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Meet the Wal-Mart of Money Transfer Services. It's Inside Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart Stores said Thursday it will partner with Ria Money Transfer to launch Walmart-2-Walmart Money Transfer Service, a program that will allow customers to transfer money to and from more than 4,000 of its stores.Through the service, customers can transfer as much as $50 for $4.

So Your Child Is College-Bound. Now, How Do You Pay For It?

Many parents may be overwhelmed by the cost of college, but you don't have to pay for the whole thing, there are various funding options

Sluggish Home Prices Leave Millions Underwater

For millions of Americans still stuck in homes with mortgages bigger that the house is worth, the long slog back to dry land is getting longer.

Is your child college bound? How do you pay for it?

Millions of college-bound high school seniors are receiving acceptance letters and financial aid award packages this month. Now it's decision time—not only for the student, but for Mom and Dad too—forcing families to grapple with how to pay for it all.

America Must Rev Up to Stay Ahead of China: Commentary

In real terms, the U.S. economy expanded by a total of $290 billion dollars in 2013. With some minor adjustments, that's essentially the amount of extra income created by the nation as a whole. It also represents the increase in the purchasing power of its residents.

Stocks Slip at Opening as Weak Earnings Trump Stronger Jobs Data

Stocks slipped on Thursday as some weak corporate earnings trumped stronger weekly jobless data.The Dow Jones Industrial Average was 32 points lower in early morning trading, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq were also marginally down.

Fewer People Than Expected File for Jobless Benefits

The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits rose less than expected last week and remained near its pre-recession levels, offering further evidence of the economy's underlying strength.

How Kitting and Writing Poetry Can Make You a Better Worker

Here’s a reason embrace your inner guitar hero or secret poetry writing habit: It may be making you better at your day job.

How knitting and writing poetry can make you a better worker

Here’s a reason embrace your inner guitar hero or secret poetry writing habit: It may be making you better at your day job.

Chocolate's Soaring Price Could Make It 'Like Champagne'

As cocoa prices surge to near-record highs on demand for emerging markets, chocoholics brace for a hike in price – and maybe even a different taste, as chocolate makers hunt out cheaper ingredients.Cocoa futures are up 10 percent so far this year, hitting almost £1,900 on ($3,195) a ton in March.

Documents Suggest Costs Prompted GM To Reject Safer Switch

The Center for Auto Safety today revealed that it has discovered that GM had designed two ignition switches in 2001 for the Saturn Ion and Chevrolet Cobalt but opted for the less expensive design. Chris Clackum reports.

Fired Yahoo Exec Gets $58M for 15 Months of Work

Yahoo's recently fired chief operating officer, Henrique de Castro, left the Internet company with a severance package of $58 million even though he lasted just 15 months on the job.

Yahoo Wants To Be Apple's Mobile Search Partner: Report

Sources tell Recode that Yahoo hopes to persuade Apple to dump Google as the default search engine on its Safari browser on the iPhone and iPad.

Texting Apps Are Doing More Than Just Sending Messages

While you were looking elsewhere, text messaging started to get a lot more interesting.Far from just being a way to communicate short blips of information via your phone, messaging apps are becoming platforms for things like full-blown content sharing and even spending money.

Man Charged in 'Heartbleed' Attack on Canada Tax Agency

Canadian police have arrested a 19-year-old man and charged him in connection with exploiting the "Heartbleed" bug to steal taxpayer data from a government website, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said on Wednesday.

The Big Business Behind Chocolate Easter Eggs

Worldwide production of chocolate is worth about $100 billion per year. CNBC's John Schoen takes a look inside the sweetest industry. Illustrated by Rob Donnelly.

Sprint Sends Email Addressed to Customer as "Sissyboy"

A Chicago man said he received an email from Sprint addressed to "Sissyboy" after he called the company to report an error with his account.

Stocks Surge, Dow Adds 160 Points on Yellen's Economy Comments

Stocks surged on Wednesday, with major indices adding 1 percent or more after U.S. industrial production rose more than projected and Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen repeated her pledge to hold down interest rates while the economy is still recovering from the recession.

Google's Earnings Disappoint as Ad Prices Slip

Google's first-quarter earnings growth faltered as the Internet company dealt with a persistent downturn in advertising prices while spending more money to hire more employees and invest in daring ideas.The results announced Wednesday fell below analyst projections.

Jon Hamm(s) It Up with New Mercedes

Too bad for Don Draper that he’d be long retired by now.

Economy Warming After Winter; Growth Modest to Moderate, Says Fed

Just as spring is emerging after a bitter winter, the economy is showing signs of a thaw and has rebounded from the deep-freeze in recent weeks, the Federal Reserve said on Wednesday.Economic activity was modest or moderate in eight of the Fed's 12 districts, with consumer spending up as well.

Joe's Crab Shack Still Uses 'Lots' of Trans Fats: Health Group

Joe’s Crab Shack advertises that it uses "zero trans fat oil,” but a health advocacy group said Wednesday the seafood chain still uses the artery-clogging fats in alarming amounts.

Did GM Reject Safer Ignition Switch Design in 2001 Because of Cost?

Newly released internal GM documents reveal that the company in 2001 considered -- and rejected – an ignition switch design that two prominent safety advocates say could have avoided the problem that led the automaker to recall millions of vehicles this year.

Can Bloomberg's New Gun Control Group Take On the NRA?

A new gun-control organization founded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will pour more than $50 million into promoting a "gun sense" agenda this year –- but it faces entrenched and well-funded groups that have long exerted a powerful influence on gun issues in America.

Why High Fuel Prices Are Good for Airlines

Airline executives frequently complain about fuel costs. But the truth is higher prices actually have been good for business.In the past six years, airlines have overhauled the way they operate to adjust to this new reality.

Sprint Markets Phones to Kids

Sprint targets 12- to 5-year-olds with new phone. WEAU's Joe Nelson reports.

Georgia Judge Won't Stop New Vidalia Onion Rule

A judge in Georgia has refused to step into a bitter legal battle between one of the state's most prominent onion farmers and the state's agricultural commission over a new regulation aimed at keeping unripe onions from store shelves.

Cheapism: Best budget tires

As winter snows (finally!) give way to April showers, it’s time to swap winter tires for more versatile all-season tires. Treads designed for snow and ice generally don’t suit bare roads or warm weather, so make the switch right away for a smoother ride and longer wear.

Data mining being used to set insurance rates, critics cry foul

Insurance is a different kind of product. You need it to get a mortgage and you're supposed to have it to drive a car. That's why the industry is highly regulated.

Data Mining Being Used to Set Insurance Rates; Critics Cry Foul

Some insurance companies use data-mining software to help them set their rates. Consumer advocates believe it's unfair and can cause discrimination. News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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