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[ Other - Yahoo Products ] Open Question : Skype sign in?

Is it able to know in which place i mean country that u have been sign in? For example if you are sign in in X country and then u sign in in Y country. Will you get a...

[ Global Warming ] Open Question : Global warming believers claim that so-called "global warming" is responsible for more weird and freaky weather.?

What is the scientific definition of "weird" and "freaky" as established by the scientific consensus? I'm not able to locate these definitions on...

[ Other - Home & Garden ] Open Question : No-See-Ums bugs?

Does anyone know about these No-See-Ums flying gnats (sometimes incorrectly referred to as sand flies)? I've recently moved into a...

[ Ramadan ] Open Question : Ramadan: Tawhid or shirk?

A person who commits major shirk(i.e. associate others with Allah in belief and worship) is not a muslim, in fact they are the worst creatures as...

[ Politics ] Open Question : Politics: Do you think Pornography is BAD?

Do you think it's bad for men to sit on the computer and masturbate while watching Porn.

[ Primary & Secondary Education ] Open Question : Im in school right now and i wanted to know what websites can i get on during school?

[ St. Louis ] Open Question : Wag mo akong sanayin sa mga lambing mo?

[ Family ] Open Question : Please help me! What should I do?

My grandmother recently passed away and her burial is set on Thursday. Unfortunately, my university is a bit far away and my mother...

[ Other - Destinations ] Open Question : Perform the indicated operation and reduce into lowest term.?


[ Laptops & Notebooks ] Open Question : My laptop will connect to wifi but nothing else will. how do i fix this?

[ Homework Help ] Open Question : Circular functions question?

The depth of water at the entrance to a harbour t hours after high tide is D metres, where D = p + q cos (rt)◦ for suitable constants p, q, r...

[ Government ] Open Question : What are the various functions of a police agency? Compare and contrast how these functions differ at the federal, state, and local levels.?

[ Bangalore ] Open Question : Can anyone tell best webdesigners cheaper rate in bangalore?

[ Dental ] Open Question : Do molars fall out?

So I'm 13 and my second molar from the kanine tooth is kind of wobbly but i dont know if those are actually supposed to fall out. Are they...

[ Psychology ] Open Question : Im happy on the outside my im dying i side. any help?

im photos im having picture with just my face so people dont see mybody. im really depressed.

[ Rap and Hip-Hop ] Open Question : What is the name of this rap song?

[ Words & Wordplay ] Open Question : What are the japanese words for these english words? (About college degrees)?

1.) Associate degree2.) bachelor's degree3.) master's degree4.) community collegeThanks in advance

[ Pain & Pain Management ] Open Question : What’s up?

[ Sending and Receiving Messages ] Open Question : I can't access mail since I changed my password (at yahoo's request).?

[ Preferences and Settings ] Open Question : How to change my font on my Kyocera?

Ok so i have a kycoera hydro elite and in my settings it dont have a font changer just a font size changer how do i change my fonts

[ Friends ] Open Question : What are the pros and cons of having an online friend?

[ Engineering ] Open Question : Help with my laser pointer?

so i have this green laser pointer with the maximum power of 200mw and it came with ultra alkaline 1.5v batteries but i dont think the battaries were good enough to reach 200mw&lt...

[ Comics & Animation ] Open Question : Romance comedy anime?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Is Edward Snowden a patriot or a trailer?

[ Senior Citizens ] Open Question : Why are some questions put on the side of the page in the Answer Questions box instead of in the regular listing?

What can be the reasoning for this? I posted yesterday and couldn't find it.

[ Other - Business & Finance ] Open Question : What is another way to write 1700?

[ Comics & Animation ] Open Question : What is the background music in one piece? luffy uses haki

[ Laptops & Notebooks ] Open Question : My laptop keeps giving me an error. Windows detected an a hard disk problem. After a restore. When i boot in safe mode no error.?

[ Ramadan ] Open Question : Muslims please help me?

Someone make (sihar) to me, I am always sick and I am trying to read quran but I cant I feel hot in my body and pain in my head and...

[ Other - Business & Finance ] Open Question : How much is 5 Cordoba worth in us currancy? News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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