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Using OneNote to repair a Camaro

This week I received a note from a user who is in the process of repairing a 1969 Camaro.  He wants to use OneNote to track his work and wanted some assistance with setting up a template that he could use on a daily basis.He wanted an area on the page that would track his focus for the day, any parts he needed to order, what page of the assembly manual he was referencing on that day (this is

Switching from the iPhone 5 to the Lumia 1520

This is a cross-post from my personal blog, Go there to learn more!Today I made the switch from the iPhone 5 on Verizon, to a Lumia 1520 on AT&T. I've been in the Apple ecosystem for the last 3 years, so making the change was nerve-wracking, to say the least.Calculating the costI have a number of AT&T devices through work, but I could never use them outside o

Intro to WebGL and BabylonJS framework

Intro to WebGL and BabylonJS from Dave VoylesThis is a cross-post from my personal site, Go there to find more!

prime[31] Azure plugin for Win8 & WP8 Unity games (Part 1)

This is a cross-post from my personal blog, found at Go there to find more!For some time now, prime[31] has been an industry leader in platform specific extensions for Unity games. Many of these extensions allow developers to tie their Unity games with the native functionality of a platform. In the case of Windows 8 and Windows Phone, they include services su

Examples of apps published with the Web App Template

This is a cross-post from my personal blog, found at Go there to find more!A few months back, I wrote a piece on a high level overview of Microsoft's Web App Template.  I've recently learned that it not only works on Windows 8, but is also applicable to Win Phone 8, with Universal support coming soon.So why would anyone ever wrap their site and turn it int

How does Microsoft compare in the Fortune 500?

This is a cross-post from my personal blog, found at Go there to find more!Before I joined Microsoft, I was an engineer at Comcast, on their COAM (Consumer Owned and Maintained Devices) team, where I worked on their Xbox 360, Xbox One, and SmartGlass apps. Now that I'm at Microsoft, another Fortune 50 company, I've kept a close eye on all of the large tech co

Join my newsletter for gaming, HTML5, and tech

This is a cross-post from my personal blog, found at Go there to find more!it was only a matter of time before I created my own weekly newsletter. Rather than constantly spam folks on twitter with my links, I'd much prefer to just bunch them up into a weekly letter, and share them with you. Here's a peek of what is in the first one:Gaming Dev*Gamasutra

UnityVS is free for all Visual Studio devs using Unity!

This is a cross-post from my personal blog, found at Go there to find more!UnityVS, a tool for debugging Unity games within Visual Studio, is finally free and available to developer using Visual Studio. It works for VS 2010, '12, and '14.If you currently do not have Visual Studio, feel free to contact me, and I can set you up with BIzSpark for free.Here

PhD Summer School explores cutting-edge computing

PhD Summer School explores cutting-edge computingAt the ninth annual PhD Summer School in Cambridge, England, 78 PhD students attended informative talks and workshops, and interacted with peers and computer scientists from Microsoft Research and the University of Cambridge....(read more)

The Mobile Web should just work for everyone

Windows Phone 8.1 Update includes hundreds of Internet Explorer 11 enhancements that greatly increase compatibility with the mobile web.Based on your feedback, we pursued a web experience for IE users consistent with what is available on iOS and Android devices – even where this meant we would be adding non-standard web platform features. We believe that this is a more pragmatic approach to r

Visual Studio 2014 CTP - Dev Eye for Azure Client VMs

The VS2014 CTP is was released in June 2014. Particularly exciting to me is the new Universal Apps with WinJS support. WinJS Universal Apps really aren't called out in many other VS2014 CTP resources.  Quite a pleasant find! Other goodies include looks at Rosalyn compiler, ASP.NET vNext, C++ 11/14. More info on new features can be found in the resource links below.I personally don’t like inst

What is the strange garbage-looking string in the "command" value of a static verb?

A customer from a major software vendor asked, "What is the significance of the command value that can be found under HKCR\〈progid〉\shell\open\command. It appears to be a copy of the default value, but with the program name replaced with apparent garbage. We've seen this both with Microsoft products as well as products by other companies. There is no mention of this value in the documentation

Project indirect cost components in AX 2012

 In AX 2012, we have the ability to add indirect costs to a project. These types of costs could be expenses such as rent, office supplies, phone charges, and per diem expenses. Here is a demonstration on how to set up the indirect cost components in AX, as well as what the financial voucher looks like.*First, we’ll need to set up the indirect cost shared category. Go to Project management and

How to track inactive logins in SQL SERVER

Many customer asked me if there is any easy way to find the list of logins which are inactive and can be deleted hence thought of documenting this method using blog. You could go to SQL SERVER Property and then turn on “ Successful logins only ” to record login information in SQL SERVER ERRORLOG. It would be something like this: After that you have to restart the SQL SERVER Service. Post restart i

Explanation of July 18th outage

Sorry it took me a week and a half to get to this.We had the most significant VS Online outage we’ve had in a while on Friday July 18th.  The entire service was unavailable for about 90 minutes.  Fortunately it happened during non-peak hours so the number of affected customers was fewer than it might have been but I know that’s small consolation to those who _were_ affected.My main goal fr

A complete list of FY14 Microsoft Dynamics AX Monthly webinars with links to recordings.

In this post you can find an elaborated description of the Microsoft Dynamics AX Monthly webinars that were delivered in FY14.Each agenda point normally has a duration of 15-20 minutes, except SEPA which is 5-10 minutes. Each session has a duration of appr. one hour.You can find too, a link to access the recording of a webinar.To be able to watch the recording, please click on the “Subm

Visual Studio 2013更新3候选版本发布

[原文发表地址]Update 3 Release Candidate for Visual Studio 2013[原文发表时间]2014-7-02 10:30 AM今天我们宣布Visual Studio2013 更新3的候选发布版本现在已经可以下载了;下载的连接附在这篇博客的下方. 你可以从Brain Harry的博客, Channel9的视频和Visual Studio 2013 更新3 RC发布记事中得到关于这次发布的信息。像所有的VS更新一样,更新3加入了新功能的同时进行了可靠性修复和漏洞的修复,特别的关注在下边这三个方面:支持用Apache Cordova进行多设备开发,提高诊断体验,和对用户体验的普遍提高,这其中包括增加大多数用户要求的新设置,可以用来关闭All CAPS菜单的功能。下边是一些关于新功能的信息:Ÿ Application Insigh

New book: Exam Ref 70-481 Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using HTML5 and JavaScript

We’re pleased to announce the availability of _Exam Ref 70-481 Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using HTML5 and JavaScript_ (9780735685291), by Wouter de Kort.Purchase from these online retailers:Microsoft Press StoreAmazon.comBarnes & NobleIndependent booksellers – Shop localDescription: Prepare for Microsoft Exam 70-481—and help demonstrate your real-world mastery

Top Gun Project「未来のクリエーター育成キャンプ」第2回「Kinect」(7/30)

皆さん、こんにちわ。日本マイクロソフトのエバンジェリスト渡辺です。シアトルでは、Imagine Cup 2014世界大会が開催中ですが、日本では、次のImagine Cupを目指す学生たちが動きはじめています。Top Gun Project「未来のクリエーター育成キャンプ」の第2回目は、マイクロソフトの製品の中では、近年、理工系学生さんの受けがよい「Kinect」について学びました。講師は、日本マイクロソフトのKinect伝道師と言えば、この人、千葉慎二さんです。まずは、千葉から「Kinect」の概要紹介です。「Kinect」の機能や特徴をデモをまじえながら説明していきます。デモは、学生さんにも手伝っていただきました。「Kinect」は、直感的に何が可能なのか理解できるのが良いですね。「Kinect」は、ジェスチャーや音声の認識機能を持つセンサーですが、それまでの同様のセ

CodePlex July 2014 Refresh

In addition to the release of DirectXMesh, I've also updated the other CodePlex projects with July 2014 releases.DirectX Tool Kit July 2014 release includes some minor fixes to _DirectXTK for Audio_ and some updates related to the latest Xbox One XDK.The many versions of DirectXTK Simple Sample have been updated on MSDN Code Gallery.*

ExpressRoute の提供地域の拡大と新しいパートナー

このポストは、7 月 21 日に投稿した New ExpressRoute locations and partners の翻訳です。先日マイクロソフトは、ExpressRoute を提供する地域に米国とアジアの 7 か所を追加し、Orange および IIJ と新たにパートナーシップを提携することを発表しました。今回の提供地域の拡大と提携先の追加により、さらに多くのお客様が ExpressRoute で Azure にアクセスできるようになります。新しい地域2014 年 5 月 12 日に ExpressRoute の一般提供を発表した時点では、サービスの提供は米国とヨーロッパにある 3 つの地域 (カリフォルニア州のシリコン バレー、ワシントン D.C.、イギリスのロンドン) を通して行われていました。皆様もご存知のとおり、ExpressRoute の提供地域とは、

Keyboard Filter Driver

皆様、楽しいデバッグライフをお送りしておりますでしょうか! WDK サポートチームのI沢でございます。 今月も私がお送りしたいと思いますが、これまでのようなツール紹介ではございません! 今回は、キーボードフィルタドライバにつきまして、ご紹介したいと思います。 私はキーボードフィルタドライバと聞くだけで、馬鹿なことをやったな…と思いだすことがあります。 当時、まだ若かった私はキーボードフィルタドライバを実装していたのですが、手軽にいろいろできたので、"Ctrl + Alt + Del" の同時押しを抑制して強制終了できなくしてみたらどうなるだろう…?と対象のキーを抑制したドライバを検証用の PC ではなく作業用の PC にインストールしてしまいました。 オチは想像できるかと思いますが、それはもう見事に Windows にログインできなくなりました!

UnityVS (Visual Studio Tools for Unity) 免費下載

目前許多的 Unity 開發者是採用內建的 MonoDevelop 來編寫程式,但其實有很多開發者比較習慣用 Visual Studio 來當作編輯環境,UnityVS 即由此而生,透過 UnityVS 你就可以用 Visual Studio 來當作Unity的編譯環境。 微軟於 2014/07 宣布收購 SyntaxTree,也就是開發 UnityVS 的公司的同時,亦宣佈將進一步優化後讓開發者免費下載,並更名為 Visual Studio Tools for Unity。目前的版本為 v1.9,重要的更新如以下:*Faster debugger. Attaching and detaching the debugger as well as expanding local variables is now faster. *Faster startup. Open

We have a mural painted on our wall

If you haven’t noticed the various posts on my Facebook feed, we now have a mural on our wall next to the dining room. It’s a picture of the Charles St Bridge in Prague in the Czech Republic. I really liked the city of Prague – I was intrigued by its multiple types of architecture: Renaissance, Gothic, and Baroque. In the picture above, you can clearly make out Gothic and Baroque.What’s the

如何将 Cortana 与 Windows Phone 8.1 应用集成 ( Voice command - Natural language recognition )

随着 Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 + Cortana 中文版的发布,相信有很多用户或开发者都在调戏 Windows Phone 的语音私人助理 Cortana 吧,在世界杯的时候我亲测 Cortana 预测德国和阿根廷的比赛很准的。(题外话扯远了),可是作为开发者我们怎么将Cortana集成到应用中呢,今天我用一点时间给大家介绍一下如何使用 voice command 集成 Windows Phone 8.1 的应用。首先要明确两个名词 Voice command & Voice Command Definition 即 VCD文件,相信做过windows Phone 8.0 开发的朋友应该有所了解,通过注册VCD文件 Windows phone 8.0 的应用当中就可以实现 voice command 的功能,如果你不了解请先读一下我之前的文章(这里我就不在过

Issues with TechNet Wiki 7/31 - Mitigated

Final Update: 31st July 2014 02:09 AM  UTCThe issue has been mitigated. Users should not be experiencing the issue anymore.We sincerely thank you for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.-MSDN Service Delivery Team -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Initial Update: 31st July 2014 01:24 AM  UTC

Lync Server 2013 のファブリック プール マネージャーにおけるマジョリティ起票者の動作と変更

Japane Lync Support チームです。Lync Server 2013 では、ファブリック プール マネージャーに関して以下の不具合があります。[現象] 現在同様のケースが既知の製品不具合として報告されており、rtcshared データベースがバックエンド サーバーのミラーにフェールオーバーされると WinFabricVote テーブルが更新されなくなります。結果として、2 台のフロントエンド サーバーの内 1 台が停止すると Quorum を失い、サービスが終了いたします。[原因]現在同様のケースが既知の製品不具合として報告されており、rtcshared データベースがバックエンド サーバーのミラーにフェールオーバーされると WinFabricVote テーブルが更新されなくなります。結果として、2 台のフロントエンド サーバーの内 1

Hola Windows Phone: Plataformas de Desarrollo

Crear aplicaciones para Windows Phone es una experiencia fantástica, aunque la situación actual del mercado no apoya dicha opinión. Es una oportunidad para aprovechar el conocimiento que se tenga de las tecnologías _Microsoft_ o para aprender a programar en general con una curva de aprendizaje muy fácil.Con nuevas plataformas de desarrollo, la forma más fácil de aprender sobre ellas y dar ini

Webinar gratuito "Process Industries: Containerized Packaging"

Buen dia, están cordialmente invitados al webinar gratuito "Process Industries: Containerized Packaging" que se dicatrá el dia de mañana a las 12:00 pm (Horario de la Ciudad de México). Pueden acceder utilizando el siguiente link: trata de un overview de la funcionalidad relacio

Hiding Activities Tab from Social Pane in CRM form

The article shows you how to hide the activities tab in the Social Pane on entity form as shown below :Social PaneUse the below javascript file to attach it to the page load of the form :onLoad: function () { var ctrlElement = document.getElementById("header_notescontrol");if (ctrlElement.children != null && ctrlElement.children.length > 0) {for (var ele = 0; ele < ctrlElement.chi News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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