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[ Other - General Health Care ] Open Question : I ave been experiencing a hard forest green stool for about a week now and just within the last few days I have started to experience neon?

Yellow urine. There is no pain associated with either of these. Is this normal to experience both? How long should I expect it to last? Is...

[ Other - Sports ] Open Question : Is 13 too old to start tumbling and cheerleading.?

I am going into 8th grade and have no previous tumbling or cheer experience but really want to try it out. Am I too old to start.

[ Egypt ] Open Question : Are the Egyptian Pharoahs in Heaven?

[ Movies ] Open Question : What movie is this?

I saw a movie/serie a couple fo years ago and now i can't remeber the name. It's about vampires and a vampire college divided in 4 frats, we have this girl that...

[ Fish ] Open Question : HELP!! What is wrong with my goldfish??

I have been feeling kind of lonely the past few months, so I decided today to go out and buy a goldfish. I bought the most beautiful goldfish ever! I...

[ Friends ] Open Question : I don't know what to do Bc I like my bestfriend?

Well I've liked a lot of girls but kinda always liked the same one we flirt a lot and everything but only when we are together then when we leave it's almost like it never...

[ Rap and Hip-Hop ] Open Question : What are your thoughts on wiz khalifa?

I love wiz. I have been a big fan since kush and OJ and I loved watching him explode. I still like him even though his new stuff isn't as...

[ Makeup ] Open Question : What makeup brushes are better?

I recently got money for my birthday and I want to splash out on some good quality makeup brushes. I also want them to last a long time. I was looking at...

[ Military ] Open Question : Why do some men think women shouldn't be allowed in the military or special forces? Also, in the military do lots of men insult women?

like if read lots of things where guys insult women and call them names especially on youtube videos about BCT and even my dad talks about...

[ Motorcycles ] Open Question : Ow to get license plate and tag/ sales tax state of florida?

Im going to buy a 2k-3.500k motorcycle How do i get license plate and tag after i buy it? When buying from pvt seller, do we both go to dmv to get documents checked...

[ Cooking & Recipes ] Open Question : Good side dish and dessert for mac n cheese?

I am looking to making mac n cheese for my bf. I want to include a side dish and dessert. Any suggestions what would be good to go along with it?

[ Psychology ] Open Question : Why does the ceiling move when i stare at it?

I can lay in bed and stare at the ceiling, and it starts to move, it looks like water rippling and if i breathe deeply, the ceiling seems to breathe too, why does it do that

[ Civic Participation ] Open Question : I accidentally forgot to report for Jury Duty today. What should I say, or what might happen?

I live in California, if that makes a difference.

[ Ford ] Open Question : How much would you pay for a used Ford Escape? pay for this vehicle (theoretically), I would appreciate it! It will give us an idea of a more reasonable asking price.

[ Dogs ] Open Question : I Am Getting A Pitbull.....But?

I need some good name for A AMPT

[ Movies ] Open Question : Do you think that less glamorous/more ordinary-looking cast appeals more to the audience? Take the old Star Wars trilogy vs the new one.?

[ Languages ] Open Question : Questions for learning Italian?

1. If I'm a girl, do I have to speak only "feminine"? For example, masculine would be il gatto nero, and feminine would be la gatta nera. Do I absolutely have to say it the...

[ Politics ] Open Question : Has rush Limbaugh ever had a drug dependency problem?

Rush be hating on people of the great state of Colorado that get high occasionally so I guess he never tried drugs?

[ Dogs ] Open Question : I have a shih tzu puppy that is 5 months old. I gave him dewormer two days ago and he is not eating good. why?

He is just laying on his blanket mostly and not active as usual. I am getting nervous over giving him the dewormer. Has anyone else had this to happen...

[ Lyrics ] Open Question : Song writing help?

Hi so I want to write a song for my boyfriend I'm a singer but I've never written a song I have some ideas tho we always say I love you I love you...

[ Israel ] Open Question : Do Israelis hate Russia?

My parents are Russian, I don't really care about Russia except in Eurovision and football, I live in Holland where most people...

[ Movies ] Open Question : What are the best movies starring/which includes Aaron Taylor Johnson?

I've seen Kick-***, Kick-*** 2, Chatroom and Savages.

[ GMC ] Open Question : Placement of hoses on 2002 Buick lesabre?

[ Personal Finance ] Open Question : How much should I save? I have read articles saying that you should save 15-20% of your money.?

But is that 15-20% and aggregate percentage that should be divided between retirement, normal savings, emergency fund, etc.? *Confused recent grad*

[ Small Business ] Open Question : Licenses for selling Home made food In Hong kong?

I Want to Sell Food which I made from home (Korean food) and deliver it but what licenses Do I need? I live in Hong...

[ Politics ] Open Question : Chicago plans to let illegals in and call them refugees,but haven't more been shot in chicago than in central america?

[ Add-ons ] Open Question : To install 2nd GPU, i have a GTX 780 TI SC do i need another 780Ti SC, or will it be compilable with GTX 780 itself.?

[ Dogs ] Open Question : DOG WONT STOP BARKING HELP ME?

I'm dog sitting my friends dog and he's staying at my house and he has a cage in my room. HE WONT STOP BARKING. He's...

[ Video & Online Games ] Open Question : Any games like Spyro?

I really like The legend of Spyro dawn of the dragon. Is there any games similar to that? Like with the free flight and everything. Thanks!

[ Weather ] Open Question : Will the Yellowstone supervolcano affect where i live?

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