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The Guardian (U.K.) 

David Cameron making historic mistake over EU, says José Manuel Barroso

The UK prime minister plans to impose restrictions on the free movement of citizens from EU member statesDavid Cameron is making a historic mistake by adopting a defensive approach towards the EU which risks increasing the chances of a British exit, the outgoing European commission president José Manuel Barroso will warn on Monday.In the strongest attack by Brussels on the Conservatives over

Parental pay to be equal for male and female civil servants

Nick Clegg to announce that fathers will be able to get enhanced pay for shared parental leaveAll civil service employees both male and female will be offered equal parental pay and support from next year, Nick Clegg will announce this week. The change means that fathers will now be able to benefit from enhanced pay for shared parental leave if both parents decide to divide the time up as

'Saatchi' law for use of untested medicines on dying patients 'wins Hunt's backing'

Lord Saatchis bill would protect doctors who try out different treatments when they have exhausted other optionsA new law allowing dying patients to be treated with untested medicines has reportedly moved a step closer after the government gave its backing to the plan.The health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, is throwing his departments weight behind a backbench bill which will be debated in parl

Barroso warns Cameron making 'historic' mistake over EU - speech and reaction: Politics live blog

Rolling coverage of all the days political developments as they happen, including José Manuel Barroso, the European commission president, giving a speech warning David Cameron is making a historic mistake over the EU 9.48am BST At his news conference Nick Clegg said he agreed with José Manuel Barrosos comments about the Conservative position on Europe.Clegg on Barroso comments: "The Tor

Alan Milburn delivers broadside against main parties policies on poverty

Social mobility commission says coalition plan to raise personal tax allowance and Labour minimum wage pledge are ineffectiveThe governments commission on social mobility will accuse all three main parties of a lamentable approach to solving poverty in the UK, claiming that coalition plans to raise the personal tax allowance will be ineffective and Labours plan to raise the minimum wage to £8 a

Internet trolls face four times longer in jail, Chris Grayling pledges

Justice secretary announces plan to change maximum prison sentence for online abuse from six months to two yearsInternet trolls who spread venom on social media could be jailed for up to two years, the justice secretary Chris Grayling has said as he announced plans to quadruple the maximum prison sentence.Grayling, who spoke of a baying cybermob, said the changes will allow magistrates to

Nicola Sturgeon: Not my job to prove how different I am to Alex Salmond

Incoming SNP leader has welcomed 60,000 new members and rising making it the UKs third-largest partyAmong the many challenges facing Scotlands incoming first minister Nicola Sturgeon, there is one any party leader would ostensibly be glad of.With an unprecedented surge in membership after the country voted no to independence in last months referendum, the SNP is now the third largest party i

Ukip defector Douglas Carswell on leaving the Tories: They think Love Actually is a manual for how to govern the country

The newly elected MP for Clacton Ukips first on why he became disillusioned with the Tories and going for McFlurrys with Nigel FarageDouglas Carswell is having his picture taken in committee room 11 at the House of Commons. He looks stiff and unrelaxed, clenching his hands together in a poor impression of a statesman. Ah, if only there was a painting of Gladstone behind me, says the former Cons

Labour must not try to out-Ukip Ukip, says Diane Abbott

Labour MP accuses party colleagues of hysteria and says moving to the right on immigration would be a disasterMoving to the right on immigration to counter Ukip would be a disaster, the Labour MP Diane Abbott has said. The London mayoral candidate accused certain MPs within her party of hysteria and trying to out-Ukip Ukip.She said: There is a feeling that everyone has got to toughen up on i

Labour calls Commons vote over Lord Freud comments on disabled workers

Shadow ministers say it is disgraceful that David Cameron has not removed Freud from his post as welfare ministerLabour will force a Commons vote on Lord Freuds future after David Cameron refused to dismiss him as welfare minister for his suggestion that some disabled workers are not worth the minimum wage.The Conservative peer has been allowed to remain in his job after apologising for th

Barroso warns Cameron that arbitrary migration cap would breach EU law

European commission chief tells PM his tougher stance on EU migration could have knock-on effect for Britons living abroadDavid Cameron has suffered a blow to his EU reform plans after the outgoing president of the European commission, José Manuel Barroso, said an arbitrary cap on free movement within the EU would be incompatible with European law.In a sign of the deep frustration with the T

Confident Greens eye 12 seats in England

As membership soars and voters lose faith in the three main parties, leader Natalie Bennett says the next election could be wide openThe resurgent Green party is to target a dozen seats across England, which it believes it could either win or come close to seizing in next Mays general election, as membership rises and confidence grows that it could outpoll the Lib Dems.Last week, the numbe

Is it time to rethink Britain's green belt?

Its meant to curb sprawl and give city dwellers the benefits of the country. But some feel it protects the rich, stops houses being built and encourages commutingIn January 1914, Aston Webb, architect of the Victoria and Albert Museum, the facade of Buckingham Palace and parts of Birmingham University, had a dream. He told the London Society, a group of architects and others concerned with the

Boris Johnson: Do you want me to be photographed in my Bullingdon Club uniform? With a spliff? Now youre talking

With his bumbling demeanour and disarming wit, Boris Johnson is seen by many as a blast of fresh air. But how serious is he about becoming prime minister? Elizabeth Day finds outSo, theres the hair. An unruly thatch of blond fluff perched atop Boris Johnsons head like a yellow wisp of cumulus. It is jolly hair, schoolboyish hair, hair that apparently refuses to be anything other than it is. I

Note to George Osborne in upper class: beware the plebs who fly economy

It is symbolic that the chancellor of a government that proclaims that we are all in this together is travelling upper class while inflicting dangerous cuts on public servicesI am always amused when, after touchdown, passengers are thanked for having chosen to travel by X or Y airline. In my case, and I imagine it is the same with others, the main choices concern cost and time. However, after a

Douglas Carswell: more MPs could defect to Ukip over election jitters

Partys first Commons member believes politics is changing, leaving colleagues to think on positions ahead of May pollRising fears about the electoral support for the Conservatives and Labour at the general election could prompt more MPs to defect to Ukip, Douglas Carswell has suggested.The former Tory MP, who became the anti-European partys first MP after winning the Clacton byelection this

German dadaist party offer to save Ukip group in European parliament

The party led by a satirist has repeated its offer for an alliance of idiots and fools with Ukips parliamentary groupThe leader of German dadaist party _Die Partei_ (The Party) has claimed that he has been asked to enter into an alliance with Ukip in order to help Farages party fix their collapsed European parliamentary group.Comedian Martin Sonneborn told the German edition of news websit

Danny Alexander to take Lib Dem lead on economy in election campaign

Chief secretary to the Treasury will be partys main economics spokesman rather than business secretary Vince CableDanny Alexander, the Liberal Democrat chief secretary to the Treasury, has won a lengthy battle with Vince Cable and will act as the partys main economics spokesman during next years general election campaign.Nick Clegg has decided that Alexander, his closest ally in the cabinet,

Directors body backs TUC claim for higher wages

Institute of Directors says it has sympathy with TUC and attacks astronomical sums paid to some top managersThe Institute of Directors has backed campaign by unions for a wage rise for British workers and attacked astronomical pay deals for top bosses.Christian May, head of campaigns at the IoD, said: We have sympathy with the TUCs argument because it remains the case that too many people ar

UK lighting fire under EU with referendum - Philip Hammond

Foreign secretarys hostile speech comes as Conservative leadership appears to back away from European arrest warrantThe Conservative party is lighting a fire under the European Union by pledging to hold an in/out referendum on British membership by the end of 2017, the foreign secretary, Philip Hammond, has said.In one of the most hostile speeches by a British cabinet minister about the EU

Politics Live blog - readers' edition: Friday 17 October

Share breaking news, leave links to interesting articles online and chat about the weeks political events in our open thread 8.52am BST Im not writing my usual Politics Live blog today but, as an alternative, heres Politics Live: readers edition. Its intended to be a place where you can catch up with the latest news and find links to good politics blogs and articles on the web.Please f

John Craces sketch: Im David Farage. Bear with me ...

Last week it was Vote Ukip, Get Labour; now David Camerons message has shifted to Vote Tory, Get UkipHere we are, the cab driver laughed as he pulled up outside the Wainscott Memorial hall. The arsehole of Kent. That wasnt quite the description David Cameron used when he arrived half an hour later to give a brief call-to-arms and introduce the two hopefuls, Anna Firth and Kelly Tolhurst, seekin

David Cameron vows to create 3m apprenticeships

Cut to welfare cap and removal of housing benefit from 18- to 21-year-olds on jobseekers allowance will pay for new schemeDavid Cameron will pledge on Monday to end youth unemployment in the next parliament when he says a future Conservative government would use £1bn in welfare spending cuts to fund 3m new apprenticeships.A plan by the prime minister to reduce the welfare cap from £26,000 to

Tories harden up anti-Europe stance as fear of Ukip byelection win grows

UK could withdraw from European arrest warrant PM to push for change to rules on EU migrationThe Tories European policy was thrown into doubt last night after Conservative MPs hinted the government might delay a vote on whether to opt back into the European arrest warrant until after the Rochester and Strood byelection.As David Cameron sought to win back ex-Tory voters who have flocked to U

Wealthy Tory backers jet in for gala dinner held by secretive members club

Party funders attend United & Cecil Club event which includes £25,000 sale of a sculpture of David Cameron riding a bicycleA bronze statue of David Cameron on a bicycle has been sold for about £25,000 at a black-tie gala run by a secretive organisation that raises money for Conservative candidates.As preparations for next years general election began in earnest, the United & Cecil club held

Battle of the broadcasters as TV prepares for the leaders debates

Political parties may yet to agree but BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky are ready for the showdownNegotiations are under way for round two of the general election leaders debates. Much has changed since the inaugural ones in 2010 the format and most of the faces this time are different. Details are still being worked out and the political parties have yet to agree. But the proposal unveiled by bro

Why not Strictly Come Voting? | @guardianletters

Polly Toynbee (Never mind Russell Brand use your vote, 15 October) argues for proportional representation as a spur to the 35% of registered voters who do not vote at general elections. I think the system change should be more profound. The Scottish referendum drew 85% to the polling booths. All MPs should be independent. We should scrap party politics and adopt referendum politics. The electron

Dancing in the streets over Palestine vote | @guardianletters

You write (Editorial, 15 October) of the growing frustration ... with both the failure to make peace and the actions of the Israeli government. I agree and as a frequent visitor to the occupied territories, I would report that this frustration is reaching boiling point among Palestinians, who have almost given up on the outside world influencing change. The House of Commons vote was therefore we

Grayling gives green light for staff to use force against inmates in new jail

Justice secretary defies appeal court ruling and permits staff in secure college to forcibly restrain teenage inmatesChris Grayling is to defy an appeal court judgement and order that staff should be able to use force to restrain teenage inmates for the purposes of good order and discipline at his proposed £85m privately run super-child jail.The proposed rule for the justice secretarys 320

Tens of thousands take to UK streets in pay protest

Union members march in London, Glasgow and Belfast to call for pay rises for workers whose real-term incomes have fallenTens of thousands of union members have marched through central London to highlight their calls for pay rises.Members of Unite, Unison, the National Union of Teachers, the Communication Workers Union, the Royal College of Nurses and Equity took to the streets in the capital News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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