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How-to of the Day 

How to Make Chocolate Brownies

When you need your chocolate fix to be served up warm in tender, bite-sized pieces, nothing quite fills the bill like chocolate brownies fresh from the oven. Here are a couple recipes delivering chewy, rich, chocolate flavor to help you take care of your cravings in delicious style!

How to Remove Age Spots

Age spots are the flat brown, black or yellow spots that appear on the neck, hands and face. They are primarily caused by sun exposure, and usually start to appear once people hit 40. Age spots are not dangerous in any way, so there is no medical reason to get rid of them. However, they can reveal a person's age, so many men and women want to remove them for aesthetic reasons. You can get rid of a

How to Make Orange Juice

There is nothing as satisfying as a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. It may take a couple minutes longer, but the taste is worth the effort and the wait. Try it out: Make some and see if you want to go back to drinking bottled juice again!

How to Like Yourself

Liking yourself is one of the main keys to living a more fulfilling and happier life! It takes a bit practice and work to get there, but with some practical tips about cultivating self-acceptance and reframing how you think about yourself, you'll be well on your way to liking yourself.

How to Design a Lace Lamp

Light up the night with a little romance and beauty with this lacy ball lamp. This laminated ball is a hanging lamp, ideal for hanging in any room you want to add an extra glow or magic.

How to Improve Your Child's Behavior

As a parent, you surely love your children very much, but you can still become frustrated with your children at times: Sometimes they are precious with their abundance of "I love you mommies/daddies," and at other times, they are throwing themselves on the floor at the store because they want that Spider-Man toy that was denied, or destroying the house while you're on a business call. You may end

How to Test Internet Speed

Not sure if you're getting what you paid for with your internet service provider? Follow these easy steps to test your connection speed.

How to Make Boneless Buffalo Wings

Make this fun finger food at home. This is a budget-friendly alternative to buying them at a restaurant!

How to Reset a Linksys Router

Don't you just hate it when you boot up your computer, open your web browser and find that you have a sluggish Internet connection or no Internet connection at all? You may need to reset your Linksys router. This article contains suggestions for resetting your router so that you can get your Internet connection up and running again.

How to Stop Having Nightmares

Nightmares can be extremely unpleasant, causing fear and anxiety and affecting quality of your sleep. This can lead to physical tiredness and mental stress. However, it's important to understand the cause of your nightmares before you can begin to treat them. Start with Step 1 below to understand the source of your nightmares and take steps to to prevent them from recurring.

How to Become a Licensed Electrician

If you're technically adept and interested in providing a service that helps the modern world go round, consider becoming an electrician. Licensed, or master, electricians are highly-trained technicians whose responsibilities include everything from replacing an electrical outlet to wiring a newly-constructed house or building. This article provides information on the work of an electrician, the e

How to Get Free Skins on League of Legends

Despite the majority of skins in the store costing Riot Points, there are some methods that allow any player to receive some select skins completely free. Follow the steps below to find out how.

How to Turn Old Vinyl Records Into a Book Stand

Make use of old vinyl records by recycling them into a book stand! Just follow the easy steps below.

How to Integrate by Parts

Integration by parts is an essential method of integration that any student should know while taking mid to upper-level Calculus classes. Integrals involving multiplication that would otherwise be difficult to solve can be easily put into a simpler form using this method of integration.

How to Stop a Sneeze

Sneezing is a natural body mechanism. In many cultures it is frowned upon as a social gaffe, especially if one doesn't have a tissue handy. Nevertheless, many people will want to stop a sneeze for various reasons, including the world record holder who, according to The Guinness Book of World Records, had a sneezing fit for 977 days, and produced more than a million sneezes.

How to Live Happily

Our modern culture can be a confusing mess sometimes. If you're getting tired of the high highs and the low lows that our media seems to encourage and are looking for something more stable and fulfilling, you can find this true happiness (and wikiHow can help!).

How to Clean and Maintain a Rain Barrel

In an effort to save water and utilize the environment, a rain barrel is an easy and excellent tool for collecting recyclable water. However, proper cleaning and maintenance are necessary in order to keep the rain barrel in prime condition, keeping your water clear and clean, as well as preventing pests from residing in the barrel and your yard. Knowing how to sanitize and patch the barrel will al

How to Kill Vines

Vines are often invasive and can be especially difficult to kill. Persistence is key, but of course, it also helps to know which methods of physical and chemical removal prove most effective against these weeds.

How to Keep Black Clothes from Fading

Faded black clothes can be a remarkably frustrating laundry mishap, but this fading process is not necessarily inevitable. A few essential washing practices can prevent your favorite black garments from losing their color. If those don't prove helpful enough, there are also a few additional tricks you can try.

How to Turn Used Tires Into Storage Bins

Do you have a bunch of old useless tires in your garage? Instead of throwing them away, consider recycling them into something useful! You can repurpose these old tires and build yourself a storage bin to keep those old cluttered tires from piling up in the garage.

How to Use Google Drive for Reading Assignments

When teaching a course, professors often need to assign articles or handouts that are not in a text. Instead of copying the document or putting it on reserve at the library, you can simply add it your Google Drive and share it with the students. Students can download the documents and print them, copy them to their own Google Drives, or import them to Kindles, iPads, and other devices for readi

How to Make a USB Bootable

Have an old USB drive lying around that you don't use anymore? Turn it into an operating install disk for Windows, Linux or Mac, or a diagnostic tool for your PC. Follow this guide to learn how.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs were once a common public health pest worldwide, declining in incidence through the mid 20th century. However, bed bugs have undergone a dramatic, worldwide resurgence since they have now evolved resistance to common insecticides. Bed bugs are one of the great travelers of the world and are readily transported via luggage, clothing, bedding and furniture. Read on to find out how to get ri

How to Care for Flowers

Whether you've been given a bouquet by a very special someone or you're new to gardening and just put in some new beds, wikiHow has your back! Flowers are a beautiful reminder of all of the color and happiness in our life. If you want to enjoy your flowers for longer, get started with Step 1 below or see the sections listed above for more specific help.

How to Create a Filter in Gmail

Gmail contains powerful filtering options that let you automate a variety of different actions for your incoming email. You can set filter criteria to automatically apply rules to specific addresses, certain subjects, emails with specific keyboards, and more. Filters allow you to block emails, sort and label, and even forward to other addresses. See Step 1 below to learn how.

How to Prevent Development of Cataracts

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in the world today. By the age of 65, over 90% of people have a cataract. Cataracts cause the lens of the eye to become clouded; the loss of vision is gradual and painless, so it can be difficult to know that it is happening at first. While you should always speak to your health professional for guidance about preventing and treating cataracts, there ar

How to Keep Boot Shape Using a Pool Noodle

If you are tired of trying to re-shape and form your fashion boots every winter, there is a “summer” inspired solution that will keep them in shape. From leather to fabric; this method is a tried and true way to maintain boot shape so you don’t have to worry about working on kinks or wrinkles whenever you want to wear them.

How to Calculate Variance

Calculating variance allows you to measure how far a set of numbers is spread out. Variance is one of the descriptors of probability distribution, and it describes how far numbers lie from the mean. Variance is often used in conjunction with standard deviation, which is the square root of the variance. If you want to know how to calculate the variance of a set of data points, just follow these ste

How to Solve the Lnk File Extension Problem in Windows

Lnk is a file extension format that mostly occurs in the Windows Operating System. When there is a Windows Registry error, you can sometimes end up with all your files being converted to a .lnk extension. It spreads among the files like a virus and makes all files inaccessible until you remove it.

How to Shoot Dice

Dice games are criminally under-appreciated. Shooting dice, also known as street craps, is a slightly simplified version of traditional Casino Craps, and is a classic hustle. You can also learn to play Mexican drinking dice, Farkle, and other games that only require you to know a few rules and get a few dice in a cup. Next time you're looking for something to do, dump the board game and keep the d News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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