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Technology News - The Washington Post 

How to talk about blowing things up in cyberspace, according to the military

Bombs are relatively simple, when you boil everything down. You drop them, and they explode.Offensive cyberweapons are little more complicated. To use them effectively — as in the famous Stuxnet virus that crippled Iran's nuclear centrifuges — takes a lot of knowledge about the target's capabilities and your own. Sometimes, it's not even clear what a cyberweapon is. Read full article >>

Post Tech 

Microsoft’s latest earnings totally explain its mega-layoffs

Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella may not have addressed the massive round of layoffs the tech giant is planning to finish by the end of the year in the company's Tuesday earnings call. But he didn't have to -- the explanation for his decision to slash Microsoft's mobile hardware division was right there in the numbers. […]

The Guardian (U.K.) 

Amazon Fire Phone review roundup: misfiring on almost all cylinders

Amazon's Fire Phone has hit the US with reviews pouring out from every outlet with very little praise Continue reading...

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