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Re/Code Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy a Boomer

Boomers all have one thing in common: They’re not digital natives.

3-D Printer in Space Makes First Object: A Spare Part

The first 3-D printer to fly in space has manufactured its first useful object on the International Space Station: a replacement print head.

3-D Printer in Space Makes First Object: A Spare Part

The first 3-D printer to fly in space has manufactured its first useful object on the International Space Station: a replacement print head.

Sony Settles Over 'Deceptive' PlayStation Vita Ads

The government said Sony's ad claims about the "game-changing" technology of the handheld gaming console were greatly exaggerated.

Online or at Registers, Shoppers Worry About Hacks

Retail hacks have consumers thinking twice about how they will shop this holiday season.

Blu-Ray Movies Supercharge Solar Panels

The next big thing in solar cells might just be an old Jackie Chan movie.

Google's Latest: A Spoon That Steadies Tremors

Just in time for the holidays, Google is throwing its money, brain power and technology at the humble spoon.

T-Mobile Agrees to Be Upfront About Data-Throttling

The FCC has pressured T-Mobile to become more transparent about throttled data speeds.

Americans Know More About Tech Than You Think: Pew

A new report out today from the Pew Research Center includes some interesting stats about U.S. consumers’ knowledge of tech trends and topics.

12 Shots, 3.5 Million Tweets: #Ferguson Lights Up Twitter

Prosecutor Bob McCullough indirectly referenced Twitter in his lengthy public statement, blaming social networks for impeding the investigation.

Who Is Twitter CFO Anthony Noto Trying to Buy?

Twitter CFO Anthony Noto apparently sent out an accidental tweet on Monday that seemed to refer to a potential acquisition target.

Phones Down! How to Have a Tech-Free Thanksgiving

Over the past few years, a new Thanksgiving tradition has been established: battling smartphones for your kids' attention.

Hunting for 'House of Cards' Just Got Harder in China

The YYeT website, a popular destination for Chinese to freely and illegally download hit American TV shows, has been taken offline.

Oops! Twitter CFO Accidentally Tweets Private Message

Anthony Noto appears to have sent a public tweet intended to be a private message, presumably intended for a fellow Twitter executive.

Google Knows What You Are Getting for Christmas

The tech giant has broken down some of the top searched gifts and it looks like Apple's iPads and Microsoft's Xbox will be big hits this year

Stealthy Computer Malware Spying on Companies: Symantec

While its origin is unclear, a short list of capable countries would include the U.S., Israel and China.

Get Ready for Bitcoin Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is an event that has spawned all sorts of retail spin-offs.

As Cyberthreats Increase, Big Money Chases Solutions

The year since hackers broke into Target and accessed millions of credit and debit card numbers has been a brutal one for cyberattacks.

European Parliament May Propose Breaking Up Google

European lawmakers leery of Google's inescapable presence in nearly all of the Internet's workings may propose to break up the company.

Apple $450 Million Ebook Settlement Gets Final Court OK

A federal judge in New York approved approved what she called a "highly unusual" accord.

Tangled Web: Secrets of the Hidden Internet Explained

Buried below the surface of the web as we know it, you can find secrets, and unsavory behavior. Illustrated by Rob Donnelly.

Inside Alibaba Founder Jack Ma's Former Home

In 1999 Jack Ma was living in a small apartment with his wife in Hangzhou, China, when he came up with the idea for Alibaba.

#MuseumofSelfies Trend Has Famous Artwork Taking Selfies

Recently, social media has been flooded with selfies from older people — like, hundreds of years old.

Taylor Swift Doubles YouTube Views After Shaking Off Spotify

Views of Taylor Swift's YouTube videos doubled in the week after her team pulled her entire catalog off the music-streaming service.

What's Selling Better: iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

Apple's first phablet, the iPhone 6 Plus, has been well received by consumers, but its smaller-screened cousin is far outperforming in terms of sales.

Gifts for the Wine, Beer, or Coffee Snob in Your Life

Pick a beverage, and you probably know somebody who's very, very serious about it, graduating from aficionado to, let's face it, snob.

China Could Hack U.S. Infrastructure: NSA Chief

Admiral Mike Rogers said attackers have been able to penetrate such systems and perform "reconnaissance" missions to determine how the systems work.

Tired of Doing Laundry? Robot Comes to the Rescue

This semi-humanoid robot is very near being capable of doing the laundry from start to finish - your dream of a "Jetsons" lifestyle draws near!

Google Contributor Lets You Pay to Hide Ads

If you hate ads but feel a bit guilty for blocking them and denying some sites their main source of revenue, Google now offers a middle road.

Charge Up: 5 Gadgets to Power Your Phone

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