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The Guardian (U.K.) 

Angela Merkel forces David Cameron to retreat from EU migrant cap

Prime minister disappoints Eurosceptics by softening message on immigration after German interventionDavid Cameron has stepped back from a radical plan to cap directly the number of EU migrants entering Britain after an intervention from the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, who warned him she would not tolerate such an incursion into the principle of the free movement of workers. Continue rea

Emily Thornberry a snob? Don’t be daft, says van driver brother

Rightwing press accused of gunning for Labour MP by brother who drives a red van for a livingWhen Emily Thornberry posted that picture on Twitter of the house in the Rochester and Strood constituency with the England flags and white van, it was assumed that the Islington barrister was sneering.But one van-driving builder claims to know for certain that she wasn’t. And how can be be sure? Bec

Time to move on from Plebgate, says David Cameron

PM comments on court case as Downing Street officer says Andrew Mitchell should not have lost job for ‘nonsense incident’David Cameron has said Andrew Mitchell and the other parties in the Plebgate saga should accept the ruling of the high court this week and finally bring the two-year episode to an end.The prime minister’s comments – which further reiterate that Mitchell’s top-level polit

David Cameron tries to dig Tory party out of Ukip-shaped hole

Prime minister’s immigration speech at JCB’s Staffordshire factory sends clear signal that he wants Britain to stay in the EUThe Conservative party, Europe and the JCB headquarters in Rocester, Staffordshire, have a long shared history. It was there that William Hague held his final “save the pound” evening rally in his doomed 2001 general election campaign, insisting he could see panic in Tony

Help offered to Andrew Mitchell after plebgate | Letters

I am concerned about Andrew Mitchell and what will happen to him once he settles his debts, believed to be about £3m (He did say ‘pleb’: judge’s ruling leaves Mitchell’s career in ruins, 28 November). Handing over this much money could clearly leave him destitute, and he could lose his homes. However, I can assure him we will be able to find a room for him where I work – a charity-run hostel for

Class war by distant proxy: the Andrew Mitchell trial from inside court 13

How can the law get to the bottom of something like Plebgate? As former Tory chief whip Andrew Mitchell and PC Toby Rowland faced each other in court, the whole thing started to seem less about establishing facts than choosing sidesWhen one man is said to have called another a “pleb”, but no incontrovertible evidence exists that he has done so, how do you get to the truth? At the Royal Courts

Alarm bells ring for David Cameron during his immigration speech

Prime minister sets out his stall – not so much ‘Rivers of Blood’ as ‘Tributaries of Tender Toughness’Nearly 50 years ago, Enoch Powell delivered his ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech in Birmingham. On Friday, about 30 miles up the road in a JCB factory in Staffordshire, David Cameron gave his ‘Tributaries of Tender Toughness’ version. It’s been a rough few weeks for the prime minister; Ukip is breathin

David Cameron vows to slash migrants' benefits – Politics Weekly podcast

James Ball, Alan Travis and Polly Toynbee join Tom Clark to discuss David Cameron's major speech on immigration and the welfare state. Plus: Severin Carrell looks at new proposals for post-referendum powers for Scotland Continue reading...

David Cameron's immigration speech – as it happened

Rolling coverage of David Cameron’s immigration speech, with reaction and analysis 2.54pm GMT 2.39pm GMT John Baron, a Conservative MP, has said that he thinks David Cameron’s speech has not addressed the key problem created by immigration.The danger of [Cameron’s] approach is that we are feeding into the narrative linking immigration to our benefits system. Any benefit reforms are

‘Westminster’s unbeatable shadowy elite’? Don’t believe all the populism

Mitchell’s libel defeat, Mellor’s cab shame and Sun reporter’s acquittal confound claims that snooty establishment rules allIn the noisy populism routinely distorting our public debate, there is always plenty of talk about the shadowy “establishment” and that tedious cliché, the unaccountable “Westminster elite”. So it’s worth noting, before our gnat-like collective attention moves on, just how

Tom Watson interview: ‘At least one politician abused kids’

The scourge of the phone hacker now has a new crusade: to get to the bottom of the claims of a Westminster paedophile ring. So what turned him into a private investigator? And why can’t he back Ed Miliband with the same enthusiasm?Had Tom Watson been told 10 years ago that senior members of the establishment used to systematically abuse young boys in the 1980s, and that a powerful elite cover

Labour must tell voters now how they would remake our society | Letters

I understand there may be a question mark over whether Labour remains the party of working people (Miliband pledge to white van man, 22 November)? Lets looks at some facts. Labour introduced the national minimum wage and tax credits for the lowest paid workers, and increased them year on year. Labour ensured that all fulltime workers received four weeks’ paid leave, plus bank holidays, from thei

Save the Children boss ‘disappointed’ over Tony Blair award row

Jasmine Whitbread says criticism of US arm’s decision has been painful and there should have been better risk assessmentThe leadership of Save the Children has acknowledged that the row over the global legacy award presented to Tony Blair has been a “painful” experience, and has appointed a team to try to contain staff anger.A letter sent to employees from the charity’s chief executive, Jasm

Cameron to tell EU: cut all tax credits to migrants

Prime minister to announce that UK membership of EU is dependent on measure affecting more than 300,000 EU immigrantsImmigrants from the European Union will have to work in Britain for four years before they can claim benefits, David Cameron is to propose in a major speech setting out his vision of how the EU can control the free movement of workers – and how he is willing to leave the union

Plebgate: disastrous end to Andrew Mitchell’s campaign to clear his name

Brusque 15-second encounter led to doomed two-year battle after friends persuaded Mitchell to come out fightingIt was a brusque encounter and lasted barely 15 seconds at the gates of Downing Street on an early autumn evening in September 2012.But the Plebgate incident spiralled into a two-year battle for Andrew Mitchell and his tightknit family – and all but destroyed his chances of a return

Plebgate libel case: Andrew Mitchell may get bill of up to £1.5m, say experts

Former Tory chief whip faces an interim order to pay £300,000, to be shared between the Sun and PC Toby RowlandThe demand for £300,000 incurred by the MP Andrew Mitchell in the immediate aftermath of the plebgate libel action is a sharp reminder of why so few defamation cases make it to trial in the high court. The Tory politician could ultimately face a bill of up to £1.5m.Three top-class l

Andrew Mitchell’s career left in tatters after losing Plebgate libel case

Former Conservative cabinet minister may face bill for millions, as gamble to resurrect career in high court failsAndrew Mitchell, the former Conservative cabinet minister at the centre of the long-running Plebgate saga, lost his high court libel trial on Thursday in a ruling that leaves him facing an estimated legal bill of £1.5m and his political career in tatters.In a devastating blow to

Plebgate police officer emerges from libel trial vindicated and magnanimous

PC Toby Rowland expressed regret that the whole affair had to come to court and sympathy for Andrew Mitchell’s familyThe police officer vindicated in the Plebgate libel trial said his two-year ordeal had been “the very worst of times”.PC Toby Rowland was supported in bringing his libel action by the Police Federation, which insiders claim has run up more than £980,000 in costs. Continue rea

Andrew Mitchell: this has been a miserable two years - video

Andrew Mitchell, the Tory MP, says he is bitterly disappointed after losing his Plebgate libel case on Thursday. The former cabinet minister had sued News Group Newspapers (NGN) over a September 2012 story in the Sun which claimed he had launched an offencive and arrogant attack on Downing Street police officers who refused to allow him to cycle through the main vehicle gates, branding them 'fucki

Nicky Morgan moves to counter Michael Gove’s ‘toxic’ legacy

Education secretary seeks to reassure teachers that education should be about partnership rather than a war of ideasNicky Morgan has embarked on her clearest bid yet to distance herself from her predecessor Michael Gove by declaring that she is no ideological warrior seeking to impose a world view on schools and young people.In a sign of the Tories’ determination to overcome what is seen as

Andrew Mitchell loses Plebgate libel trial

Ruling that former Conservative chief whip probably did use ‘politically toxic’ word pleb leaves MP with legal bill of up to £3m• Andrew Mitchell loses libel case – liveAndrew Mitchell, the Tory MP and former cabinet minister at the centre of the Plebgate row lost his high court libel trial on Thursday in a ruling which sees him facing a legal bill of millions of pounds and leaves his polit

David Cameron admits immigration plan needs EU treaty change

Prime minister lays out four-year benefit ban for new arrivals to the UK but drops ‘migration brake’ in face of EU oppositionDavid Cameron has said his plan to curb immigration from Europe would require changes to EU treaties.The admission, which will concern many EU countries, came as the prime minister set out measures to ban immigrants from receiving state benefits, including tax credit

David Cameron reignites English votes row as Scotland gets new tax powers

Prime minister wants to bar Scots MPs from parts of budget vote, as Labour is accused of being ‘duped’ by ToriesDavid Cameron is risking a fresh constitutional clash with Labour and the Liberal Democrats after he announced that the Tories want to bar Scottish MPs from voting on some tax decisions at Westminster that relate only to England.Amid signs of an English backlash at Westminster, aft

Andrew Mitchell and the Plebgate affair explained for non-Brits

Why is ‘pleb’ a toxic word? How can a judge calling you a bit dim be a good thing? And how can two people sue each other at the same time? A guide for non-British readersA senior British politician, Andrew Mitchell, has lost a high-profile libel action against the publishers of the biggest-selling daily newspaper, the Sun. That’s the easy bit.For non-Britons, or indeed anyone who has not b

Alex Salmond presses the right buttons; Theresa May can’t

Home secretary discovers that if there’s one thing guaranteed to make a poor joke worse, it’s a major technology fail‘Let’s hope your finger is never on the nuclear button,” Alex Salmond said genially to the home secretary as he stepped up to collect his Politician of the Year certificate at the Spectator parliamentary awards lunch at the Savoy. In return, Theresa May rewarded the former leader

Plebgate: a timeline of the key events

From the incident on 19 September to ruling against Andrew Mitchell at the libel trial, we look back at the key momentsMitchell cycles up to the Downing Street gate on his bike and is told he must dismount. A row ensues. The officer claims Mitchell says: “Best you learn your fucking place … you don’t run this fucking government … You’re fucking plebs.” Continue reading...

Andrew Mitchell loses plebgate libel case – live coverage

Judge gives decision in former chief whip Andrew Mitchell’s libel trial against News Group Newspapers, publisher of the Sun, over what MP allegedly said at gates of Downing Street in 2012*Smith Commission proposals - Summary*No 10 hints PM favours stopping Scottish MPs voting on some budget matters*Andrew Mitchell loses his libel case*Judge rules Mitchell did call officer ‘pleb’ 5.54

Andrew Mitchell counts cost of campaign to clear his name

Former government chief whip faces legal bill running into millions of pounds after losing Plebgate libel case at high courtLooking crestfallen, Andrew Mitchell stood on the steps of the high court and signalled that he would be ending his campaign to clear his name over the Plebgate incident as he emerged from the high court after losing his libel trial.Flanked by his wife Sharon and his da

Farage trailing in Thanet and Clegg vulnerable, Ashcroft polling finds

Tactical voting will prove critical in election, Tory donor’s constituency polling finds, with Ukip threat the wild cardNigel Farage is trailing in Thanet South, Nick Clegg only three points ahead in Sheffield Hallam and Ed Miliband is leading in Doncaster North, but largely due to a split in the vote between Conservatives and Ukip, according to a new batch of constituency polling undertaken by

Labour criticises nomination of Andrew Lansley for top UN job

Former health secretary was sacked as leader of the House of Commons in David Cameron’s July reshuffleLabour has criticised the David Cameron’s “unbelievable” decision to put forward sacked cabinet minister Andrew Lansley for a top humanitarian job at the United Nations.Mary Creagh, the shadow development secretary, said it appeared the prime minister has gifted a “top UN humanitarian job News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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