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Potentially Defective Airbags Cause Automakers to Recall Millions of Cars

Some Toyota, Chrysler and Honda vehicles made in the early 2000s are recalled due to inadvertent deployment of air bags.

Recall Redux: 2.1 Million Vehicles Need New Air Bag Fix

The recalls include Acura MDX, Dodge Viper, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Honda Odyssey, Pontiac Vibe, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Matrix and Toyota Avalon models.

Uber on Privacy: 'We Haven't Always Gotten It Right'

The app-based car-hiring service acknowledges in a blog post that it's made some mistakes in the way it handles data on passengers.

Uncle Sam Tackles Super Bowl Counterfeiters

Homeland Security agents are working undercover with local officials across the Phoenix area, looking for fake NFL goods being sold to fans.

Super Bowl Tickets: Buyer Beware

Experts warn that fake tickets are a certainty as the Super Bowl nears. KPNX reporter Gia Vang has the story.

Super Bowl: Who Can Afford to Attend?

With a smaller than usual supply and higher than anticipated demand, ticket prices for Super Bowl XLIX are selling for about $8,000 per seat. NBC's Mark Barger reports the sky-high prices have limited the ability for normal fans to attend.

Watch All the Top Super Bowl Ads of 2015

See all the best Super Bowl ads of 2015 in one handy place.

If You Oversleep on Super Bowl Monday, Don't Do This

If it's harder to resist hitting the snooze button Monday, you won't be the only worker trudging in late. Just resist the urge to lie about why.

Economy Cools in Q4, But Consumer Spending Robust

Economic growth slows as weak business spending and a wider trade deficit offset the fastest pace of consumer spending since 2006.

Investors Hunger for Shake Shack as Shares Debut

Chain that began as a hot dog cart in Manhattan is set for a sizzling first day of trading.

I'm 'Partially Responsible' for Frappuccinos: Kenny G

Kenny G has reflected on his early days as one of Starbucks' first investors, when the store sold nothing but coffee.

How to Make a Pigskin: Inside the Wilson Factory

Wilson's football factory in Ada, Ohio has been the home of handmade footballs for the last sixty years. Produced with Ty Wright.

Inside the One Place Where Footballs Are Made

Wilson's football factory in Ada, Ohio has been the home of handmade footballs for the last sixty years. Produced with Ty Wright.

Fifth Death May Be Linked to Bad Air Bags, Honda Says

Honda says it's investigating whether a fifth driver might have been killed when the air bags in his car deployed in Texas this month.

Watch the World Go Nuts in Mophie's Super Bowl Ad

Battery pack maker surprises with an epic and cinematic ad about a very modern conundrum that feels like the end of the world.

Record 9 Models Have Zero Driver Deaths

A record total of nine models sold during the 2011 model-year have had a death rate of zero, IIHS says.

FCC Sets New, Faster Definition for Broadband

U.S. regulators have determined that only connections with download speeds of 25 megabits per second or faster will qualify as broadband.

Record 9 Models Have Zero Highway Deaths

A record total of nine models sold during the 2011 model-year have had a death rate of zero, meaning no one was killed in a crash involving those vehicles during the period studied

No Joke: Some Americans Are Hiding Cash in Mattress

Where to stash your cash? Some Americans are literally sleeping on it.

Want to Watch the Ads, Skip the Game? Dish Says OK

For the Monday morning commercial quarterbacks, Dish offers a way to skip the touchdowns and interceptions and just focus on the ads.

5 Steps to Sell Your Stuff for Cash Using Facebook

Need extra cash? Don't just look under the cushions, sell the sofa! Here's Jean Chatzky's tips for leveraging Facebook Groups to unload your stuff.

Majority of Americans Live on Financial Edge

Some combination of limited or volatile income, high debts and little or no savings puts financial stability at risk for 70 percent of households.

These Are the 5 Worst Ad Blunders in Super Bowl History

In bungling its Super Bowl ad, GoDaddy joins a crowd.

Here's What the Tech Industry Really Looks Like for Women

People on social media expressed outrage on Thursday with a Newsweek cover that depicts a woman whose dress is being lifted by a cursor.

Tips for Joining Rising Number of 401(k) Millionaires

About 72,000 workers had amassed $1 million or more in their 401(k) retirement plans at the end of 2014, according to Fidelity Investments.

Pot Grower Rolling Out 12K Joints Ahead of Super Bowl

Employees at Solstice are aiming to package about 12,000 joints as part of a "12th Pack" promotion in honor of the returning Super Bowl champs.

Are We Eating All the Fish in the Sea?

As doctors and urge us to eat more fish, environmentalists are warning that we may end up harvesting our favorite sea life to the brink.

Hot Tunes: Toyotas Recalled Over Subwoofer Fire Risk

Toyota is recalling 52,000 Avalon sedans because of a wiring problem that could cause a fire.

McDonald's Shakeup: CEO Is Stepping Down

Amid a tumultuous past year for the world's biggest restaurant chain, CEO Don Thompson is retiring after two years on the job.

Facebook Users Are Increasingly Going Mobile

Facebook says more than eight of every 10 people who use its service now do so on a mobile device. News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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