоне?*Быстро изучить основы разработки современных приложений и игр (на языке C#). *Придумать свою идею, которую можно реализовать за нес

Microsoft Azure DevCamps - Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

Microsoft Cloud Dev CampPlease join us for a special Microsoft Cloud Dev Camp event. Microsoft Cloud Dev Camps are free and fun events for developers, by developers. This special Cloud Dev Camp will be presented by Microsoft technical experts. You do not want to miss this unique event.What am I going to learn?At this Cloud Dev Camp you will learn how to use the new Microsoft Azure featu

Better for everyone

 This month’s column is about accessibility. I’m not making patronizing arguments for it. I’m not saying, “We’ll all need it someday.” I’m not rehashing heartwarming stories of inspiring people who prevail over life’s challenges. I’m not reminding you of your legal obligations. If that’s why you’re following software and hardware accessibility guidelines, then you’ve missed the point.Yes, it’

Azure Backup の利用を始める

このポストは、9 月 11 日に投稿された Getting started with Azure Backup の翻訳です。Azure Backup はお客様のデータを Azure にバックアップする際に非常に役に立つツールです。Azure Backup の紹介のブログ記事をお読みいただくとその概要がおわかりいただけます。今回の記事では、Azure Backup の利用がいかに簡単かつ手軽に始められるかについてご説明します。Azure のサブスクリプションをお持ちでさえあれば、次に示す 3 段階の操作を行うだけですぐにセットアップが完了します。Azure ポータルでの操作1. Azure ポータルにログインして、バックアップ コンテナーを作成します。2. バックアップ コンテナーのページからエージェントとコンテナー資格情報をダウンロードします。サーバーでの操作

Unity Learning Journey #3 - Video Games!

The exciting life of a Technical Evangelist requires you to be willing and able to jump on an airplane at a moment's notice! Before I'd even unpacked from the week-long offsite training event in September in Denver, Colorado, I was asked if I wanted to fly to Dallas, Texas for a "Day of Unity" training event in two days' time. Never one to turn down a challenge or a learning opportunity, I tosse

App-V 5: The Case of the Rogue App Path

I have been working issues where it was difficult to determine why a specific application in a virtual application would not launch or trigger under certain circumstances. In particular, when another application called the application directly in order to pass data to that virtual application. Normally, when a native application is brought into the virtual environment through a package or a connec

Azure SQL Database に新たなほぼリアルタイムのパフォーマンス指標を追加

このポストは、9 月 11 日に投稿された Azure SQL Database introduces new near real-time performance metrics の翻訳です。最近、Azure SQL Database サービス レベル (Basic、Standard、Premium) が新しくなり、また新たなパフォーマンス レベルが導入されました。これに関連して、自社のデータベースのニーズに最適なサービス レベルを評価、決定する方法について、お客様から多くのご質問をいただいています。このような判断を合理化するため、Azure SQL Database に新たに動的な管理ビュー (DMV – sys.dm_db_resource_stats) を導入しました。このビューでは、リソース使用状況のデータをきめ細かくリアルタイムに確認できます。この新しい DMV の詳

Fish vs Sharks: Predator Prey simulation

Many years ago, A.K. Dewdney wrote an article in Scientific American Magazine (December 1984) about a world called Wator, which is a world of fish and sharks. The world is a cellular automaton with each cell being in one of three states: empty, a shark, or a fish. The world is calculated repeatedly, each cycle being one “year”. There are simple rules about the fish and sharks and their actions in

Microsoft Social Listening Spring '14 Understanding Sentiment


SSIS error when deploying from VS 2013 to SSISDB in SQL 2012

An SSIS package has been developed in SSDT-BI Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013 (freely available download).When we deploy the package to SSISDB in SQL Server 2012 RTM or SP1 (11.0.3153.0) and run it, it returns the following error, because the SSIS 2014 package format is not downgradable to SSIS 2012 version format. "The package failed to load due to error 0xC0010014""One or mo

Lync の MAPI 接続を抑止する方法

こんばんは。Lync サポートの久保です。Lync クライアントは Exchange サーバーとの接続に、MAPI と EWS という二つのインターフェースを使用します。EWS を止める事は、サーバー側で autodisocver の A レコードを作成しないなどの方法で実現可能ですが、MAPI に関しては、Outlook が同居している可能性が高いクライアント PC では、デフォルトのプロファイルを見に行くため、止める事ができません。しかし、以下のレジストリ キーを設定していただくことで、Public Folder への接続を停止する事が可能です。Key:HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Exchange\Setup\DWORDValue:HasPublicFoldersただし、こちらのレジストリは Outlook も共

What version of Release Management Server/Client do I have?

This blog keeps a track of Release Management Server/Client versions starting from its inception. There are 3 ways to find out the version number: Method 1: You will find the Application Version , and the Database Version under Administration->Settings on the Release Management Client application. Fig. RM 2013 Client Method 2: You can also find the version numbers from the Control Panel -> Program

App-V 5: On why the App-V 5 Sequencer *Really* Reboots

Prior to version 5 of App-V, when you sequenced an application that required a reboot, the reboot was simulated in that the sequencer would process the reboot action including the Pending File Operations and the RunOnce registry keys (RunOnce, RunOnceEx, GuiRunOnce, etc.) when monitoring ceased. In most cases, the simulation would be fine and all of the necessary reboot tasks would be processed pr

Entering Unicode Characters

As noted in the post Symbols and Emoji we have the ability to input characters in much more powerful ways than possible before the advent of modern computers and smart phones. We can insert symbols chosen from large galleries (Character Map, Office Insert Symbol Dialog, Office math ribbon, soft keyboards) to represent words and ideas. We can use Input Method Editors (IMEs) to enter any East Asia

Azure Dev Camps

Here’s your chance to roll up your sleeves and learn about the latest Microsoft Azure development tools and technologies. Join Microsoft technical experts at your local Microsoft Cloud DevCamp and leave with code running in the cloud! You will learn how to use the new Microsoft Azure features and services like Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines, Websites, and Visual Studio 2013 to build and move

Dashboard Designer for PerformancePoint Services 2010 will not launch if you go to the BI Center main page and select the "Start using PerformancePoint Services" link

Issue In some cases, Dashboard Designer for PerformancePoint Services 2010 will not launch if you go to the BI Center main page and select the "Start using PerformancePoint Services" link.Cause In some cases, the cause of this is that the master page for both the Site Master Page and the System Master Page for the BI site not set to v4.master.Workaround In this scenario, the resol

Delivering Office 365 on your different screens and wrist

The Office team have also been busy creating plenty of new scenarios for using Office on a range of different devices (it seems as if every month there’s a new format of device appearing that can support a scenario with one of the Office apps). If you still think of Office as being an app that you install on your PC, then you might be surprised by some of the recent announcements:OneDrive for

StorSimple 5000/7000 Series: New Software Upgrade Patch v2.1.1.478 is now available

Software Patch v2.1.1.478 is now available to download for StorSimple 5000/7000 series at site.*Release notes and issues that this patch addresses : Appliance Patch Release Notes v2.1.1 ( *Software Patch Upgrade guide: StorSimple Software Patch Upgrade Guide v2.1.1.478.pdf or Software Patch Upgrade Guide v2.1.1.478 *SSDPC correspon

Big Savings on Microsoft Competency Exams

Build your product knowledge and capabilities by earning the certifications and accreditations that help you and your company stand out.By purchasing a Microsoft competency exam pack, you take a step toward meeting your organisation's Microsoft gold or silver competency requirements. Provide exam vouchers to individuals within your organisation to prepare them for their Microsoft Certificat

SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 4 has released.

Dear Customers, Microsoft SQL Server Product team is pleased to announce the release of SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 4 (SP4). As part of our continued commitment to software excellence for our customers, this upgrade is free and doesn’t require an additional service contract. Both, the Service Pack and Feature Pack updates are available for download on the Microsoft Download Center. SQL Server 200

OFF TOPIC: Introducing the Premier Developer Blog Site

I am adding this post to showcase the work of my teammates here at Microsoft. The below information is from the official announcement. I am very honored to be highlighted in their initial rollout. Please be sure to link to this new site, as I am sure it will be teeming with great information over the next several months.Premier Developer has created a new blog on MSDN to highlight the many wa

Estimating Hidden Bug Count -- Part 1/3

Part 1: IntroductionProbably every piece of software has some defects in it. Known defects (also called bugs) are found by manufacturers and users and are usually fixed. Unknown ones remain there, waiting to be discovered later.The question is: how big is that unknown set?One approach to that problem is presented here. It is probably not the most precise and definitely has some limitatio

Implementing Pub/Sub Scenarios in Workflow Manager

WorkFlow Manager is a new server offering from Microsoft to develop and deploy workflows at high scale and density in a multi-tenant environment. For those already familiar with WFM, please feel to skip this introductory paragraph. As per MSDN –_Workflow Manager 1.0 is a new server which introduces new capabilities for authoring, hosting and managing workflows. These workflows will run at hig

Moving to a new blog.

I had this blog for a long time when I worked at a different role in Microsoft. For the last 4 years I’ve been working in a solution architecture team at Microsoft working with customers reviewing implementation projects on Dynamics AX. A few months back I decided it was time to create a new blog  Organicax.comMain reason was a technical one to move to something gave me some more options for News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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