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Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions 

[ Attachments and Photos ] Open Question : I cannot get things to attach to my e-mails nor can I print copies from my e-mail? What is wrong?

I can print from Word and Excel, but cannot print from my e-mail account. I have had to copy my attachments to the actual e-mail to send them since yesterday...

[ Other - Destinations ] Open Question : Atlantic City, New Jersey?

My boyfriend and I and possibly my best friend and her boyfriend are gonna go to Atlantic city new jersey for the day some Saturday. I've been to ocean city...

[ Mitsubishi ] Open Question : How do I open my hood 2010 Mitsubishi galant?

Just got this car dealer never showed me and I don't see it please help

[ Diet & Fitness ] Open Question : Weight loss question?

So about two weeks ago I decided i wanted to start losing weight, i improved my diet drastically and started going for one 5 mile cycle each...

[ Politics ] Open Question : Do abortion opponents realize what happens in states where abortion is restricted?

... they want and need."

[ Books & Authors ] Open Question : Summary of the iliad book 1 with quotes?

[ Physics ] Open Question : Metre squares or Squared metres?

Which is more better : Metre squares or Squared meters? Or, they both have the same meaning? Any help will be greatly...

[ Elections ] Open Question : Why is it possible to build a whole political career based on blaming Bush?

Who would have thought we would every have a political party that could run on a platform of blaming people of the other party non-stop? Who would have ever thought? Who would...

[ Diet & Fitness ] Open Question : Gyms in Ireland?

I am a 16 year old girl, turning 17 soon. My family is moving to Ireland from America for my dad's work. It's a big change and it...

[ Politics ] Open Question : Were the French the only country to oppose invading Iraq?

[ Friends ] Open Question : Really concerned about my friend?

Well we are both 20, and she is on the pill and has 2 fwbs, she had sex with him without a condom and also gave oral to him and she says that she...

[ Other - Beauty & Style ] Open Question : Am I pretty?

I feel like some days I feel confident and pretty and can see that guys do look at me when I past by. But no one has ever complimented me...

[ Politics ] Open Question : Is the GOP angry that Americans are focusing on REAL ISSUES instead of their bogus scandals like Benghazi and the so-called IRS scandal?

[ Google ] Open Question : How to remove photos from Google+?

[ Movies ] Open Question : I have a m-go movie account on my computer?

and can not figure out how to sign in,any one else have that problem or know how to sign in

[ Family ] Open Question : Needing advice for family issues.?

I moved out of my moms house. She has been harrasing me through email and stalking my friends. I emailed her to stop...

[ Dogs ] Open Question : My dog screeches at random when his butt/hind area is touched?

Hello, I have a question. My dog has let out a quick screech of pain when i randomly touch his hind area (more specifically about a 3,4 inch radius moving upwards from his tail, his anus/butt...

[ Abuse and Spam ] Open Question : How do you stop mail being delivered to previous house owners. Their redirect is over.?

The previous owners deliberately withheld their forwarding address and everyday we are writing RTS no longer at this address and taking it to the post...

[ Cats ] Open Question : Can my kittens live out side ?

my cat had her kittens out side but some how she moved them and we had to bring them in side were they can be safe.they were first born out side they...

[ Running ] Open Question : Does lifting weights on your legs stop height growth?

[ Radio ] Open Question : What is the Trivia and Words for B95.5 for 7/24/14 ?

Thanks in advance!

[ Other - Health ] Open Question : Is this a common American sentiment?

twice now the woman who lives in the apartment under mine has referred to me as crazy because I exercise every day even though I'm 60. This woman is almost 10...

[ Chemistry ] Open Question : Need help with gas law problem....?

I am studying for a final exam and I need to know how to work this type of problem. What are the steps? I need to know how to work it out...just the answer will not be helpful...

[ Running ] Open Question : Does lifting weights at your leg cause your height to stop?

[ Fish ] Open Question : Fish tempature?

What tempature do neon tetras, dwarf gourami,white cloud mountain minnows and what tank size for each? Can they live together?

[ Pain & Pain Management ] Open Question : Really uncomfortable arm pain?

I have a really uncomfortable pain in my arm from my elbow to my wrist, i hurt it when i was rolling an exercise ball along the floor. That was about 1 hour ago and my arm still really...

[ Insurance & Registration ] Open Question : For those in Chicago: what do I have to do during the driving test? Is parallel parking needed, do i need to drive on the highway, etc.?

[ Philosophy ] Open Question : Am I out of the loop?

I don't care about instagram, twerking, facebook, or this new dumb phenomenon called "Taking a #selfie" I'm not grossly entitled to the universe caring about what...

[ Family ] Open Question : Should I feel akward?

So I'm 15. And my sister walks around naked. Not my little sister! She's 23!!! She's a feminist so "isn't ashamed of her bod." I just feel...

[ Anthropology ] Open Question : Question about genetics/ethicity?

I am 3/4 Italian, and 1/4 Polish. My dad is half Polish, half Italian, my mom is 100 percent Italian. Now that would make... News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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