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See Highlights From Pope's Past Overseas Excursions

Francis began his overseas papal visits in Brazil in 2013. Since then he has crossed the globe, taking in nearly a dozen countries in three continents.

Yes or No? Greek Voters Cast Ballots on High-Stakes Bailout

Opinion polls show people evenly split on whether to accept creditors' proposals for more austerity in exchange for rescue loans, or reject the deal.

Baby Who Drifted Out to Sea Off Turkish Coast Rescued

Ten-month-old Melda Ilgin's inflatable raft drifted more than half a mile from the Turkish coast on Friday before she was rescued.

Greece to Vote in Referendum With Future Still in Doubt

The high-stakes referendum likely to determine whether it leaves the euro-currency area after seven years of economic pain.

Tentative Agreement on Sanctions in Iran Nuclear Talks

While officials say they have narrowed the gaps on all issues, some sticking points remain ahead of Tuesday's deadline.

Tunisia Declares State of Emergency After Hotel Attack

A state of emergency temporarily gives the government more flexibility and the army and police more authority.

Cuba's Fidel Castro Makes Rare Public Appearance

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro, 88, visited 19 cheese masters in a rare trip outside his Havana home, official media reported on Saturday.

Did Tunisia Gunman Radicalize in Islamic Holy City?

Seifeddine Rezgui, the young gunman who massacred 38 people on a Mediterranean beach, may have become radicalized in one of Islam's holiest cities.

Putin Sends Obama an Independence Day Message

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a "congratulatory" message to President Barack Obama marking U.S. Independence Day.

Greek Minister Accuses Creditors of 'Terrorism'

After a week in which Greece defaulted, closed its banks and began rationing cash, Greeks vote on Sunday on whether to accept or reject tough conditions sought by international creditors

Charlotte's Christening: A Look Back at Royal Tradition

Ahead of Princess Charlotte's christening on Sunday, take a look back at the royal tradition through the years.

Americans Serve Up Hope to Greece's Hard-Hit Retirees

As the debt crisis bites, a soup kitchen run by a Greek-American is not just serving the city's homeless but also residents facing economic hardship.

Iran Hints 'Good' Deal Could Lead to Its Help Against ISIS

It's the first time that Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has made any mention of taking part in combating violent extremists.

Intense Fighting As Syrian Rebels Launch New Offensive

Syrian rebels have formed a coalition to fight against government forces and ISIS. The fighting in Aleppo is the fiercest for three years, as Channel 4's Lindsey Hilsum explains.

Police Use Stun Grenades on Greek Protesters Before Vote

The scuffles between police and a few dozen black clad protesters in Athens occurred during a rally opposing a deal with creditors.

Greek Police and Protesters Clash at Rally

Greek police fire stun grenades and make arrest at the 'No' rally scuffles in Syndagma Square, Athens.

Tunisia Massacre Victims Honored With Minute of Silence

Britain marked a nationwide minute's silence on July 3 in memory of the victims of the jihadist gun massacre in Tunisia on June 26.

Some Greeks Use Bitcoin to Evade Currency Limits

Some Greeks are converting euros into bitcoin to evade currency controls and guard against the prospect that they might be devalued into drachmas.

Summer of Turmoil Likely for Financial Markets

Summer is shaping up to be eventful, with Greece at a crossroads, stocks in China falling and the timing of a U.S. interest rate rise uncertain.

The Owl and the Pussycat: An Unusual Friendship Develops

Five-year-old owl Fuku-chan and two-month-old kitten Marimo have become an internet sensation after sparking a friendship at coffee shop in Osaka, Japan.

France Rejects Assange's Birthday Bid for Asylum

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange made an apparent appeal for asylum in France on Friday, only to be immediately rejected by the French government.

Terror Fears Cancel July 4 Party at U.S. Base in U.K.

Annual 4th of July Celebrations at Britain's largest U.S. Air Force base have been cancelled amid heightened fears of a terrorist attack.

Families 'Appalled' by Germanwings Compensation

The families of passengers killed when a jet was deliberately crashed in the French Alps are "appalled" by a compensation offer, their lawyers say.

Londoners Deal With Heat Wave in a Very British Way

Londoners are taking to Twitter to participate in what some consider a British national pastime: moaning about the weather.

Kerry: Iran Negotiators Making Progress on Nuclear Deal

Secretary of State John Kerry said negotiators working to craft a deal with Iran to keep it from developing nuclear weapons were "making progress."

Honeymoon Ends for Greek Couple Left Broke in NYC

Valasia Limnioti and Konstantinos Patronis' "dream trip" turned to a nightmare when their Greek-issued credit and debit cards were suddenly declined.

Volcano in Japan Builds Island

The island of Nishinoshima burst from the sea only two years ago and continues to grow as the volcano erupts.

Doomed Plane's Pilot Switched Off Wrong Engine: Officials

The captain of a TransAsia Airways plane mistakenly switched off its only working engine seconds before it crashed in February, investigators say.

Bridge Collapse Plunges Train Into Canal

Pakistani rescue teams worked to free trapped passengers from a train carrying military personnel and their families. Twelve soldiers were confirmed dead.

The Internet Is Officially Too Big as IP Addresses Run Out

The Internet as we know it has officially gotten too big for its britches after the group that assigns addresses in North America ran out of numbers. News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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