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Mobile Phones Promote Literacy in Poorest Countries: UN Report

A new report from UNESCO suggests that mobile phones aren't just promoting communication and commerce in the world's poorest countries, they're also encouraging literacy — especially among women. But technical and content barriers remain.

Discovery News - Top Stories 

Freakishly Large Iceberg Grabs NASA's Attention

NASA is monitoring a chunk of sea ice 10 times the size of Manhattan, which broke off from Antarctica. Continue reading →

Reuters: Science News 

With genome deciphered, experts aim to swat dreaded tsetse fly

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An international team of scientists has deciphered the genetic code of the tsetse fly, the bloodsucking insect that spreads deadly African sleeping sickness, with the hope that its biological secrets can be exploited to eradicate this malady.

Yahoo! News: Science 

NASA tries space kits to engage kids in science and space

By Sarah McBride NEW YORK (Reuters) - Making mini satellite dishes that collect signals or building remote-controlled mini Rovers such as the kind NASA has used on Mars are the types of activities that could interest kids in science, but their complexity can derail all but the most enthusiastic hobbyist. Now, NASA, the U.S. space agency, hopes it has found a workaround through new space kits and

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