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CNET Windows New Releases 

The Padlock

07/02/15 - Lock and protect your files and folders.

BTM Pro (Net+)

07/02/15 - Play Italian card games against PC or online opponents.

SiteScan Broken Link Checker

07/02/15 - Check Web sites for broken links, images, stylesheets, JavaScript, HTTP headers.


07/02/15 - Prepare bootable USB drive to be a replacement for the Windows optical drive.

Junkware Removal Tool

07/02/15 - Remove unwanted toolbars and adwares on PC.

360 Total Security

07/02/15 - Protect your computer against viruses and other new types of threats.

Karaoke 5

07/02/15 - Create, play, modify, and synchronize your karaoke files.

MPC Cleaner

07/02/15 - Clean up your PC and optimize system performance.

Aone Repair Excel

07/02/15 - Fix corrupt Microsoft Excel files.

Aone Repair ISO

07/02/15 - Retrieve disk image .iso files.

Aone Repair Email

07/02/15 - Repair files and folders in e-mail in Outlook Express.

Aone Repair Office

07/02/15 - Repair corrupt office document files including Microsoft Office.

Aone Repair Flash

07/02/15 - Repair corrupt Flash files.


07/02/15 - Turn desktop, or notebook computer into a WiFi hotspot to share Internet connection.

Finance Explorer

07/02/15 - Manage your personal finances with budget software compatible with Money and Quicken downloads.

EF Talk Scriber Portable U3

07/02/15 - Emulate a dictation transcribing machine with a combination of text editor and audio file player.

Wise Memory Optimizer

07/01/15 - Free up physical memory and improve PC performance.

EF Talk Scriber Portable

07/01/15 - Emulate a dictation transcribing machine with a combination of text editor and audio file player.

Domain Name Checker Tool

07/01/15 - Search for available domain names and compare the best prices.

Xvirus System Cleaner

07/01/15 - Keep your system clean and error free.

Tunnel Hawk

07/01/15 - Travel down the treacherous tunnel as long as you can dodging drill bits and steel girders leftover.

Pretty Pretty Color

07/01/15 - Dress up two girls in some bright colors to celebrate spring arriving.

Into the Forest

07/01/15 - Learn how to deal with the nature, how to handle a complicate situations.

Gun Zombie Gun

07/01/15 - Kill as many zombies as you can before they get you.


07/01/15 - Destroy all the zombies in front of you with bouncing bullets.

Royal Offense

07/01/15 - Set out a strategic plan and defend the kingdom from numerous vicious creatures.

Any Audio File Converter

07/01/15 - Convert audio formats from one to another.


07/01/15 - Protect files across the Dropbox cloud and on linked mobile devices.


07/01/15 - Protect your PC from browser hijackers, malicious plug-ins, malware, adware, various viruses.


07/01/15 - Scan for spyware and remove it from your computer. News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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