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MSDN Blogs 

Compressing your block blobs before storing them

It is true that Azure Block Blob storage is dirt cheap.   Why pay for storage though if you don't have to?  Unfortunately the current storage SDK does not have compression built in.   If you'd like to leverage GZip to compress your blobs before putting them into your container it is pretty easy.I created a simple BlobStorage class that accepts the container name in the constructor then uses G

News@Cisco: Top Stories 

New Apps Aim to Deter, Stop Bullying

Despite nationwide efforts to address bullying in schools, parents still have major concerns about their children's school environments. Bullying ranks among the top worries of parents of children and teens today. While every state has passed some sort of law or policy regarding bullying, it continues to take place in various forms from elementary to high school. In response, a growing number of .

Oracle Bloggers 

APEX 5.0: Was eine Region im Universal Theme alles kann

Das in APEX 5.0 neue Universal Theme bietet Ihnen völlig neue Möglichkeiten zur Gestaltung des Anwendungslayouts. Ohne dass Sie auch nur eine Zeile Javascript schreiben müssen, können Sie einen Region Display Selector, einen Maximize Button oder eine Diaschau implementieren. In diesem Tipp erfahren Sie, was Sie alles mit einfachen APEX-Regionen anstellen können, indem Sie die von APEX bereitg News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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