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The Guardian (U.K.) 

David Cameron promises to cut taxes and scrap Human Rights Act

Cameron casts his party as trade union for hardworking people in his final party conference speech before general electionDavid Cameron launched an audacious bid to woo voters in next years general election by pledging to raise the personal income tax threshold by £2,000 a year as well as lifting the 40% tax band to £50,000.Casting the Conservatives as the trade union for hardworking people,

Former Tory donor raises Ukip donation to £1m over Hague comments

Insurance millionaire Arron Banks increases pledge to Ukip by 1,000% as Conservatives dismiss scale of his past donationsThe millionaire former Tory donor Arron Banks has announced a tenfold increase in his planned donation to Ukip to £1m after William Hague said he had not heard of him.Arron Banks, who made his fortune in insurance, announced he was increasing his donation from £100,000 in

MoD awards £3.2bn in contracts for UKs naval bases and Royal Navy fleet

Deals said to secure 1,500 jobs at Faslane on the Clyde, up to 4,000 at Devonport and more than 2,000 at PortsmouthThe Ministry of Defence has awarded contracts worth £3.2bn to support the management of the UKs naval bases and maintain and repair the Royal Navy fleet.The MoD said the contracts would directly sustain more than 7,500 jobs across the UK. Continue reading...

Negative tweets on Camerons speech outweigh positive by 10 to one

Reaction on Twitter to speech at Tory party conference worse than response to Ed Miliband, finds thinktankDavid Camerons speech received 10 negative posts for every positive one on Twitter, analysis by a thinktank has revealed.Social media experts at Demos said the prime minister fared less well than Ed Miliband, whose offering to the Labour conference last week received only four negative c

Nick Griffin expelled from British National party

BNP spokesman says Griffin did not adjust well to new role after losing leadership and his seat as an MEPThe British National party has expelled former leader Nick Griffin for allegedly trying to cause disunity in a bid to destabilise the organisation.A conduct committee, established by new BNP chairman Adam Walker, informed the ex-MEP in a letter on Wednesday of the decision. Continue read

Cameron offers £7bn tax giveaway and warns vote for Ukip would let Labour in

The election starts here, as Cameron warns you could go to bed on 7 May with Nigel Farage and wake up with Ed MilibandDavid Cameron fired off much of his pre-election armoury on Wednesday, promising £7bn of tax cuts by 2020 aimed primarily at those on above average incomes and not backed by any new sources of funding.With his party still behind Labour in the polls and struggling to escape th

Benefit freezes and the final nail in caring Conservatisms coffin | @guardianletters

The Guardian insists (Editorial, 30 September) on understanding the Conservative partys approach to social security policy in a discourse that supposedly distinguishes the deserving from the undeserving, the shirker from the skiver. George Osbornes announcements are, in fact, better understood as being a restatement of less eligibility as the economic and social spur to do wage work. Less eligib

In knockabout politics its size that matters | @guardianletters

Knockabout is impossible in the huge hall of the Bundestag, its too big (Germans look to liven up Berlins political life with a bit of Westminster knockabout, 26 September). The key feature of the House of Commons is its small debating chamber only 21m by 14m. It was derived originally from a long narrow chapel with benches for members facing one another, thus disposing them to behave in an adve

Toryspotting at conference: Sick George, Temazepam Treeze and the gang

Dave gathers his mates around but hes still bricking it as he takes to the stageSick George was trembling. He needed to score some votes. The Ukippers were smashing down the door with hammers and if he didnt come up with something soon hed be homeless. He needed a fix. A massive injection of cash. He looked down the back of the sofa. Nothing.Are you holding? asked Dave expectantly. Theres a

Britains housing crisis: are garden cities the answer?

Theyre billed as an idyllic alternative to generic commuter towns. But the first of a new generation of garden cities, in Ebbsfleet, Kent, has run into controversy. Will the end result be bog-standard suburban housing blighting the green belt?Beyond the shops a Co-op, a cafe, a tattoo studio called Demon Inkorporation are narrow terraced streets where doors open on to the pavement. A newer red-

Camerons tax cuts: short-term cheers at expense of longer-term problems

Tories pledge of spending boost on health and education amid deficit means it is now the party whose numbers dont stack upImagine that Ed Miliband had remembered to talk about the deficit in his conference speech. Imagine also that the Labour leader had said that despite the country being in the red by close to £100bn he was planning to boost spending on health and education by £7bn a year.T

Mr Blue Sky is fitting song choice for Cameron at Conservative conference

ELO track in tune with Tory values, but decision to play Killers record featuring line I got soul but Im not a soldier is curiousAs Philip Hammond left the stage and the Tory delegates in Birmingham commenced their hubbub in anticipation of David Camerons speech, a record of such blinding obviousness was piped throughout the hall that its hard to be believe it hasnt been the official Conservati

Tory conference 2014 - Cameron promises tax cuts in next parliament: Politics live blog

Rolling coverage of the final day of the Conservative party conference in Birmingham, including David Camerons speech 5.37pm BST Heres some final Twitter reaction to the Ukip announcement. Many thanks for reading and for all your many comments.I think Ukip could have press released that one. Ukip lost £1m of lobby goodwill dragging reporters from Brum to Bristol for a donation.The ha

David Cameron: the simple man who just wants you to trust him

The prime minister wants to be your Jeeves, your Carson as long as you stand on your own feetThe simple man walked on stage. On his own two legs. Because the simple man didnt expect others to do anything he wouldnt do himself. The simple man expected others to stand on their own two legs. So he would too. Im not a complicated man, said Dave, his hair a little darker than of late, his lips somew

David Cameron v Eminem Conservative conference rap: 'I am disgusted by the poor'

The Tory party leaders conference speeches have been given the Cassetteboy treatmentOn the day it becamelegal to rearrange copyrighted films, TV shows or songs, audio specialist Cassetteboy released Camerons Conference Rap. The rap cuts David Camerons party conference speeches to Eminems 2002 track Lose Yourself. Continue reading...

Tory conference diary: business as usual in the VIP room

Lynton Crosby partner seeks digital Obama man, while Tory escapee finds challenge in ex-sex worker Charlotte Rose Mark Textor, the pugnacious business partner of Tory election guru Lynton Crosby, was spotted mid-conference in the Blue Room, a security-guarded VIP area protected from media and party members unable to pay the £250 for access. Asked, as he left, if he would be meeting lobbying cli

David Camerons speech: first-time voters react

Four students who will be able to cast a vote for the first time in May respond to the PMs speech at the Tory conferenceCameron was on the attack and the speech was aggressive, but I was quite confused about what side he was leaning towards he seemed to alternate between traditional conservative and centrist. I did like some of his ideas, especially his plan to tackle zero-hours contracts. That

Camerons pledge to scrap Human Rights Act angers civil rights groups

Prime ministers plans for landmark legislation criticised as shameful destruction of Winston Churchills legacyCivil rights groups have condemned David Camerons pledge to scrap the Human Rights Act as a shameful destruction of Winston Churchills legacy.The prime ministers confirmation that a future majority Conservative government would repeal Labours landmark legislation and replace it with

Defector William Cash joined Ukip because of solar park threat to his moated manor house

Son of Conservative MP says his decision to join Nigel Farages party was partly motivated by threat of new development near his home and burden of tax on restoration classesThe son of a Conservative MP has revealed that his decision to join the frontbench of Ukip was partly motivated by the threat of a new development near his moated Elizabethan manor house and the burden of tax on the restorat

David Cameron's speech to Conservative party conference - video highlights

Excerpts from David Cameron's keynote speech to the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham on Wednesday. The prime minister says Islamic State (Isis) cannot be ignored and warns those tempted to join the extremist group that they will be an enemy of Britain. Cameron goads Labour leader Ed Miliband for forgetting to mention the deficit in his conference speech Continue reading...

David Camerons speech pulled rabbits out of hats early because it had to

Prime ministers tax cuts for working and middle classes were aimed squarely to counter the threat from Lib Dems and UkipLive blog: Wednesday at the Conservative conferenceDavid Cameron demonstrated the teleprompter was invented for a reason. He told the Conservative party conference he was not a complicated man, but revealed a passion about Europe, healthcare, rewarding hard work and his own

David Cameron impersonates William Hague at conference - video

Prime Minister David Cameron impersonates the former foreign secretary William Hague during his party conference speech, later calling him the 'greatest living Yorkshireman.' The prime minister pays tribute to Hague's 'lyrical tones' and briefly attempts an impression of his accent. He thanks Hague for his work as a parliamentarian Continue reading...

10 things weve learned from the Conservative conference

Despite defections, resignations and poll pressure from Labour and Ukip, morale at the Tory conference is up, finds Andrew Sparrow. Here are 10 things he has learned this week in Birmingham1 Sharing power only seems to have made the Conservatives more rightwing. For the first time since 2009 this was a conference where they were unveiling a full Conservative agenda, for the manifesto, not pol

Millionaire Conservative party donor defects to Ukip

Defection by Arron Banks will not overshadow David Camerons speech at conference, Tories insistNigel Farage has tried to embarrass David Cameron on the day of his speech to the Tory conference by announcing that a former donor to the party, who has likened EU membership to a first-class ticket on the Titanic, has decided to support Ukip.Arron Banks is to donate £100,000 to Ukip after describ

Philip Hammond calls for battle against European superstate

In timely speech after Ukip defections, foreign secretary tells Tory conference campaigning for European reform is his priorityPhilip Hammond, the foreign secretary, has made a stromngly Eurosceptic speech to the Conservative party conference, saying the EU is hoovering up powers from its members.The senior Tory said pushing for reform in Europe was his political priority, and pledged to per

Tories deny latest Ukip defector Arron Banks once donated £250,000

Conservatives say true figure given by businessman who has now joined Ukip is closer to £25,000The Conservatives and Ukip have become embroiled in a row over the significance of the donations given by the latest defector to jump into the arms of Nigel Farages party.Arron Banks was said by Ukip to have previously given £250,000 to the Tories when it announced on Wednesday, hours before David

Is William Hague really the greatest living Yorkshireman?

David Cameron claimed the leader of the Commons and former foreign secretary was the greatest living Yorkshireman in his party conference speech today. Do you agree?David Cameron claimed that William Hague, the leader of the Commons, former foreign secretary and former Tory leader, was the greatest living Yorkshireman in his speech on the final day of the Conservative Party conference today.

Tory election guru says Cameron should do more to win minority vote

Lynton Crosby says London mayor gained more minority ethnic voters by extensively engaging with non-white communitiesBoris Johnsons successful mayoral campaign, which won over large sections of the non-white community, is a template for future Conservative success, David Camerons top election strategist has said.In a rare public appearance, Lynton Crosby told a fringe meeting at Tory party c

David Cameron phrase generator

The peoples prime minister says were all in this together and has presented us with phrases such as aspiration nation. Use our random generator to rearrange David Camerons words into exciting new buzz-quotes Continue reading...

David Cameron pledges to protect the English NHS budget in real terms

Prime minister attempts to remove the public health service from becoming Labours potential election-winning weaponDavid Cameron will on Wednesday try to prevent the health service becoming Labours election-winning weapon when he guarantees that a majority Conservative government will protect the English NHS budget in real terms from 2015 to 2020.It is the first time the prime minister has News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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