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Everest avalanche leaves Sherpas counting dead and considering future

Survivor tells of ominous crack in the darkness as the search continues after at least 12 people are killedChechhee Sherpa was cooking dinner when her husband called from Everest. Just 23, Abiral Rai was working for the first time on the mountain, carrying loads for his New Zealand client in preparation for an attempt on the summit in May. He told Chechhee that he would be up at 2am on Friday t

Tommy Crossan murder: Northern Ireland police arrest man in Belfast

Police question 26-year-old man following murder of former Belfast commander of Continuity IRA on FridayA man has been arrested in connection with the murder of the former Belfast commander of the hardline anti-peace process paramilitary group, the Continuity IRA (CIRA).Tommy Crossan, 44, was shot dead near the Peter Pan light industrial complex on Springfield Road in Belfast at around 4.45p

Jamaica Inn: No place for a girl

Ahead of a new TV adaptation this Easter weekend, Julie Myerson revisits Daphne du Maurier's classic tale of Cornish smugglers, and discovers a much darker novel than she remembers reading as a teenagerI was 14 when I first stumbled upon them pleasingly fat, bright yellow, cellophane-covered Gollancz hardbacks, which I carried home from Nottingham library. The pictureless covers with thick, red

Lewis Hamilton claims another pole position ahead of Chinese GP

Mercedes driver goes quickest by 0.595 of a second Red Bull's Ricciardo joins Briton on front rowLewis Hamilton maintained his brilliant form by finishing in pole position for Sunday's Chinese Grand Prix. It was his third pole in four races this season, and the 34th of his career, taking him to fourth in the all-time list. Hamilton, who had restricted his running in FP3 in the morning t

The one day when Christians and atheists sing from the same hymn sheet

Holy Saturday is the theological no man's land between the crucifixion and the resurrection where faith is traditionally absentI suppose it has been coming for a while. I suppose other people recognised it about me long before I was prepared to admit it even to myself. Please understand: it's hard to let go of something that has been such a part of my identity for most of my life. It gave me a

Narendra Modi: India's saviour, or sectarian with blood on his hands?

The likely new prime minister of India is wildly popular among his supporters, and has a rags-to-riches backstory to warm the hearts of meritocrats, but others fear and distrust himSave a single exception typically, an academic every person of Indian descent known to me within a half-mile radius of my house wants Narendra Modi to be the next prime minister of India. Admittedly, this is not a la

The end of the road for Ordnance Survey?

Ordnance Survey paper maps are under threat from digital devices. Rachel Hewitt celebrates an 'icon of England' beloved by generations of hikers, poets and artistsI was first taught to read a map when I was around 11 years old. My stepfather shook out the Ordnance Survey OL30 Explorer map (Yorkshire Dales Northern & Central Area) over the kitchen table in our holiday cottage: a paper tablecloth

Great-Aunt Dolly was a thief, a rough sleeper and my inspiration

Lillian Pizzichini's great aunt brought welcome relief from the tense relationship between her parents and taught her not to take life too seriouslyAs I get closer to 50, I finally understand the choices I have made. I am single and I live alone. I keep my family at a comfortable distance in order to maintain my peace of mind. I write and I have two cats and a muse: my great-aunt Dolly. She die

Q&A: Ricky Gervais

'When did I last cry? Over a YouTube clip about animals' Continue reading...

Tim Dowling: no smoke without fire

A rotating cast of the eldest's new university mates and old school friends have colonised our kitchen. For a fortnightThere are certain exceptional events, weddings and 50th birthday parties among them, where smoking suddenly becomes interesting to people who gave up years ago. On such occasions, people who do smoke know to bring twice as many fags.I am as surprised as anyone to discover th

The 10 British record labels defining the sound of 2014

A new wave of labels are carrying the torch lit by legendary British independents such as Rough Trade, Warp and Domino. We celebrate some of the bestWhy record labels still matterReading this on mobile? Click here to view Continue reading...

Lucy Mangan: fraud ain't what it used to be

This is what we're fielding in the (in)glorious history of scams? Failure to tap in? Oyster abuse? What happened to selling the Statue of Liberty to gullible foreigners or hawking the Eiffel Tower for scrap?A week on and I'm still seething with rage about the fare-dodging commuter who escaped prosecution or Evade Justice, as I keep calling it in my head, as if he were Billy the Kid and the Ston

Ayelet Waldman: Motherhood has become an Olympic sport

Maternal ambivalence has long been a central theme of Ayelet Waldman's work she thinks parenting is now ultra competitiveOne day in spring 2005, Ayelet Waldman opened her inbox to discover 1,000 new messages. Must be a mistake, she thought. In fact, it was the start of a deluge that would include venomous online comment threads, angry notes left on her front gate, an appearance before a furious

MH370 flight recorders search to be completed within seven days

Indian Ocean hunt by US navy deep-sea vehicle narrows to an area with a radius of just 10km The underwater search for the flight recorders from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 could be completed in five to seven days, Australian officials said on Saturday.A US navy deep-sea autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), Bluefin-21, is scouring a remote stretch of the Indian Ocean floor fo

Educating Essex: Mr Drew's new school for badly behaved boys

The headteacher from the Channel 4 TV show has a new intake at his residential summer school: 11 boys with behavioural problems and their parents, who learn some lessons tooUntil recently, Michelle Darwin worked 68 hours a week as a care worker. She freely admits that she took on such long hours to get away from her 10-year-old son, Zane. He was a problem child who would throw a dozen tantrums

Natural World: Honey Badgers; The Trip TV review

It's tough getting an hour of good TV out of one animal, but a cricket box-wearing BBC crew have a go with a bunch of badgers and make it home with all their cohones, if not their kit"If you push him into a corner then he will go for you," says a white Serf Ifrican farmer, about the subject and star of Honey Badgers (BBC2). "He will go for your balls, and he will get all your balls out, one ti

What price Scottish independence for an army of cross-border workers?

Around 100,000 people live on one side of the Scotland-England border and earn on the other. We look at what a yes vote may mean for tax and pensionsBill Parkin is on the front line of the independence debate. He's the managing director of SWP Engineering Services, based just a quarter of a mile from the Scottish border. Some of his 16 staff live on the English side, some on the Scottish side,

Book of the week: How to be a Domestic Goddess

Nigela's millennial masterpiece contains all manner of things that are oh-so-bad for you, but they taste so good, you probably won't careIn a nutshellA reissue of Nigella's millennial masterpiece, home baking's sacred text.What it coversAll manner of things that are oh-so-bad for you, but taste so good you won't care. Primarily it's a sweet baking book think butterscotch layer cake and goo

Record Store Day 2014: Why record labels still matter

15 years after the internet declared war on record companies, British indies are still setting the musical agendaAround the turn of the century, it looked as if the record label's days were numbered. The internet promised to cut out the middleman between band and fan, Napster facilitated free downloading of music at the click of a button, and industry heavyweights such as Creation's Alan McGee

Do Or Die: the survival show with danger on speed dial

It's about time telly taught us some real-life skills, like how to evade an oncoming tsunami. All you'll learn here is how to become a paranoid wreckReading this on mobile? Click here to viewPicture this: you're making dinner, your attention diverted as you gaze out of the window contemplating a gas bill, or the sorry state of your net curtains, or how many atoms are contained in a single cor

Rana Plaza: one year on from the Bangladesh factory disaster

Last year, the eight-storey Rana Plaza building collapsed in Dhaka, killing 1,130 garment factory workers. The building had been declared unsafe, but the managers had quotas to meet. People blamed the factory owners, the builders, or the government. But isn't the real culprit our demand for cheap clothing?For a very brief moment, just before daybreak, the narrow backstreets are empty. Trucks st

British Gas denies it pays its staff extra for bumping up customers' bills

Whistleblower claims staff were encouraged to sell the most expensive deals to charities and small businessesBritish Gas has denied claims it paid its staff bonuses to inflate customers' bills. A former employee told the Daily Mail the policy encouraged staff to target charities and small businesses, with workers told they could triple their salary through commission if they sold enough of

88 Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by Islamic extremists still missing

Mass kidnap of 129 students unprecedented in uprising that has killed 1,500 people so far this yearTwenty-four more Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by Islamic extremists have escaped but 85 are still missing, an education official said on Friday. Continue reading...

Ferry captain says evacuation was delayed for lack of rescue ships

Lee Joon-seok says he feared passengers would be swept away Third mate was navigating waters for the first timeThe arrested captain of the South Korean ferry that capsized with 476 people on board said on Saturday he had delayed evacuating the ship because of the sea conditions and the absence of rescue ships.Lee Joon-seok and two of his crew were taken into police custody in the early

Justin Welby: church 'struggling with reality' of same-sex marriages

Archbishop of Canterbury warns swift change in doctrine on issue risks alienating followers abroad, principally in AfricaThe Archbishop of Canterbury has suggested he is unable to bless same-sex marriages because taking such a step would endanger the global unity of Anglicanism by alienating members in developing countries who found the issue "impossible" to deal with.While the Church of Eng

SES volunteers the eagle eyes of the MH370 search

Fifteen-hour days are par for the course for the unsung heroes on the frontline of the aerial search for the missing plane'It's quite intense': SES volunteer describes MH370 search - audioOn the frontline of the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, one brief second can make all the difference.You might have a second or a second and a half between seeing something and it disap

Vince Cable to bring in tougher penalties for 'dodgy directors'

Measures would allow courts to ban those with overseas convictions and order compensation for victims of misconductReckless company directors may have to compensate victims of their failed business dealings under new measures being brought forward by Vince Cable, the business secretary.The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said Cable was "taking aim at dodgy directors" by bringi

Shadow education secretary warns against religious extremism in schools

Tristram Hunt's remarks to NASUWT conference follow claims of plot to take over schools and run them on strict Islamic principlesTristram Hunt, the shadow education secretary, will warn on Saturday that "the pursuit of a divisive religious extremism" as shown in an alleged conspiracy to take over schools in Birmingham threatens to undermine Britain's modern multicultural society.Hunt's remar

Teachers to vote on strike motion

Unions consider industrial action as poll shows almost half of parents agree with their concerns over education policyParents are facing the prospect of another round of national strikes closing schools, as the country's two largest teaching unions meet this weekend to consider industrial action during the summer term.The National Union of Teachers (NUT) annual conference in Brighton will vo

Former Belfast leader of Continuity IRA Tommy Crossan shot dead

Man who served six years in top security prison for gun attack on police station killed near Springfield RoadThe former Belfast commander of the hardline anti-peace process paramilitary group, the Continuity IRA, has been shot dead in the city.Tommy Crossan, 44, was killed near the Peter Pan light industrial complex on Springfield Road in Belfast at around 4.45pm on Friday. Continue reading News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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