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Pro-Democracy Protesters Warned of 'Serious Consequences'

China issued a warning to "Umbrella Revolution" protesters as thousands of people filled Hong Kong's streets and surrounded government buildings.

Indian PM Orders Government Ministers to Clean Toilets

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of cleanliness and better sanitation.

'Rock-Solid' Dog Rescued From Tar Pit

The animal was unable to move after becoming covered in a thick layer of "rock-solid tar."

China Turns Screw on Hong Kong's 'Umbrella Revolution'

China began to turn the screw on the 'Umbrella Revolution’ Thursday, warning of “chaos” as protesters surrounded government buildings.

Madeleine McCann's Parents Suffer Death Threats

The messages include graphic tweets and Facebook posts calling for violence against the girl’s parents Kate and Gerry.

U.S. Ebola Patient 'Not a Failure of Screening'

Dr. Tom Kenyon, senior CDC official, said U.S. Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan had no signs of symptoms when he flew from Liberia.

Cluck Off! Russia Blocks 550 Tons of U.S. Chicken Legs

Russia's consumer watchdog said on Thursday it had stopped imports of more than 550 tons of U.S. chicken legs.

'Low-Key' Drug Lord Nabbed in Seafood Restaurant

Notorious Mexican drug lord Hector Beltran Leyva was captured on Wednesday by soldiers at a seafood restaurant.

Watch Live: President Putin Speaks at 'Russia Calling!' Forum

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers speech and takes questions on Russia's economy at Moscow forum

Archaeologists Believe They Found Dracula's Dungeon

Just in time for Halloween, researchers in Turkey believe they found the dungeon that may have held Vlad the Impaler,the inspiration for Dracula.

Netanyahu: U.S. Needs 'Facts' About New Housing Units

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sat down with NBC News' Andrea Mitchell on Wednesday evening.

Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan Kills Three

The suicide attack near the Afghan capital was the fourth high-profile attack since the new president was sworn in on Monday.

Suicide Bombing in Kabul Kills Three

The suicide attack in the Afghan capital was the fourth high-profile attack since the new president was sworn in on Monday.

Very Civil Disobedience: Inside Hong Kong's Polite 'Revolution'

The pro-democracy “Umbrella Revolution” has startled the world with its good nature – including trash clearance, graffiti removal and singing.

Liberian-American's Message to Homeland: We Need You Alive

26-year-old Liberian-American Jimmy Sando talks about how he's counseling his family to stay safe in Liberia during the Ebola outbreak.

Netanyahu Responds To Criticism of Settlements

You can see much more of Andrea Mitchell's interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Thursday on MSNBC's 'Andrea Mitchell Reports.'

New York, Boston Show Support for Hong Kong

Dozens of people demonstrated in the U.S. in support of the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, on Wednesday.

U.S. Ebola Patient Fell Ill After Helping Woman: Report

Thomas Eric Duncan helped his landlords take their 19-year-old daughter, Marthalene Williams, to a clinic that turned her away.

U.S. Slams Israel Housing Construction Plan

The Obama Administration on Wednesday condemned Israel's announcement that it was constructing 2,500 controversial new housing units.

Officials Are Monitoring Children Linked to Dallas Ebola Patient

The five children who may have had contact with Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian national infected with the Ebola virus, have been told to stay home.

Monrovia Hotels, Businesses Use Bleach Solution to Fight Ebola

Hotels and Businesses around Liberia are taking precautionary measures to prevent the spread of Ebola.

Syria Blasts at School Kill 32, Including 10 Kids

Twin bombings near an elementary school in Syria killed at least 32 people on Wednesday, including at least 10 children.

Deadly Blasts Near Syrian School

Twin bombings near an elementary school in Syriakill dozens of people.

U.S. Searching for Missing Marine in Persian Gulf

The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps are conducting a search and rescue mission for a missing Marine who bailed out of an MV-22 Osprey in the Persian Gulf.

Authorities Confirm Sabrina Allen Was Found

Authorities say that the girl who was kidnapped by her mother 12 years ago has been found in Mexico.

Father Says Sabrina Allen Is 'In Pretty Bad Shape'

The father of the girl who was found after being kidnapped by her mother 12 years ago says that she has been 'manipulated.'

Perry: Ebola Patient had Contact With 5 Students

Texas Governor Rick Perry announces that five Dallas-area students had some contact with the Ebola patient currently in Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

Palestinian Youths Defy Gravity With Parkour

Palestinian youths practice their Parkour skills near the ruins of houses in Gaza City on Wednesday.

Man Rescued After 12 Days Trapped in a Cave

Rescue teams finally free Spanish scientist, Cecilio Lopez, who was cave diving in the Inti Machay Cave, in Peru's remote Leymebamba region. An international team of 107 people joined the rescue effort.

Syrian Kurds Wait at Turkish Border to Escape ISIS

Thousands of Syrian Kurds wait at the Syrian/Turkish border, as ISIS forces push to within view of Turkish military installations. News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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