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[ Other - Car Makes ] Open Question : What makes a saline aquifer unconventional?

[ Drawing & Illustration ] Open Question : Can I become an animator/comic artist?

I have a dream of becoming an animator/comic artist. However, in order to really get into the bussiness(and fun!) I would have to be in the US... all my favorite...

[ Software ] Open Question : What is the best calendar&Contact app that I can use on windows & Android that will Sync together, that I can keep physical backups of?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why do some liberals claim to be open minded but as soon as a Democrat supports a Republican idea they go on the offensive?

What I mean is why do they say they're open minded but don't tolerate moderates in their party? I've seen that Republicans...

[ Words & Wordplay ] Open Question : What does "full-on fall" mean?

it's still full-on fall.

[ Higher Education (University +) ] Open Question : Is there a way to alternate a certain class for a major?

I'm completing my business major online and have an oral communication class I must take. It is not an online class and was wondering if anyone's ever...

[ Cats ] Open Question : Does/can high quality diet cat food made cat fat?

I have 2 indoor cats,one is older. I have tried all the highest quality food for them. Now they are on a diet mix and seem to be...

[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : Help with court intent to supply charges cannabis uk i need some advice please?

[ Sending and Receiving Messages ] Open Question : How can I change my e-mail password?

[ Fashion & Accessories ] Open Question : How can I clean this belt?

I have this belt and i have been wearing it for a while now, The problem is it got dirty and i have no idea how to clean this, i have 3 photos of what kind of belt this...

[ Botany ] Open Question : Can you overdose on marijuan?

[ Notices and Errors ] Open Question : I cant open my yahoo mail ,pls reply?

[ Personal Finance ] Open Question : HELP! Can a single mom make money from home?

Okay so I got myself in a pretty bad situation. The man I was with for 3 years and I had a baby in august of this year but he isn't in the...

[ Geography ] Open Question : Zip code of scarborough canada pls?

[ Languages ] Open Question : Stage di 400 euro mensili.. entrate!?

Sto facendo uno stage e volevo sapere quando paga lo Stato, visto che si tratta di un tirocinio statale e non privato! In particolare volevo sapere se la paga dipende dal giorno di "assunzione" o se c&#39...

[ Other - Careers & Employment ] Open Question : CVS hiring policy?

Does CVS require preemployment drug screening?

[ Family ] Open Question : There is a brother and sister who are the same age, but they are not twins nor adopted (blood related). How is this possible?

[ Car Audio ] Open Question : If your running your sub with a mono amp if the amp has a good amount of voltage will it improve the power of the sub ?

[ Friends ] Open Question : Why did my friend ignore me?

I sent her this on meowchat and she read it And the Jayden dude I like him but she doesn't i thought she would laugh cause it's funny that he...

[ MSN ] Open Question : Error 14 will not go away?

[ Other - Mexico ] Open Question : Has any indian couple visited desire resorts and spa in mexico?? If so, how was your experience?

[ Military ] Open Question : Is the AK-47 the most powerful assault rifle? If no, what is?

[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : How do i respond to a text claiming I did an ilegal hit and run, which I did not commit.?

The night of 10/21, i received a text message from someone who i do not know, claiming i hit there car and there are damages to the vehicle. They claim they want me...

[ Government ] Open Question : Which should be a more guarded right, the right to love or hate?

[ TVs ] Open Question : Do you think Don Vito regrets what he did? (Viva La Bam)?

[ Gender Studies ] Open Question : Do you think if it hadn't for the MRA - infant male circumcision rate would have gone up?

I think the declining rate of infant male circumcision is all because of MRA, before them every mother was trying to get their infant sons...

[ Dental ] Open Question : How make your teeth white?

[ Video & Online Games ] Open Question : Any games where your decisions affect your storyline?

Anything really :) thanks in advance

[ Psychology ] Open Question : I'm always depressed and my biggest concern is that I can't get girls?

Im 19 and been depressed most of my life. In the past year it's been up and down, and i hate that too because it's moody, from happy to sad but mostly sad. Ive never...

[ Xbox ] Open Question : Xbox 360 destiny help!?

I'm a lv20 on destiny (hunter) and I was wondering if I could find anyone on xbox 360 to help me or get to with me, lv30... I was hoping for... News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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