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The Guardian (U.K.) 

UN: 15-year push ends extreme poverty for a billion people

Ban Ki-moon hails achievements of millennium development goals but warns world still riven by inequalityThe millennium development goals (MDGs) have driven “the most successful anti-poverty movement in history” and brought more than a billion people out of extreme penury, but their achievements have been mixed and the world remains deeply riven by inequality, the UN’s final report on the goal

Racial segregation in schools holds white pupils back, thinktank warns

Demos study finds parents like to send children to schools where their ethnicity is dominant, but this hampers educational attainmentThe education of white pupils is being hampered by increased school segregation on racial grounds, according to analysis by an influential thinktank.A study by Demos pointed out that many schools outside Britain’s big cities are becoming more segregated than

English lessons

Unqualified teachers inspiring kids? You decide Continue reading...

Did you solve it? Is beehive Hidato the new Sudoku?

Here’s how to solve the hexagon puzzle.Can you solve it? Four beehive Hidato puzzles, the new Sudoku?I hope you enjoyed this week’s Hidato puzzles. I’m going to explain how to solve the hardest one, since the strategies used will also help you solve the simpler ones.The aim is to find the path from 1 to the largest number, in this case 85, such that consecutive numbers touch each other.

World on your plate: how to cope abroad on a restricted diet

Having to watch what you eat can make overseas travel an uninspiring and even dangerous prospect, we look at ways to manage during your trip In my second year at university, I joined the 20% of 16- to 24-year-olds who are vegetarian. It was an ethical and practical decision: a vegetarian diet is cheap, easy and accepted in the UK – plus it justified my excessive peanut butter habit. Then c

Should universities collect personal data to monitor their students? – live chat

Join the debate, sponsored by Dell and Intel, on Friday 10 July from 12-2pm GMT to discuss the pros and cons of tracking how students learn Do universities need to know which books students have read? How often they come to class? Or even when they contact their tutors? Universities say they can gain valuable information by tracking students’ behaviour online. The data collected can be used t

Education for girls all over the world is the civil rights struggle of our time | Gordon Brown

Like Malala before them, brave young women are fighting for themselves and others to go to school, escape child labour and child marriageThey are all Malala. Four defiant, courageous girls who stand toe-to-toe with the education campaigner Malala Yousafzai. Four ordinary girls who have done extraordinary things representing thousands of Malalas across this dark and dangerous world. Related:

Can you solve it? Is beehive Hidato the new Sudoku?

It’s a big hit in Israel - but can the hexagon puzzle catch on elsewhere? *If you’d like to watch me get you started, have a look at my Monday puzzle video.Not long ago a puzzle with an exotic name appeared, asking solvers to fill out numbers on a grid. Sudoku then became a worldwide craze.Now there’s a new one with similar aspirations. Hidato is the creation of Israeli inventor Gyora B

Olympic legacy failure: access to school sport is now a postcode lottery

Michael Gove’s controversial decision to cut £162m of funding has left sport at the whim of headteachers and secondary schools receive no money to pay for it • Jowell attacks ‘wicked’ coalition government over school sport failure“I love that my school is sporty,” says 11-year-old Lily on a sunny morning at St Katharine’s Primary in Bournemouth. “I ran a 5k last week which I never thought I co

Olympic legacy failure: inspiring London 2012 message has become a millstone

The ‘Singapore promise’ of leaving behind a legacy of a fitter, healthier nation and transforming the lives of young people looks further away than ever 10 years after London was awarded the Olympics*Jowell attacks ‘wicked’ coalition government over school sport failure*Owen Gibson: participation numbers plummet amid confusion*David Conn: sports centres under assault by a thousand council

University league tables 2016

Find a course at a UK university Continue reading...

Couple face court after taking children out of school to see sick grandfather

Shahnawaz and Sofiya Patel ignored headteacher’s refusal of their authorised absence request so their sons could visit their grandfather during term timeA couple who took their children out of school without permission to visit their sick grandfather in India are being taken to court this week as part of the government’s continuing crackdown on term-time absence. Shahnawaz and Sofiya Patel

Classics charities and campaigners pledge to save ancient Greek A-level

Camden School for Girls in north London, thought to be the last non-selective state school in England to offer the subject in the sixth form, launches appealClassics campaigners are in sight of saving A-level ancient Greek in what is thought to be the last non-selective state school in England to offer the subject in the sixth form.Camden School for Girlsin north London sparked an outcry f

Michael Gove’s school reforms ‘ignored’ rise in pupils’ mental illness

Former education secretary was ‘just not interested’ in number of children falling ill, says ex-health minister Paul BurstowA former health minister has claimed Michael Gove quietly downgraded the importance of mental health in schools during his time at the Department for Education amid an explosion in the number of young people falling ill. Related: Children’s mental health must be cared

Children 'in complete meltdown' over exams

Teachers in England seeing unprecedented levels of school-related anxiety, according to National Union of Teachers reportTeachers in England are seeing unprecedented levels of school-related anxiety, stress and mental health problems among pupils of all age groups and abilities, particularly around test or exam time, according to a new report.Children aged 10 or 11 are said to be “in compl

Universities leader rejects Jo Johnson criticism of standards

Russel Group chair Sir David Eastwood says minister’s claims are not borne out by student surveys, and predicts tuition fees will have to rise Today’s students work hard and demand top-quality teaching rather than “coasting” through soft degree courses as suggested by ministers, according to the UK’s most senior university leader.Sir David Eastwood, the vice-chancellor of Birmingham Univer

Degree classifications must change to stop students 'coasting', says minister

With more than 70% of graduates now leaving university with a first or upper second, Jo Johnson says additional grade point average is neededThe universities minister, Jo Johnson, has called for changes to degree classifications, claiming that 2:1s are now so common that they allow some students to “coast” and still get one. The minister said the facts were startling, with a 300% increase

Universities must prove they are excellent at teaching, minister says

An national audit of the teaching offered at universities will provide more information to future students and help drive up standardsUniversities will have to show they are providing high quality teaching and giving value for money under plans outlined by the new science and universities minister, Jo Johnson.A national audit of the teaching offered at universities – based on “outcome-focu

Ofsted inspectors rate two more free schools as inadequate

Latest reports mean a quarter of the 93 mainstream free schools inspected so far have been found to be inadequate or requiring improvementTwo of the government’s new free schools have been classed as inadequate by Ofsted inspectors, highlighting flaws in the quality of teaching and learning as well as failings in the schools’ leadership and pupil behaviour.The Ofsted reports for Robert Owe

Universities minister doesn’t rule out raising tuition fees

Jo Johnson says government is committed to ‘stable funding regime’ when Labour invites him to banish talk of fees increase or changes to student loan termsThe new science and universities minister, Jo Johnson, has declined to rule out raising tuition fees or changing the terms of existing student loans over the next five years.Johnson’s Labour counterpart, Liam Byrne, said in parliament on

What I’m really thinking: the exam marker

‘I try to guess from your handwriting what kind of person you are. I judge you if you dot every i with a circle or a heart’My friends and family haven’t seen or heard much from me during the past four weeks, but they are used to my annual disappearance. After a busy year teaching, I exhaust myself further by marking nearly 1,000 exam papers. The shift to online marking increases mistakes – ti

Universities don’t understand how international students learn

Current university strategies aren’t working and fail to take into consideration that international students aren’t a homogenous bunchThe UK is one of the top destinations for international students, holding around 12.6% of the global market for recruitment. But those working in higher education will know that the sustainability of this market is uncertain. Both EU and non-EU student enrolmen

Weighing up whether or not to write a law dissertation? Read this

It’s a daunting project to take on, but writing a dissertation can give you skills that will be useful in your careerGenerally, writing a dissertation is not compulsory. But for law students in particular, it may be worth considering.It was last year’s conflict in Gaza that encouraged me to write a dissertation. I wanted to find out what the law had to say about such a contentious topic. L

Get a job or get out: the tough reality for international students

Visa controls make life difficult for international students who want to stay in the UK after graduationInternational students account for almost a fifth (18%) of those in higher education, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (Hesa). However, unlike their British and EU-national peers, non-EU students have only four months after the end of their course to find a job, or they f

Students Express: share your spoken word videos

Young people and students: we’d like to see your spoken word videos on the theme of heatHere at Guardian Students, we aim to provide a platform for a wide range of student and young voices. Students use our Blogging Students section to talk about everything from school feminist societies to spiked drinks. But we know that not all young people are writers by nature. While you may have plent

10 ways social science research has changed our lives – interactive

As the Economic and Social Research Council celebrates its 50th anniversary, we pick out 10 pivotal moments in the social sciences over the past five decades that have had an impact on society and the way we think. Click on the research to scroll through the timeline Continue reading...

Graduation – a guide for parents

From sorting out practical arrangements to avoiding faux pas, follow our guide to graduation day“At my first graduation I got my boyfriend and best friend to pretend to be my parents,” says doctorate student Lindsay Jordan. “My friend dressed up like Jackie Onassis. It was pretty funny, but I’d rather my real parents had been there.”Jordan’s parents didn’t attend either her undergraduate o

How would you improve Ofsted?

The schools watchdog is under fire again, this time for its purge of 1,200 inspectors. We asked for improvement ideasEarlier this month, Ofsted announced a purge of inspectors, with 1,200 of them not being reappointed. The aim is to make inspections consistent, it says. Continue reading...

What could Ofsted learn from ‘Instead’ inspections run by headteachers?

An infant school takes part in the pilot for an alternative style of evaluation, very different from the feared Ofsted model“If I’m honest,” says year 2 teacher Caroline Stanton, “I didn’t find Ofsted a positive experience. There were a lot of closed doors, people walking in and out. It felt like something being done to us, you didn’t feel you were part of it.” Related: How would you improve

Education in brief: How many promises can a free school forget to keep?

School’s application looks different from reality; Kent staff complaints vindicated; stream of teachers leave Norwich academy because of ‘overstaffing’Are free schools being held to account if they fail to honour promises made to the Department for Education? The question arises after we investigated an application form submitted to the DfE by one high-profile institution.Sir Isaac Newton News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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