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Australia says all MH17 bodies should be retrieved from crash site within days

Russia, Ukraine and separatist leaders agree as 14-vehicle convoy heads for MH17 site after successful advance missionThe Australian government is increasingly confident it will be only a matter of days before the remaining bodies of MH17 victims and their effects are transported from the crash site in eastern Ukraine.The breakthrough came after a meeting between Russian, Ukrainian and sep

Amazon tribe makes 'first contact' with outside world video

Footage released by Brazil's National Indian Foundation shows isolated indigenous people coming forward for outside assistance after fleeing attacks in Peru. The people, whose language is recognised as part of the Pano linguistic group, reportedly crossed the border after coming under pressure from illegal logging and drug trafficking at home Continue reading...

Scottish independence referendum weekly review: trains, teacakes and telly

Your hand-picked selection of news, commentary and funny stuffWeve been a bit quiet this week, what with the shit Commonwealth Games, prepping for next Tuesdays debate and working on Big Projects That Will Blow Your Minds Shortly. Continue reading...

British Airways stopped flying over eastern Ukraine in early March

IAG boss Willie Walsh says decision to avoid conflict region taken months before downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17British Airways stopped flying over the conflict region in eastern Ukraine in early March, months before the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.Willie Walsh, the boss of BA's parent company IAG, said its decision to avoid the region was based on publicly available in

Fighting near site of downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 leaves 14 dead

Deaths shatter brief lull across war-torn region as international experts head to wreckage of downed planeFourteen people have been killed, including at least 10 Ukrainian soldiers, in fighting overnight close to the crash site of downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, a Ukrainian military spokesman has said."In total it is known that 14 people died but the bodies of four of them have not bee

Gaza conflict: Israel and Hamas begin 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire

Shelling continued in the Gaza Strip minutes before the ceasefire began at 8am local time and four Palestinians reported killed by Israeli tank fire A tense ceasefire has officially come into effect in Gaza after Israel and Hamas agreed to a 72-hour pause in their three-week conflict. The United States and United Nations brokered the temporary truce to allow for humanitarian relief and bring

Ebola fears at Commonwealth Games dismissed after cyclist tests negative

Sierra Leone athlete Moses Sesay was tested for virus and other conditions after being admitted to hospital in Glasgow feeling illCommonwealth Games officials in Glasgow have dismissed any concerns about Ebola contagion after it emerged that a cyclist competing for Sierra Leone was tested for the virus with negative results.Moses Sesay, 32, was tested for Ebola among a series of other condit

Let the quiet carriage rest in peace it had its day

Thankfully text, email and Facebook have reduced the number of people shouting into their mobiles. There are plenty of other ways to improve the passenger experienceRailway operator CrossCountry has caused uproar by announcing it is scrapping quiet carriages on its trains. Vicars, librarians and Daily Mail columnists are having apoplexy, pronouncing it a victory for yobs. First Great Western is

Lorde appointed as 'sole curator' of music for next Hunger Games film

The 17-year-old was chosen to soundtrack and record the lead single for the forthcoming Mockingjay Part 1 filmLorde has been chosen as music supervisor for the new Hunger Games movie, selecting the soundtrack and recording its lead single. The 17-year-old singer said she is so pleased and proud to be named sole [music] curator for Mockingjay - Part 1, working alongside director Francis Lawren

Will Adamsdale: 'Comedy today is tweeting with one hand and playing a ukelele with the other'

The comedian returns to the Fringe 10 years after winning the Perrier award at the first time of asking. How has comedy changed? And what is comedy anyway?Will Adamsdale: sitting at the cheap bar between theatre and comedy__My first fringe was actually 1991, doing a play with some friends from school. I did four more plays throughout the 90s there, including a monologue about a guy who

Commonwealth Games 2014: highlights and schedule for day nine in Glasgow

Usain Bolt finally takes to the track in the 4x100m relay heats Tom Daley begins his campaign in the synchro 10m platform Continue reading...

Amazon tribe makes first contact with outside world

Indigenous people crossed from Peru into Brazil looking for help to combat illegal loggers and drug traffickers, researchers sayIsolated native people likely to be fleeing attacks in Peru have turned up in Brazils Amazon rainforest where they made contact with the outside world, according to a video released by the countrys indigenous authority.Brazilian experts have said the tribespeople

Why DJ Harvey's Wildest Dreams is the one album you should hear this week - video

How many other DJs would put out a psych-rock album with themselves on guitar, drums and vocals? Probably none, which is why our chief pop critic reckons this unique artist's latest release is the one you should pay most attention to this week DJ Harvey interview: 'Good artists borrow, great artists steal' Continue reading...

Why I'd like to be Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation

Johansson's Charlotte uncertain, unsure and about to embark on an exciting journey is a refreshing change from most heroines who are easy-going in social situations Why I'd like to be Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird Why I'd like to be Julie Christie in Billy Liar Why I'd like to be Patrick Fugit in Almost FamousI first saw Lost in Translation in 2009, when, coming in from a run, I fou

Winners of the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2014 in pictures

From a dramatic storm cloud in the US to the end of the world in Ecuador, we take a look at the winners of the 2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo contest, chosen from more than 18,000 entries from photographers around the world Continue reading...

Top 10 craft beer pubs in Edinburgh

Drinking late is as much a part of the Edinburgh Fringe experience as its theatre, music and comedy. As the festival starts, Tony Naylor searches out the citys best craft beer barsIt may look like a classic old-school Edinburgh pub (it is, in fact, a painstaking, late-1980s recreation), but the Bow Bar is resolutely forward-thinking when it comes to beer. Beside that mahogany bar the Bow Bar

A century on, the first world war is still being played out

From Ukraine to Syria these wars are a legacy of the 1914 clash of empires and the patchwork territories left behindThere is war in Europe. No, Im not using the historic present tense to evoke August 1914 (and rile John Humphrys). Im talking about August 2014. What is happening in eastern Ukraine is war ambiguous war, as a British parliamentary committee calls it, rather than outright, declar

The daily quiz: all about Yorkshire

In our weekly reader-set quiz, Chris Bailey celebrates Yorkshire day with 10 questions about God's own county Follow @GuardianQuiz on Twitter for daily notifications Would you like to set the quiz? Email 10 questions to along with your name, and they may be used in the weekly Friday readers' edition Continue reading...

Turning a slate quarry green: 40 years of Centre for Alternative Technology

Welsh hippies ushered in an era of sustainable living well before the world had woken up to climate change Hippies in a slate quarry in Wales are celebrating four decades of green revolution this weekend, having transformed the character of a local town, pioneered new energy technologies and constructed a water-powered railway.The Centre for Alternative Technology (Cat) near Machynlleth al

First Dog on the Moon on ... coping with terrible things

If only retweets could fix the world's problems, First Dog on the Moon would live in a world with fewer problems... Having trouble viewing this cartoon? Click here Get all your needs met at the First Dog shop if what you need is First Dog merchandise and prints Sign up here to get an email whenever First Dog cartoons are published Continue reading...

Meriam Ibrahim, Christian threatened with execution in Sudan, arrives in US

Christian woman once threatened with execution in Sudan lands in Philadelphia en route to new home in New HampshireA Sudanese woman who refused to recant her Christian faith in the face of a death sentence arrived on Thursday in the United States, where she was welcomed first by the mayor of Philadelphia as a world freedom fighter and later by cheering supporters waving US flags in New Hampsh

Queensland judges snub chief justice Tim Carmody's welcome ceremony

Campbell Newman appointee on verge of tears speaking about his controversial elevations effect on his family Continue reading...

Anthony Albanese says Israel's Gaza assault is 'completely unacceptable'

Labor heavyweight abandons partys centrist script on Israel-Hamas conflict in an interview on breakfast television Continue reading...

Taiwan gas explosion kills dozens

Hundreds more injured as streets of Kaohsiung are ripped open by petrochemical pipeline blastAt least 24 people have been killed and 271 others injured when several underground gas explosions ripped through Taiwan's second-largest city overnight, hurling concrete through the air and blasting long trenches in the streets.The series of explosions about midnight Thursday and early Friday struck

Welfare recipients aren't bludgers, and they deserve respect from Joe Hockey

People whose marriage broke down, or who are living with a mental illness, or who need help to improve their lives, shouldnt be treated with suspicion Continue reading...

'Back to the Future holds a place in our hearts' fans finally get their screening

Immersive Secret Cinema film event goes ahead at Olympic park for appreciative audience after a week of delaysThey came in their droves with full skirts, high-waisted trousers and slicked-back hair. This time, they didn't need to come back in the future.Almost a week after Secret Cinema, which puts on large-scale film-viewing events, was forced to delay its most ambitious project yet a "full

Indonesian president calls on Australia to explain WikiLeaks gag order

Fresh blow for Australian relations with Indonesia after Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono expresses shock and hurt at naming of his countrys politicians in injunction Continue reading...

Three in 10 Conservative voters would prefer Ukip coalition in 2015 poll

Tory support for Ukip pact narrowly trails that for another deal with Lib Dems in event of hung parliament next yearNearly a third of Conservative voters would prefer their party to form a coalition with Nigel Farage's party rather than any other, according to a survey.The figure of 30% support for a coalition with Ukip compares with 31% who would favour a continuation of the current partner

Patients receiving 'second choice' drugs because of supply shortages

Nine out of 10 GP forced to write prescriptions for alternatives to common medicines harming patients' treatmentFears have been raised that many patients are receiving "second choice" drugs because of supply shortages.A poll has revealed that more than nine in 10 family doctors have been forced to write prescriptions for medicines that were not their preferred option. Continue reading...

Public service whistleblowers 'treated shockingly', report finds

Report accuses ministers of failing to protect whistleblowers despite their role in exposing a series of major scandalsWhistleblowers who risk their careers to uncover wrongdoing within public services are being victimised by managers who nearly always escape sanction, a public accounts committee report will say on Friday.MPs were told that only one senior manager who has victimised a whistl News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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