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How-to of the Day 

How to Pack Food Items Using Air Cushions

Food and drink items such as fruits, vegetables, bottled water, or even cheese and alcohol require a special type of packaging for convenient transportation and client delivery. Many transport companies use different types of packaging for transporting items.The air cushion is a bag made out of biodegradable fabric or plastic. It is designed to cover and protect a product; as well as act as box f

How to Make a Rainbow Mobile

Whether you want to create a peaceful display of beauty in your backyard or your child needs an idea for a science project, designing a mobile that catches light will create a rainbow--no rain needed.

How to Change a Wifi Password

Frequently changing your Wi-Fi password is important for Internet and identity theft security. Changing your password will allow your anti-virus or firewall able to refresh for a new network security. Consider changing your password every 3 months and setting up a guest network for intermittent users. You can learn how to change a Wi-Fi password by accessing your account online.

How to Beat 2048

2048 is an addictive game available on desktop and mobile devices. It's simple to learn, but hard to beat.

How to Remove Marker from Wood

Permanent marker contains ink, solvent and resin. It is waterproof and hard to remove from surfaces once it sets. The method you choose to remove permanent marker from wood will depend upon the finishing treatment on the wood. Several household items, such as toothpaste and baby wipes, have a good reputation for removing marker on wood furniture and paneling.

How to Turn an Old Dress Into a Maxi Skirt

Everyone loves maxi skirts. They're even better when they're made from old dresses! Here is how to make a maxi skirt from an old dress.

How to Screenshot a Snapchat

Taking a screenshot of a Snapchat is just like taking a normal screeshot of your phone, but the other person is notified of your action. If you don't want the other person to know you are keeping their image forever, the process is slightly more complicated. The article below will teach you how to take a screenshot of any Snapchat, as well as how to take one undetected.

How to Begin Running

Running has so many benefits - it relieves stress, strengthens your muscles and makes your body lean. It's hard work at first, but after a few weeks your body finds its rhythm and you begin to crave the feeling of running free. You can start running and build up your endurance with a bit of persistence and hard work in no time.

How to Upload Longer Videos on YouTube

Do you make videos for YouTube but feel limited because of you can only upload fifteen minute videos? All you need a simple verification of your account. This article will tell you how to do that.

How to Get a Google Voice Phone Number

Google Voice is a free service that allows people to choose a local number for voice mail and calling purposes. You can link your Google Voice number with your cell phone number and/or land line, so that you receive a call on all your phones and easily forward calls to transcribed voice mail when you are unavailable. Follow these directions to get a Google Voice phone number and start to use your

How to Improve a Squat

A squat is a dynamic exercise that can strengthen your legs, hips, glutes, abs, back and shoulders. This full-body workout is often used as part of a weight-lifting regimen and an aerobic routine. Check that your form is perfect, in order to improve your squat without injuring yourself. Then, add these squat-improving routines into your workout.

How to Get Into an Ivy League School

Thousands of students all over the world dream to be admitted to an Ivy League or similarly elite institution, which many consider to be the pinnacle of collegiate education. Accomplishing this has become more and more difficult due to a rapidly growing applicant pool, but you can certainly increase your odds of getting into one. Here's a route that will improve your chances with the Ivy Leagues a

How to Have a Strong Relationship During a Military Deployment

Armed forces have a duty to serve the country and they are prepared to deploy at a moment’s notice, which can be difficult when you’re in a relationship with someone in the military. These months away from one another will test the strength of your relationship. It definitely won’t be easy, but by following a few simple steps, you can maintain and even strengthen your relationship during the deplo

How to Make a Bike Wheel Chandelier

Do you have an old bicycle rim hanging around your house? Are you a bike enthusiast looking for a new decor for your ceiling? Why not make a chandelier from an old bike rim?

How to Wear Shorts

Shorts are comfortable, versatile, and cool, especially in the hot summer months. Wearing them, on the other hand, can seem like a fashion black hole. Is it ok to rock a pair of camo-print cargo shorts to the office? Can you pull of that pair of daisy dukes? wikiHow can help you figure out how to wear women's shorts, men's shorts, and shorts for your workouts. See Step 1 for more information.

How to Sift Flour

Sifting incorporates air into the flour, which helps your baked goods to come out light and fluffy. This is important as store-bought flour is usually tightly packed, and may have been crushed even further during shipping and storage. Sifting helps to remove any lumps from the flour (which could affect your baking) and also removes any unwanted debris. In addition, sifting helps to combine the flo

How to Change a Public Playlist into a Private Playlist on YouTube

Although all created playlists on YouTube are marked Public by default, there are some boards you can create that are marked "Private". This article will explain how to create one of these private lists that no one but yourself will know exists on YouTube.

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Every time you drive your car, buy food that is not grown locally, or leave your lights on when you're not home, you're increasing your carbon footprint. This footprint refers to the activities you do that add gasses like carbon dioxide and methane to the atmosphere. These gases, also known as greenhouse gases, are affecting life as we know it by creating climate change. Reducing your carbon foot

How to Hike

There are very few things more pleasant than hiking through the great outdoors. The sun warming your shoulders, nature all around you, and an incredible view before you--trails can truly be paradise. However, hiking can also be dangerous if not done properly. It is incredibly important to prepare for a hiking trip, and to know what to do once you get out onto the trail.

How to Make a FaceTime Call on an iPad

Phone calls can be so impersonal. All you get is crackling audio, with no images to liven things up. With FaceTime, you can take your phone calls into the 21st century. Use it to video chat with your grandparents across the country or with your best friend down the street. Follow this easy guide to use FaceTime on your iPad.

How to Install Foam Bicycle Tires

Although airless tires were mercilessly panned by Sheldon Brown many bicyclists have found them to be a welcome relief from leaky and flat tires, and modern foam tires can in fact be lighter than the tubes and tires they replace. Here is how one can install them with no special tools and a minimum of cursing.

How to Make a Candle Holder from a Pringles Can

There are so many ways you can recycle an old Pringles can! From containers/organizers, bracelets, vases to candles holders. Here's a very simple article in how to make a candle holder out of this can.

How to Prepare and Store Fresh Thyme

Thyme is a woody, perennial herb that is commonly harvested and sold as fresh sprigs or as individual leaves. It is often used as a culinary or medicinal herb and can even serve as incense. This article will inform you about how to properly prepare and store fresh thyme using whole sprigs or just the leaves.

How to Get Dogs to Stop Barking

Is your beloved dog's incessant barking hurting your eardrums and annoying the neighbors? Perhaps it's your neighbors' dogs that are disrupting your peaceful evenings and preventing you from sleeping. In either case, the first step to quieting dogs' barking is to find out why they're making so much noise; after that, you'll know what action to take to get them to stop. Here's what you need to know

How to Reupholster a Chair

Removing the old covering and adding a new form of upholstery to your favorite chairs can bring them new life. Reupholstering is a great way to match old chairs with an updated room theme too. The methods for reupholstering will depend somewhat on the chair type. Here are some standard approaches.

How to Help Someone with Depression

If you know someone close to you that is suffering from depression, it can be difficult, confusing, and saddening, not just for him or her, but for you as well. You want to be able to help your loved one, but need to make sure you also say and do the right things. If you are looking for some ways to help someone cope with depression, these tips are for you.

How to Make Grape Jello Shots

If you have of dreamed munching down delectable, cool jello shots made of your favorite flavor, whip up this fun and easy recipe and serve it to your friends and neighbors (responsibly). These delicious jello cups are great for any time of day, a great little pick-me-up, especially on a hot summer day or night.

How to Unblock Someone on Snapchat

If you blocked a friend by accident, or have finally decided to give that spammer a second chance, then you'll need to know how to unblock someone on Snapchat. The process is really easy, just see Step 1 below to get started.

How to Design Galaxy Converse with a Punk Rock Theme

Spiff up your Converse shoes with a galaxy design to complement your DIY punk rock sensibility!

How to Make a Bike Smartphone Holder

Ever wanted to build your own bicycle smartphone holder? Here's something you can try and it will not cost too much! News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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