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Two very useful small tools in Windows

There are two small tools in Windows which saved my day multiple times. I didn't bother to write a blog post since I thought that it was not worth it but the two tools got me out of a big problem today (again). To appreciate the two tools I decided to write it down briefly.With any further ado let me introduce them as below. The nice thing is that they are in the box.Takeown.exe  - take owne

Spring ’14 Release Videos for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and Microsoft Social Listening

Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and Microsoft Social ListeningWe've created some very informative videos for our Spring ’14 release. If you have not seen them already, check them out!Microsoft Dynamics CRMMicrosoft Dynamics CRM Spring ’14 Service Management OverviewMicrosoft Dynamics CRM Spring ’14 Sandbox InstanceMicrosoft Dynamics CRM Spring ’14

App-V 5: On the (now sometimes) Immutable Package Cache Location

When you add/configure and publish a package in App-V, the primary file assets and source registry hives are stored in the package cache location. It defaults to %PROGRAMDATA%\App-V. The package cache will store packages in a <PACKAGE_GUID>\<VERSION_GUID> directory structure for each package added to the machine regardless of targeting. This package cache will exist for the purposes of marking key

TechNet Radio: (Part 3) Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud - Planning Hybrid Cloud Networking

Kevin Remde and Keith Mayer continue our series on “ Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud ” and in today’s episode they discuss various options for networking. Tune in as they go in depth on what options are available for hybrid cloud networking more...(read more)

Construct 2 Flapping Bird Improvements

In my previous Construct 2 tutorials, we covered a top-down shooter and a flappy bird clone, derived from tutorials. In the following presentation, you’ll learn how to make simple improvements to Flapping Bird. High score, with WebStorage more...(read more)

Maintenance Tuesday, 2 September - Friday, 5 September - Scheduled

We will be shipping an update to Visual Studio Online.  We are planning on having maintenance windows from Tuesday, 2 September, 19:00 UTC through Friday, 5 September, 23:00 UTC.  In this deployment, we will the roll out the next phase of updates to enable Work Item based Test Plans and Test Suites on Visual Studio Online. As you might have noticed, Test Plan and Test Suite work items have al

To preload or not to preload...

Q:My application starts slowly, I want to preload it to avoid that problem.   Should I be worried?A:Well, in short, there are lots of concerns.  Preloading things you may or may not need is a great way to waste a ton of memory and generally make the system less usable overall.I’m often told that that the answer to a performance problem is to simply preload the slow stuff… unfortunate

Issues with Application Insights-8/29- Investigating

 Update: 8/29/2014 23:00 UTCWe have partially mitigated the issue by re-imaging the problematic service  instances. We are also identified the root cause of the issue and working on a hotfix. This should help us to process the backlog data from queues. We apologize for any inconvenience.---------------------------------------------------------------------------Initial Update: 8/29/20

Aligning our planets with a common cadence and synchronization

We recently changed our sprint cadence with the rest of the organization, creating turbulence for in-flight projects, but aligning the engineering  planets. Let’s explore …In ALM Rangers dogfooding journal of the Team Foundation Service we introduced our monthly cadence in July 2012. Used by all Ranger project teams it created a predictable rhythm for the community and our engineering process

Upcoming Visual Studio Webinars Series

TestHouse and Comparex are running a webinar series in September covering some core topics of the Visual Studio Family.  Take a look below and be sure to register!_Visual Studio provides testing tools that help you adopt testing practices such as manual, automated, exploratory, and load testing. Testers can be more productive planning, executing and tracking tests, both with the web-based tes

On adopting high end perf tools to study micro-architectural phenomena

Huge words of caution: you can bury yourself in this kind of stuff forever and for my money it is rarely the way to go.  It’s helpful to know where you stand on CPI for instance but it’s much more typical to get results by observing that you (e.g.) have a ton of cache misses and therefore should use less memory.  Using less memory is always a good thing.You could do meaningful analysis for a

Building Your First Windows Universal App (Screencast and code)

I did an event at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) where we had students from Computer Science (CS), Information Technology & Management (ITM) and some other disciplines were in attendance.  The topic was building applications for Windows and Windows Phone using Windows Universal apps.  Universal apps allow you to build app targeting Windows Phone and Windows 8 with the greatest amount

Unwrapping Sitecore Commerce 7.2

For this blog, we wanted to provide some pragmatic advice on how to get going with Sitecore Commerce 7.2 and make sure that customers and partners know where to go to get the various pieces of information required to properly setup the product. At a glance, the process is comprised of: Install Sitecore Experience Platform 7.2 itself Install Sitecore Commerce Connect 7.2 Install Commerce Server 11.

Create new Dashboard Designer data source to Analysis Services using per-user identity

IssueThere are a number of different types of data sources that we can create in PerformancePoint Services Dashboard Designer, and a number of different ways of creating them.This article describes a way in which we can create a new Analysis Services data source in Dashboard Designer using per-user identity, and some steps for setting up the Kerberos constrained delegation that is required

Localization / Using Resources in SharePoint

Working with people who are new to SharePoint can be very enriching as we come across lot of interesting questions ..”Why can't this be done this way or Why can I only do it this way… Why cant I implement this pattern here and so on and so forth.  As a SharePoint developer I learnt there are 3 ways of doing things – the right way, the wrong way and the SharePoint way :) and being a SharePoint de

5 passwords you should never use

This is part three of three posts on stronger passwords.Part 1: Create stronger passwords and protect themPart 2: Do you know your kids' passwords?The news is filled with stories about hackers cracking passwords. You can help avoid being a victim by never, ever using these passwords:* Password. Believe it or not, this is still a common password. Don’t use it.* Letmein. We re

Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, August 29, 2014

*Brian Harry: Stakeholder license is live *Steven Douard: A Stroll Through Node: Introduction *JD Meier: How Can Enterprise Architects Drive Business Value the Agile Way? *Bruno Terkaly: How to Write Mobile Applications - What Are Your Options? *Scott Hanselman: How to run Background Tasks in ASP.NET * Writing Applications in the Cloud with Visual Studio Online *David L

Support de l’utilisation de caractères génériques pour les exclusions dans System Center 2012 R2 Endpoint Protection Manager

L’article kb2962341 de la base de connaissances de Microsoft détaille les cas dans lesquels des caractères génériques ou jokers (* et ?) peuvent être utilisés pour définir des exclusions dans les différents programmes de protection contre les virus de Microsoft et notamment, System Center 2012 R2 Endpoint Protection Manager.Quelques exemples sont donnés, mais, de manière générale, je vous con

Buildnummern-Übersicht Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2

Stand: 29.08.2014Folgend finden Sie eine aktuelle Auflistung der verfügbaren Buildnummern, aufsteigend sortiert, mit der dazu gehörigen offiziellen Beschreibung, KB Artikelnummer und Inhalt.Download Microsoft Dynamics NAV BuildlisteBuildnummerBeschreibungKB NummerInhalt35473RTMn.a.Release aus dem Partnersource 35664 Hotfix2901564ADCS Files BPA Files N

Buildnummern-Übersicht Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Stand: 29.08.2014Folgend finden Sie eine aktuelle Auflistung der verfügbaren Buildnummern, aufsteigend sortiert, mit der dazu gehörigen offiziellen Beschreibung, KB Artikelnummer und Inhalt._Es wurden einige Hotfixe zurückgezogen, ich bitte Sie zu prüfen, dass Sie eines der unten aufgeführten Buildnummer einsetzten. Wenn nicht bitte ich Sie auf das aktuellste Build zu wechseln._Download

Buildnummern-Übersicht Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 / R2

Stand: 29.08.2014Folgend finden Sie eine aktuelle Auflistung der verfügbaren Buildnummern, aufsteigend sortiert, mit der dazu gehörigen offiziellen Beschreibung, KB Artikelnummer und Inhalt.Download Microsoft Dynamics NAV Buildliste BuildnummerBeschreibungKB NummerInhalt29626Service Pack 1n.a.Release aus dem Partnersource 29958 Hotfix 974798 974980 97533

Windows Azure Storage - 公有云存储独占访问(lease)与数据一致性

上一篇介绍了如何使用签名授权方式(SAS)来实现客户端程序操作Blob Storage,SAS方式较适用于授权临时读操作,如果是多个客户端需要写入或者更新同一个目标blob文件时,SAS授权方式将会带来很大的数据一致性问题。因此,在数据一致性检查以及写操作同步控制中,开发者可以采用Azure Storage中提供的独占锁(Lease)来保证独占访问和数据一致性。当众多客户端访问同一个WAS中的数据时,数据一致性需要慎重处理,最简单的一种处理方式是查看每一个Blob对应的ETag、LastModifiedUtc、ContentMD5等属性。在应用程序代码中,开发者可以通过Azure SDK提供的CloudBlockBlob.Properties.ETag、CloudBlockBlob. Properties. LastModified和blockBlob.Properties.Co

How can I detect that a user's SID has changed and recover their old data?

A customer maintained a database which recorded information per user. The information in the database is keyed by the user's SID. This works out great most of the time, but there are cases in which a user's SID can change. "Wait, I thought SIDs don't change." While it's true that SIDs don't change, it is also true that the SID associated with a user can change. Since SIDs encode the dom

SharePoint, Office365 & Yammer Nuggets of week 35

as mentioned in my last blogpost, I am going to move from Microsoft Consulting Services into a new role and be Customer Success Manager for Yammer & Office 365, responsible for Central-and Eastern EuropeTopics in my blog might change a bit due to this new focus*Access your work files with the new OneDrive for Android appOfficial Blogpost  *FaceGame: New Yammer GameTry outthis Gamificatio

Intro to Git and GitHub Part 2: Publishing, cloning, and forking.

This is a continuation of a tutorial blog series to learn the basics of Git, using GitHub and the GitHub client. To start from the beginning, go here: In this part, you will learn: Publish a new repository Push changes Clone an existing repository Fork an existing repository Pull requests You can read more by going to the " Intro to Git and Gi

Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud: Cross-Premises Data Mobility with Microsoft Azure StorSimple (Part 10)

This article is part 10 in our continuing blog series on Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud being published by the US IT Pro team at Microsoft. In this article, we’ll discuss enabling “cross-premises data mobility” within more...(read more)

Security @ Azure Fridays

Viele, die sich mit dem Thema Microsoft Azure schon länger beschäftigen, kennen mit Sicherheit die regelmäßigen Freitagsvideos zu Azure. Das Archiv aller Videos findet man entweder über Channel 9 oder über die Azure Friday eigene Homepage.Mittlerweile wurden auch schon etliche Videos zum Thema Sicherheit in Verbindung mit Microsoft Azure veröffentlicht. Hier auf einen Blick eine relevante Lis

Asynchronous site collection provisioning for Office 365

One of the highly requested samples related on the Office 365 and Azure usage is the asynchronous self-service site collection provisioning. This is pretty much a follow up for the similar blog post concentrating for the on-premises and Office 365 Dedicated side, but this one concentrates on the normal Office 365 with the provider hosted apps hosted in Microsoft Azure platform. There are small d

Microsoft CityNext: How Merseytravel lowered costs and improved service by digitising their training programs

Merseyside Passenger Transport Authority, known as Merseytravel, manages 3,000 transit employees across Liverpool and the Merseyside area. It has to comply with reams of health and safety laws and regulations, which means employee training is a vital and ongoing need. But Merseytravel’s training process relied heavily on hard copies of documents that were hard to share and update. The training p

KMDF のディスパッチルーチンについて

皆さん、はじめまして。WDK サポートチームの JS と申します。I 沢さんに続いて新しくチームに加入いたしましたので、これからよろしくお願いします。今回は、WDM と KMDF のディスパッチルーチンの登録方法の違いについてご紹介したいと思います。WDFの概要さて、いきなり出てきた KMDF という単語ですが、これは Kernel Mode Driver Framework の略語で、WDF (Windows Driver Foundation) というドライバモデルに分類されます。WDF や KMDF についてもうご存知でいらっしゃる方が多いと思いますが、このブログではあまり触れられていません。なので、本題に入る前に、まずはその概要をご紹介したいと思います。なおきお~さんの記事「日本語の資料はあるの?」でも書かれていますが、WDF には二種類のドライバ News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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