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The Guardian (U.K.) 

Election morning briefing: personal digs and calculators at dawn

Welcome to our general election morning briefing. Every weekday until 7 May, we’ll review the last 24 hours’ campaigning and set you up for the day aheadIt’s calculator apps at dawn, as the Conservatives and Labour clash over who will spend/cut/borrow the most should they get the keys to No 10. David Cameron will promise 2m new jobs in his second term; Ed Balls will be wooing small businesses

Is David Cameron right: was the UK's deficit worse than Greece's?

PM says 2010 Britain was as badly off as struggling nation – implying the Tories have saved the UK – but context puts paid to this claimDavid Cameron has claimedthat in 2010 Britain’s deficit was expected to be worse than Greece’s, implying that the two countries were on a similar economic course.Here is what the prime minister told Sky News on Tuesday:When I became prime minister in 20

Lib Dems pledge £2bn extra funding for mental health

Nick Clegg says equality for mental health provision is part of the liberal mission, with extra funding commitment featuring in party’s ‘manifesto for the mind’ The Liberal Democrats have pledged more than £2bn of extra funding for mental health over the next parliament on top of what has already been announced in the coalition budget. The plans will be outlined in the party’s “manifesto for

The Joey Essex and Nick Clegg ‘selfie’ portrays a political system in crisis

Our politicians have no idea how to talk to the people – that’s why they’re desperate to hitch a lift with anyone they think might have a clueNick Leg. That’s how I’ll remember him. Soon, the leader of the Liberal Democrats may be glad if people talk about him by whatever name they like – for in this election the abyss beckons for a generation of politicians who never made enough people care wh

David Cameron launches election campaign with swipes at Ed Miliband

In sign of things to come, the prime minister takes rare step amid the formalities of dissolving parliament to criticise the opposition leaderDavid Cameron has launched the general election campaign with warnings in Downing Street and a key target seat that Britain faces a stark choice between a safe and secure future under the Tories or economic chaos under Labour.In a sign that the Torie

Labour dismisses row about campaign ad featuring business leaders' quotes

Party defends advert warning against UK exit from EU as Ed Miliband is accused of being slow to engage with corporate world after unveiling business manifestoLabour has dismissed a row about the use of business leaders’ names in a party advert as “a storm in a tea cup”, as Ed Miliband launched an attempt to woo the corporate world in the runup to the general election.Unveiling his party’s

MPs' report on City Link collapse unjust, says Better Capital

Venture capitalist Jon Moulton says his firm had no opportunity to respond to accusations about delivery company ceasing to trade last Christmas The private equity company that owned City Link when it collapsed at Christmas last yearhas described a critical report by MPs as “outside the normal rules of natural justice”. Related: City Link’s army of self-employed workers count cost of busin

Labour leads in London but could the Tories make gains too?

A new opinion poll suggests Lib Dem woes could provide the Tories with consolation in the capital, but it might not be that simpleThe latest bespoke London opinion poll gives Labour a big lead over the Conservatives. The survey by ComRes for ITV News London, which was conducted before the gruesome Battle For Number 10 TV “event”, gives Ed Milband’s party 46% of the capital’s intended vote com

A-Z: Britain's Tory-Lib Dem coalition government

From doughnuts and ‘green crap’ to kippers and universal credit - the events, issues and characters that have marked five years of the coalition, which formally ends on MondayPerhaps the remarkable thing about the coalition is how few truly earth-shaking ding-dongs there have been. Compared with the Blair-Brown rivalry, the relationship between David Cameron and George Osborne has been blissf

Who will dominate the general election TV news agenda?

Cardiff University’s Stephen Cushion and Richard Sambrook introduce their project monitoring campaign coverageElectioneering has been ongoing for many months now, but in the six-week run-up to election-day – known as the “short campaign” – party funding and broadcast media are more closely regulated. It is when parliament dissolves that campaigning goes into full throttle, with parties lay

What would be in your party manifesto for the general election?

What are the key policy commitments that would help swing your vote? Share your ideas and we’ll build alternative manifestos for each partyThe Conservatives pledged to build the “Big Society”. Labour would ensure a “future fair for all”. The Lib Dems, meanwhile, guaranteed “change that works for you”.Sound familiar? These were the pitches made by these parties in their election manifestos

Why electronic voting isn't secure – but may be safe enough

We bank online, so why can’t we vote online? There’s good reason, argue security expertsWe do everything online – book doctors’ appointments, manage our bank accounts and find dates – but we still can’t yet vote from our PCs or smartphones.By 2020 that should be set to change, with a government report calling for online voting to be trialled again by that year. But critics continue to call

MPs - please post your CVs here

The Democracy Club project wants to encourage MPs to share their CVs so that prospective voters can examine their qualifications for the jobAs Parliament is dissolved ahead of the general election on 7 May, all MPs in the House of Commons become prospective parliamentary candidates (PPCs) seeking gainful employment. And we the voters are the recruiters. Continue reading...

BBC's Nick Robinson has successful op to remove lung tumour

Political editor, whose cancer news sparked get-well wishes from David Cameron and Ed Miliband, says chemotherapy will follow surgeryThe BBC’s political editor, Nick Robinson, has said an operation to remove a tumour from his lung was a “complete success”.Robinson, who announced in February that he was undergoing treatment for lung cancer, said an operation to remove it had gone well and “

Disgraced former Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock vows to run again

MP deselected by local Liberal Democrats over ‘inappropriate friendship’ with vulnerable female constituent will run as independent in Portsmouth SouthMike Hancock, the MP ejected from the Liberal Democrats for admitting to sexually harassing a constituent, has declared his intention to stand again.The MP for Portsmouth South said on Sunday that he would stand as an independent candidate i

Labour’s education policies: you ask the questions

In the runup to the general election we’re giving readers the chance to grill the main schools spokespeople. Fourth in our series is Labour’s Tristram HuntCraig Parr, history teacher, Stoke Newington, LondonI think the admissions system, with all its byzantine complexity, is overdue a proper review Related: Ukip’s education policies: you ask the questions Related: The Lib Dems’ educ

Peter Mandelson for chancellor? (of Manchester university)

The Prince of Darkness fancies the gig - but he may have to fight David Beckham or Sir Alex Ferguson for itHe’s been a Labour spin doctor, a government minister, an EU trade commissioner and, most recently, the High Steward of Hull. But could Peter Mandelson soon add “university chancellor” to his eclectic CV?Mandelson, a Labour peer known as the Prince of Darkness for his mastery of the s

SNP would demand to be consulted by minority Labour government

Stewart Hosie says Ed Miliband’s failure to speak to SNP would be ‘very dangerous tactic’ but confirms approval of Labour’s proposed increase on top taxSenior figures in the Scottish National party have threatened to oppose a minority Labour government if Ed Miliband refuses to negotiate with the SNP on his first Queen’s speech.Stewart Hosie, the SNP’s deputy leader, provoked a furious res

Tories may not reveal details of £12bn welfare cuts until after election

Iain Duncan Smith says Conservatives will talk about where axe should fall when party is ready, as IFS director warns of ‘pretty dramatic’ cutsThe Conservatives may not reveal details of plans to slash £12bn from the benefits bill before voters go to the polls on 7 May, Iain Duncan Smith has said. The welfare secretary said it may not be “relevant” to explain where the rest of the cuts wil

'Kidnap Obama': Ukip candidate Jeremy Zeid replaced after outburst

Party’s nominee for London seat of Hendon had posted on Facebook that Israel should ‘do an Eichmann’ on US president after nuclear memo was declassified Continue reading...

More than 100 business leaders sign letter backing Tories

Letter to Daily Telegraph from business chiefs praises George Osborne’s lowering of corporation tax and comes as Ed Miliband attacks zero-hours contracts Continue reading...

Election 2015: Tory £5bn tax avoidance figure 'flaky' – live

Keep up with all the latest election news with Andrew Sparrow and the Guardian politics team, as the battle buses roll out across the UK*Cameron says Labour will pick voters’ pockets with taxes*Living standards key to election – data shows slowest recovery since 1920s*Lib Dems pledge £2bn extra funding for mental health*Farage: immigration has left Britain almost unrecognisable*Elect

Give zero-hours workers regular contracts after 3 months – Miliband

Labour leader plans to give employees legal right to a regular contract after 12 weeks’ continuous work but critics say employers will sack staff before deadline Continue reading...

Nick Clegg: don’t let Andreas Lubitz distort views about mental illness

As the Liberal Democrats launch their Manifesto for the Mind, party leader says equality for mental health is ‘liberal mission’ Continue reading...

Grant Shapps faces questions over expenses claim for office stationery

Parliamentary standards watchdog asked to check whether Tory chairman ‘acted in improper manner’ by charging for printing work at inflated price Continue reading...

Damning charge list of Westminster scandals

Continue reading...

Labour fears SNP election landslide as Scottish party post clear lead in poll

ITV News’s poll puts Nicola Sturgeon’s party on the brink of winning about 28 new seats and close to becoming Westminster’s third-largest party Continue reading...

We'll meet again: Dirty Nigel pines for the 1950s as he visits Little Britain

Ukip always took pride in its lack of professionalism but now there is also a noticeable lack of energy. Its leader has even been seen with a coffee Continue reading...

Cameron's attacks on Miliband may end up helping Labour

Cameron’s obsession with his supposedly too-weak-for-the-job rival tells us something important about the Tory leader’s own confidence, or lack thereof Continue reading...

Joey Essex yawns his way through Nick Clegg speech - video

Reality TV star Joey Essex shows his intense interest in Nick Clegg's political campaign by yawning his way through the leader's speech. The Only Way is Essex Star was, however, all smiles when he took a selfie with the Lib Dem leader. Essex is interviewing the four major political leaders for his new ITV2 show, Educating Joey Essex Continue reading... News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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