Welcome to the new Inbox.com!

We hope that you enjoy the new version. Please note that you soon need to activate a new subscription to continue using your email. Here you can find all the information you need about the changes.

Your email account should be working as normal now, but please note that you may be missing some of the most recent emails received just before the switch to the new Inbox.com. We are working on moving the last messages, and this could take some time. If you experience any other issues with your email account, please contact our support team for assistance.

Here are some of the benefits of the new email service:

  • Modernized webmail: The new webmail is available for desktop and mobile devices
  • Stability: The new email servers have close to 100% uptime
  • Ad-free websites: We have removed all ads from our website and webmail!
  • 15 GB storage: No more worrying about your inbox filling up!
  • Private email: We do not use data from your emails for advertising purposes
  • IMAP/SMTP: Keep your emails in sync on your computer, phone, and tablet using third-party apps
  • Quick and professional customer support: All the help and guidance you need via email and website form
  • Spam filter and virus protection: Our advanced systems minimize unwanted email messages

New webmail

The new webmail has now been launched and can be accessed through this link: app.inbox.com.

For our IMAP and POP3 users, you can continue using your email as normal via your app or email program.

Please note that e-mails older than 30 days are automatically deleted from the Trash and Junk folders. More about this in our FAQ.

New price and subscriptions

Your old subscription has now been stopped, and you will need to create a new one. To activate your subscription, log in to your webmail. If you do not see any instructions, please click on "My Account" and "Subscribe".

When you start the new subscription, its start date will correspond to the end date of your previous subscription on the old version of Inbox.com. Please note, however, that the payment for the first period of the new subscription will be made as soon as you’ve activated it.

The subscription must be paid with a payment card (Visa/Master). Unfortunately, we do not offer direct bank transfer or SMS payment.

The price for an Inbox.com email account is USD 5.99 per month or USD 69 per year (including tax).

Changes to services

Please note that the new version of Inbox.com does not offer the services Calendar, Storage, Photos, and Notes. If you did not save your data from these services from the old platform, please contact our support team for assistance.

New terms

Please note that the following and updated terms now applies:


Do you still have a question? Find more answers in our FAQ section.

Best regards

The Inbox.com team