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Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions 

[ Zoology ] Open Question : I've heard that Great White Shark attack the cages used to observed them because they're excited by the metal they're made of, is that true?

[ Google ] Open Question : Instagram not working in Bluestacks app?

I want to install Instagram in Bluestacks and when I click install it says to install it on something called Google Market. I...

[ Engineering ] Open Question : If i Give DC Current to a Diode Bridge which converts AC To DC.... Any Thing Will Happen???

[ Los Angeles ] Open Question : Confirmé vous que la guerre est un art ?

[ Other - General Health Care ] Open Question : I have a stuffy and runny nose?

I have a really stuffy and runny nose and I can feel the mucus in my nose but when I blow no mucus comes there any way to unblock my nose

[ Comics & Animation ] Open Question : Anyone who has knowledge of the most recent animations in Korea/Asia?

I saw very briefly this animation/cartoon of a monkey, other animals and a banana... the monkey was breakdancing, other animals were chasing a banana and the banana...

[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : Is a contract to forfeit final paycheck without 4 week notice legal in california?

i work at a fast food franchise in california and i may be getting another job offer which is a relief because my current job policies make me uncomfortable. for my first check i will have to wait more than a...

[ Fashion & Accessories ] Open Question : What is the Big Deal about Wearing Briefs?

[ Military ] Open Question : Arriving 8 days early to SOI East ITB?

My orders tell me to arrive and check-in to ITB 8 full days early. I was just wondering what they would have me do for 8 days since...

[ Insurance & Registration ] Open Question : How can a cop give u a ticket for driving with a suspended license if it was renewed over a year ago & dmv sent letter saying it was renewed?

[ Mathematics ] Open Question : Cycle Time and Velocity?

In the first quarter of operations, a manufacturing cell produced 80,000 stereo speakers, using 20,000 production hours. In the second...

[ Other - Business & Finance ] Open Question : Loss of Time, non efficiency and unwilling questioning?

since a month, when I try to log in, you keep on asking me to provide a mobile number. when I try to skip, it says "required". could you please stop...

[ Other - Skin & Body ] Open Question : How much does a lip piercing hurt? I got my eyebrow pierced recently and it didn't hurt at all for some reference.?

[ El Salvador ] Open Question : Cambiar el lenguaje espanol?

[ Yahoo Answers ] Open Question : So who answers the questions ? The question is to yahoo ; why do I not have todays activity on posts?

[ Books & Authors ] Open Question : What makes a good romantic climax in a novel and a movie?

Even some examples would be appreciated....10x yahooers

[ Pain & Pain Management ] Open Question : Side of Armpit hurts?

Well the side of my armpit hurts and its sometimes a muscle pain or irritation. It happened after I took a shower. My armpits where stucky even after...

[ Fantasy Sports ] Open Question : Which fantasy football players should I pick week 4 preseason.?

which fantasy players should I pick week 4. I know its the last week of preseason football and most starters will not play. I would like to know who the best players to pick that...

[ Other - Music ] Open Question : Does anyone know this song?

Back in 2006(i think) there was a song playing on music channels..i dont remember anything about it except that in the video at some point the singer gets shrunk and...

[ Medicine ] Open Question : Will I pass pee test?

It has been approximately 105 hours (4 full days and a night) since I last smoked. It was only one bowl of reggie out of a pipe shared...

[ Books & Authors ] Open Question : Why is no one seeing my fan fiction?

I've started writing a fan fiction and I have already written 4 parts, but I am still on 33 reads. Is my topic to common so no one...

[ Other - Health ] Open Question : Help..I'm shaking and I don't know why?

I can't type a ******* paragraph oh god

[ Medicine ] Open Question : PLEASE HELP, is sterogyl 15 H good to be taken each month?

i have a nemia and vitamin d deficiency, and my doctor prescribed me that sterogyl , it contains 15 mg of vitamin d and should be taken once a year, but my doctor told me to...

[ Cell Phones & Plans ] Open Question : What should I do? Galaxy S4, wont charge?

Last night at work I dropped my phone in sanitizer water. It was fully submerged for only a few seconds before I grabbed it. It...

[ Radio ] Open Question : Does anyone know the trivia answers and VIP codes for 99.5 The River WRVE Albany NY and other stations for 08/27/14?

[ Cooking & Recipes ] Open Question : How do I substitute baking soda for baking powder?

I only got baking soda and I wanna make a bread. What's the ratio per cup of flour?

[ Maintenance & Repairs ] Open Question : Grinder pump unit needs to be reset all the time...WHY? Does not trip breakers.?

[ Other - Health ] Open Question : How to stay calm while high.?

[ Video & Online Games ] Open Question : How do i Wait: I am going to buy PS4 Iam going to buy it after 8 or 7 months So how do i wait iam so exited for PS4?

[ Homework Help ] Open Question : One leg of a right triangle is 7 cm longer than the other leg. The length of the hypotenuse is 13 cm. Find the length of each leg? News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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