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Tackled Ohio State Student Was Wearing Booze Panties

There's a video going viral of a student running onto the field at the Ohio State/Cincinnati game Saturday night and receiving a ferocious open-field tackle by Ohio State strength and conditioning coach Anthony Schlegel to the roaring approval of the home crowd.Press reports indicate that the student is Anthony James Wunder, a 21-year-old senior in mechanical engineering who is an Evans Schol

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Bloodborne review – elegant, precise and irresistible

Game designer Hidetaka Miyazaki returns with another obtuse but enthralling masterpiece that both mirrors and subverts his previous classicsBloodborne’s horror, at a glance, approaches cliché. Yharnam, the city in which Hidetaka Miyazaki’s latest game is centered, is beleaguered with plague, its streets all grime and squalor. Bodies pile in sodden sacks, flies buzz around horse carcasses, whi

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Utah's firing squad law reveals crisis at the heart of US capital punishment

Historically each new execution method is presented as more humane but with judicial killings having almost ground to a halt, the state is returning to the pastThe last time anybody was executed by firing squad in the US,in June 2010, the five assigned sharpshooters equipped with Winchester .30-30 rifles decided for a reason that remains known only to them to pull the trigger on the count of News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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